July 8th, 2009 | 307 Entries

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307 Entries for “vows”

  1. Why would I want to commit to someone and then express why to them in some meaningless, bullshit way. Vows are Dumb.

    By rathead7 on 07.09.2009

  2. I have never made a promise to myself that I didn’t break. Multiple vows about how it would be different this time. About how I’d know better when he came around again. I never seem able to stick with it, but you know what? I’m okay with that. I’ve just learned to stop making promises.

    By Sare on 07.09.2009

  3. why do people make vows? why do you have to say something out load for it to have meaning? half the time we speak unecessary words just to make conersation and to make the situation slightly less awkard. what is it about humans that have to say something?

    By carey on 07.09.2009

  4. He took his vows seriously and would never leave her. Unless a better offer came along. Serious, yes. Stupid, no.

    By fournickels on 07.09.2009

  5. Marriage. Commitment, and a lifetime together. Beautiful words, like poetry, or just rythmic prose. Weddings can be lovely, but I think they should be outside. All things of great importance in your life should involve nature, right?

    By Aviva on 07.09.2009

  6. I’ll love you. I can’t right now because I don’t know you. I don’t want to commit to something neither of us really knows is possible or not. A vow means so much more when it’s not taken in haste. Don’t you think it’s easier to say that I’ll try to love you, or that I’ll love you someday? I can keep a promise like that. I can’t say that I’ll love you right now because I’m incapable of anything more than just puppy infatuation and I know that your worth more than that. I just don’t know if I can give it quickly because love takes time to form.

    By Bekkah on 07.09.2009

  7. Today I take these vows
    Amongst GOD and Him alone
    for he always knows
    my word is my bond, scripted in stone

    By Nessa on 07.09.2009

  8. The vows we make to one another, the promises, are the fabric that trust between us is built upon. When vows are broken, promises are not kept, the fabric tears. It may be only a tiny tear, but still the trust is compromised. The integrity of the fabric is damaged and even promises of renewed vows and apologies cannot adequately repair the rift. Vows lightly taken mean trust lightly taken, and this would be unwise in any relationship.

    By Boni Fulgham on 07.09.2009

  9. I vow to always tell the truth from this day forward
    42 years is enough

    By Steve-o on 07.09.2009

  10. downy empress,
    she will go far:
    not in your kia –
    well, there you are.
    it doesn’t help
    that jello smacks of
    incense &
    perfume smacks of
    the rest is in the bin
    & for you there’s
    less to force.

    By paschal on 07.09.2009

  11. weddings vows are something that i’ve never quite understood. what does it mean to just repeat what someone else wrote long ago? what do words mean when they aren’t accompanied by anything binding? no contract, nothing- just a promise that someone will do what they say they will. i can’t even get anyone to do what they say they will.

    By elizabeth on 07.09.2009

  12. Something my parents no longer value as of recently. That is all I have to say.

    By Steve on 07.09.2009

  13. vows are nows

    later, who knows ?

    By steve-o on 07.09.2009

  14. They broke their vows within twenty four hours.

    By schroeder on 07.09.2009

  15. I have no idea what exactly you mean vows, since there are different type of them. I am assuming you are talking about the marriage vows. In that case, I really do not have any experience with them.

    By Petrov on 07.09.2009

  16. marriage. lifetime commitment. husband and wife. church. walking down the aisle. exchanging rings.

    By Sarah on 07.09.2009

  17. it’s more than just a promise, it’s a determination an oath, something you can’t give up on. something you swore to yourself or to others, it would be wrong to break it. you’d disappoint yourself as well as others.

    By A on 07.09.2009

  18. vows are promises. like when you get married you vow stuff. i am only a kid so i do not know a lot about vows but i know that they are really big and are taking seriously.

    By michala on 07.09.2009

  19. i can]t think of nothing right know i just wanna go and be alone and far away of these things…far away of my famely

    By ica on 07.09.2009

  20. I want to create my own vows when I get married. It think it is so much more personal to be able to express how you feel about your loved one in your own words. In my vows, I will tell my future husband why i love him and what I plan to do for our lives as one, together.

    By ashley on 07.09.2009

  21. a vow is a kind of agreement that one makes with oneself or with another person. you can vow to stop eating junk food or vow to spend the rest of your life with someone. vows can have varying intensity depending on the situation.

    By tiffany on 07.09.2009

  22. your wedding vows are the vows you take on the day of your marriage. i dont know if i want to get married but maybe, who knows maybe in the future when i am settled and it seems right. i think you should only do it once in your life.

    By polly hogg on 07.09.2009

  23. I would say my vows to my wife everyday if I could. She is the world, the sun, the universe. For better or worse until death do us part, these words have meant more to me than anything from the start.

    By Beau on 07.09.2009

  24. Vows are made because we do not trust to fate

    By John Perivolaris on 07.09.2009

  25. He turned to his love. She stood there, gracefully, without movement. His heart skipped a beat. Every time he saw her, it was as if it was still the first time he laid eyes upon her. His blood pressure still rose as it did the very first day they met. Speaking now would become difficult, for as his voice wavered, she could tell what was going through his mind. But he was ready. He slipped the ring on her dainty finger, and began reciting his vows.

    By Tori on 07.09.2009

  26. are not to be taken seriously they are just often taken to the grave.

    By christon on 07.09.2009

  27. there was this time when i told some one something that was meant to be a promise. One of those “I say I’ll keep” things but there is never anything that lasts forever. Even if you hold true to your words. The words die away, they mean nothing. Language gets lost in time. The world dies away. And you are just what said something once, in the past, that never happened.

    By wolf on 07.09.2009