July 8th, 2009 | 307 Entries

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307 Entries for “vows”

  1. His and hers, a simple but binding ritual that can bring beauty, pain, joy, or sorrow. Said for the right reasons, they can lead to a long and wonderful marriage, but conversely can ruin you if taken lightly.

    By Christopher Steffen on 07.09.2009

  2. His and hers, a simple but binding ritual that can bring beauty, pain, joy, or sorrow. Said for the right reasons, they can lead to a long and wonderful marriage, but conversely can ruin you if taken lightly.

    By Christopher Steffen on 07.09.2009

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    By Christopher Steffen on 07.09.2009

  4. These are something that should be taken very seriously, but rarely are. Most often, people forget what they say in their vows, and it can sometimes get lost in the every day things of life. People often look back on their vows at some sort of life lesson, something to strive to be, and it can be difficult. It’s often what one thinks will make them perfect in another’s eyes.

    By Jessica on 07.09.2009

  5. a promise that two people make two eachother, especially when it comes to marriage. It a promise of taking care of one another and being faithful. It is honesty and love. the ring is a symbol of it.

    By Emily on 07.09.2009

  6. marriage life love couple husband wife priest wedding time happy sad thick thin for better for worse

    By Sam on 07.09.2009

  7. vows like weddings; surely. are weddings going out of fashion? i believe they’ll always have a place in tradition, although their importance is much less than it had once been…

    By tuesday on 07.09.2009

  8. He held her hand closely to his chest:

    “I’m sure.”

    She then left him, feeling just a bit unsure of his dedication.

    With a sigh and a hand through his hair, he attempted to find words to describe the past three years of his life and publish them onto the loose-leaf under his pen.

    By Rachel on 07.09.2009

  9. It was our anniversary and I asked him to put the ring on me and say some vows. We were at the ocean. He told me that he didn’t want to. We got in a huge fight. This was a long time ago, but I don’t know if he has changed.

    By d on 07.09.2009

  10. The day comes when you make the choice, and there is magic in that concrete step. Doubt is a trickster. Trust more than guts.

    By tim on 07.09.2009

  11. A stupid reason to be with some, who cares about a vow. I mean, it’s just words to make you happy, anyone could go against what they say, so why trust them? A piece of paper is what’s keeping you married? Ridiculous, love doesn’t matter.

    By Angel on 07.09.2009

  12. i dont know what the fuck that means. maybe it means wauw or maybe.. i dont know….

    By amdip on 07.09.2009

  13. Customs that don’t involve personal thoughts and relationships. Things that people say because they think they need to. Promises you need to keep.

    By d on 07.09.2009

  14. vows are forever. you should really mean them. there in nothing worse than hoping for them from someone else when everything you have is already given. there is nothing better than hoping for them when everything you have is already given.

    By Emily on 07.09.2009

  15. this is something that someone says that everyone else assumes will have action to it.
    a vow to remain faithful
    a vow to be honest in court
    a vow to be anything
    or not to be something
    which may or may not unravel as time goes on
    and which may require explanations and apologies when you find out that it’s not possible. noun and verb. a vow.

    By J. N. Wolf on 07.09.2009

  16. I wrote about this last night I think but it got deleted ’cause I accidently clicked stumble and I don’t really know what happened after that. What I wrote about vows before was awesome and deep and I really liked it– but it got deleted. BUMMER!!

    By kelso on 07.09.2009

  17. vows mean nothing to me. i dont plan on every being married and i cant imagine spending the rest of my life with just one person.

    By kelly on 07.09.2009

  18. Vows. Love, marriage happiness. Working at it. Working at it, sometimes. Working at it, most of the times. Working at it just isn’t woking out.
    Do you vow to try? I’ll vow to try to try. Which is what I’ve been doing, and I’m sorry, but it’s just not working out.

    By Cheyenne on 07.09.2009

  19. as i was on my way to the pedastle i keept reciting my vows in my head over and over hoping i wouldint mess them up. i was also hoping my fiencee wouldent mess up eather.

    By eileen on 07.09.2009

  20. Vows should be taken very seriously. People usually don’t forget that you have vowed something. So, essentially, you’re stuck.

    By Stella on 07.09.2009

  21. Vows are not to be taken lightly. Be very careful when you make or take a vow. It means forever. Take marriage, it’s forever. People think they can get out of these things and it’s okay but it’s not. It has a lot to do with who you are and weather you honor yourself or others or not. It speaks of truth and honesty.

    By MarcyT on 07.09.2009

  22. Her vows were forgotten in the first touch of her lips to sister maria angelique’s. She did not want to be a bride of christ, but the lover of sister maria angelique. What to do? Stay in the convent and become secret lovers, or leave and live in the world to struggle along. Neither one had a skill or trade that could translate into income.

    By CaitrionaQ on 07.09.2009

  23. I took vows with my husband over a year ago. He holds them high most of the time, but when we’re with his mother, she comes first. I hate that the vows don’t hold as much value for him as for me. What do I do? This sounds like Ask Emily.

    By Laura on 07.09.2009

  24. I thought about this moment off and on. What I would say to you, what would you say to me. All the time that we

    By Cullen on 07.09.2009

  25. forver and eternal. solmenly swear. only to be forgoteed. words are trivial and forgettable. ‘as long as love lasts’ they said.

    vow to walk away.
    only one vow to make.

    By my father's daughter on 07.09.2009

  26. Vows are not just mere words,
    They are a lot more deep,
    They are to be used only when one can afford,
    Or they can wake you up in your deepest sleep

    By Raghuveer on 07.09.2009

  27. vows are things that people make to one another in order to promise there love, I would will write the best vows ever speaking of the rolling hills of Ireland and how that could compare to her beautiful face.

    By Ara Draper on 07.09.2009

  28. the husband stod by his wife.. or almost wife. he was an almost husband. “i repeat..” the priest said and he recited the wedding vows. the almost husband shuddered. was he ready? he looked at his almost wife. she was nervous too. seeing that made him realize what he wanted. Sir…the priest said. He nodded. “i Do.” the husband and wife kissed, and their vows were taken.

    By rory on 07.09.2009

  29. marriage. commitment. two big scary words. i don’t ever want to get married because i don’t want to waste my life with one person. life for the moment, experience everything. i don’t think i can do that with one person. it’s a nice thought, but i don’t know. marriages fall apart too easily. i don’t want to hurt over that.

    By Lori on 07.09.2009

  30. As we walked into the church I had suddenly became still. What were the vows? How can I go in front of all my family and friends and recite something I simply can’t remember. I suppose this time my vows will truely have to be spontaneous.

    By Eva-Jo on 07.09.2009

  31. Vows.. are bullshit. at least that what i think. nobody takes any wedding vows seriously anymore. I guess i should be more specific. there are othere types of vows, i am specifically talking about wedding vows. my ex husband proved that ot me..

    By Erin on 07.09.2009

  32. vows are holy devotions and promises made to someone you whole heartedly love. you would give everything to them so you make vows to cherish and love them or to stand devotedly by theur side.

    By katie on 07.09.2009

  33. The Corpse Bride.
    By the way, Tim Burton should stop casting Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in every fucking movie he makes. It’s getting a bit annoying now.

    He’s probably sleeping with the both of them.

    By Brad on 07.09.2009

  34. You take vows on your wedding day- sometimes you even believe you will keep them.

    By joysart on 07.09.2009

  35. Wedding vows. It’s wedding vow season, and I can’t help to wonder when it’s going to be me in delicate white and fresh floral beauty.

    By riss on 07.09.2009

  36. vows, wedding, love to be or not to be, guidance, issues, marriage, to make your own, or take the countless same ones as does it mean, how do we take it, what do we do with it, do we seek council independently or make our own reading of it, vows i would want mine to be respected, what about others>?

    By Melissa L. on 07.09.2009

  37. vows are things people give at their weddings, they make shit up and say they’ll keep them, 10 years down the road theyve forgotten about most of them as the trials of everyday life have come to take precedence, you cant keep your promise to always have a smile on your face when your 7 year old has just thrown a plate through a 2nd story window because he tried to play frisbee in the house

    By Jeronimo Jackson on 07.09.2009

  38. vows are just people making up bull shit. they say they will love you forever when we all know forevers not real.. in forever your gonna be dead and a lone!!!! we all know its true so why pretend anymore!

    By Nikki on 07.09.2009

  39. revenge. a vow of revenge, a suicide pact. you cannot set out to destroy another without destroying yourself in the process. traitors win.
    i will die a bitter man

    By Chase on 07.09.2009

  40. well i’m not ready to get married, but i should be. when my folks were my age, they already had kids (me!), let alone vows. I promise to love and to hold, to pay for and to pepper, to prepare meals and mails. FML.

    By d on 07.09.2009