March 3rd, 2009 | 445 Entries

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445 Entries for “classic”

  1. We have always heard about classic from our childhood days. It is something which is used to relate to something great or extraordinary.

    By Rithu on 03.05.2009

  2. classic is a word used for extraordinary things that were not really EXTRAORDINARY !
    Thus … in itself became a CLASSIC !

    By Kprion on 03.05.2009

  3. i want you to know me as i really am
    time will slow down
    we’ll fit together like puzzle pieces under a full moon
    a classic image

    By ky on 03.05.2009

  4. there are no classic moments when each moment is as important as the last. stop reminiscing and start living.

    By Joanna on 03.05.2009

  5. She was, yes, I struggle with the moan you will inevitably sigh when I describe hers as a “classic” beauty; a classic in the highest pantheon of feme imaginable… yet she was here, right now,”welcoming” is a bit shy, perhaps. Better word? anticipative. But

    By f chase on 03.05.2009