July 9th, 2009 | 177 Entries

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177 Entries for “berry”

  1. she asked me what i wanted and i said blueberry cheesecake. she looked at me and said, are you sure? i’m never sure, you always look at me that way so i’m never sure. i don’t know if i want blueberries or raspberries or apples. you say, that looks better– cookies and cream, and i say okay. okay.

    By charrr on 07.10.2009

  2. This made me think of when we were in elementary school and we would say, “I love you BERRY much.” And at holidays when Bears were popular, they would say, “I love you BEARY much!” Ridiculous…

    By April Joy on 07.10.2009

  3. I like berrys. Berrys taste good. lol.

    I typed that message onto my facebook status and let it sit there, wondering. What would people think about it? About that facebook message. I wonder… everyone was so evaluative or watever. But I didn’t have to worry about that, I had good friends. Or did I?

    By Jess on 07.10.2009

  4. blue berries and marion barry and raspberries
    they taste amazing. AMAZING i could eat them all day. i have picked them before
    makes me miss erik…picked some with him.

    By manon on 07.10.2009

  5. Berry Soup. the soup of the day. I noticed this small detail on the sandwich board outside and for some reason it caugfht my attention. I decided to venture in and discover what this delicacy was. I was in for a bit of a surprise…

    By Kevin Hoecherl on 07.10.2009

  6. I look down from the to of the trees i see a berry dripping in water I think what a lovely earth.

    By larissa on 07.10.2009

  7. Berries are nice to eat. I love berries, and anything that has berries in it. Like yoghurt, which comes in flavours like mixed berries, which are my favourite. Some berries are poisonous though, and some are hallucinogens. So be careful when you pluck berries from the forest because you may just die after eating them. Like, seriosly

    By alex on 07.10.2009

  8. I like to be very certain about the type of berry I place upon my stack of pancakes. Not all berries are alike. The raspberries I have tried are seedy and they just hurt my teeth… strawberries sometimes get gooey and kinda remind me of blood clots and that is just gross. Blackberries are splendid, I believe…as are blueberries. I have found that in order to keep the berries from falling off of the stack of pancakes,that a generous heap of maple syrup or wild honey is the key to getting those bad boys to stay in place.

    By cat jones on 07.10.2009

  9. Bears must be around here because you can see the bushes bursting with salmonberries, and where theres salmonberries theres bears. Oh, look out, donst step in that – its bearpoop with berries.

    By MJ on 07.10.2009

  10. berry is more than a fruit. It is a passion that our dear american farmers harvested and of their hard work. Not only does berry is the taste of labor it is the identity of feminine. It represents the sweet and sour taste of love and romance.

    By KEITH on 07.10.2009

  11. it brings in one beautiful vision to one’s mind.. one of belongingness to the nature and to the world, also a vision of beauty and love. to be free and to let free.

    By Juby Eipe on 07.10.2009

  12. the vines hung low with berries in my dream. stuck on camps campus i can’t leave 24 hours a day of very light work where’s the lightswitch? can we have another jug of water? all can be answered on the radiophone, but i have to be there to answer it…ugh i need a smoothie i’m so hungry and camp food is gross i can feel it sticking in my intestines

    By foxtail on 07.10.2009

  13. A bit small, a bit simple… it’s beauty is contained in it’s ordinariness. Soft, round, almost leathery at times, it shows it’s moistness in every moment. At the slightest pr

    By Michael on 07.10.2009

  14. The point of a berry is to become the most yummy item on a plate of dishes. There was once a red berry, the reddest of all berries. The berry is an interesting measure of undeath, due to the inevitiability of its survival, unless it is eaten by a human, who will inevitably die. Berries are lucky in that they do not worry about death.

    By Megan Robinson on 07.10.2009

  15. I picked a berry and gave it to him as a gift, but he didn’t like it because it was poisonous. I apologized and gave him a rock that matched the color of his eyes.

    By Sam on 07.10.2009

  16. blue berryies taste the best in muffins followed closely by chocolate chips. sometimes i wish i could eat berries all day long because they taste so good and are good for you. i wish i worked at a berry farm i wish i worked anywhere.

    By sean on 07.10.2009

  17. Berries are what fill the world with juicy goodness and charm. To eat a berry is to feel the warmth of the world explode in your mouth, filling it with color and flavor. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries all encompass your being in sweetness and even lustful desire.

    By Jordan Ahmed on 07.10.2009