July 20th, 2011 | 394 Entries

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394 Entries for “violent”

  1. Violence leads to destruction, it’s never the answer. It leads to an unhealthy lifestyle, and it’s really bad. The cause of violence is often times hatred. Violent people are scary.

    By Megan McDonnell on 07.21.2011

  2. I violently desired him. Small images of him populated each cell of my body and lit an unbearable fire of lust. How I wanted to see at least a little flame of desire also in his eyes.

    By flaying carpet URL on 07.21.2011

  3. Living in a violent world, where´s the peace that´s been promise?

    By Lors URL on 07.21.2011

  4. You imagined all the violence in the world. It never happened, but you knew you were rotten on the inside, and you wanted to destroy the world. Hold it in your crafty hands and squeeze. Set off all the bombs with your mind, but one at a time in a constant reign of terror.

    By blessingmoon6 URL on 07.21.2011

  5. The word stuck to her tongue like honey as she repeated it back to her hysteric brother. Her composure, as always, was collected like Death itself, this shit happens. Thade, shaking, pressed the knife closer to his sister’s throat, tears slaughtering his attempt to ask the question again. “Why?” She asked, amused like a rabbit who was entertaining the wolf as it thrashed around helplessly. “Because I can.”

    By heather URL on 07.21.2011

  6. violent again? again again? it’s the nature of the thing. violence begets violence. the beaten down sometimes seek another situation in which they are battered. unfortunately. break the cycle, blah blah. the violent are the ones who need to break it. maybe they will, by-and-by.

    By danielle URL on 07.21.2011

  7. You stop thinking. Your not yourself. Your that monser youve allways tryd to hide, that one that your so afrid of, the one that makes you blood frize, because you know your body isnt yours anymore, VIOLECE takes over. All your rage comes out at ones, destroying anything you get, may it be your favorite book, may it be a person you love. The monster dose not care. The monser is furious, its hungry, and it wont stop until its done.

    By silvia URL on 07.21.2011

  8. Violent is painful. Violence is doubt spawning in the mind to the point of explosion. Violent. Violent people are not the coarse images children hold of being ‘it’ or teasing. They are the spires of a fish’s backbone piercing the open water around them; seeking anything soft to impale. Violent.

    By Shannon on 07.21.2011

  9. Love. A simple harmles feeling can provok millions of acctions. Because of love we commit maddnes. I makes wars, it makes peace. It creats violence, it creats life. Some do actually go cray, some lose sence, other are simly crazy in love.

    By silvia URL on 07.21.2011

  10. I remember, once, my mother came home and started grading her fifth graders’ tests. When asked to name all the colors of the rainbow, some misspelled “violet” as “violent”.

    By Cloud URL on 07.21.2011

  11. i wonder why some people are so violent, while others would never think of hurting anyone. is it because it’s part of our culture that children see violence as ok? is it because of how we were raised? or are some some people naturally more violent? either way, i wish there could be an end to violence in our world.

    By Emma URL on 07.21.2011

  12. The clouds parted exactly as they’re always meant to and never do, and all of a sudden the rain fell down on me like it really did want me to die. I like rain a lot, but like a father you love when it is violent you fear it more than anything. I tried to keep walking, but sometimes things hold you back.

    By Finn URL on 07.21.2011

  13. Love is violent.
    When we’re apart,
    All I think about is you.
    When we’re together,
    All I think about is you.
    I love you.
    You’re everything to me.

    By Katie URL on 07.21.2011

  14. The violent bear mauled the child across the face. It was very sad. I cried. Mom cried. Dad cried. Bobby laughed but Bobby is a jerk.

    By Miss T on 07.21.2011

  15. It’s a violent world we live in. A world without peace. A world where violence is a job. A well paying job if you do it the right way, and even if you find the right clients, or the right people to practice violence with. It’s hard to live here.

    By Andrea URL on 07.21.2011

  16. This girl she had nothing to lose, she knew that even if she got away nothing would be simple and she had no where to go. Everyday she beat us up, everyday just because she could, and knew she could.

    By Rosy Treestump URL on 07.21.2011

  17. I had this boyfriend, well I wouldn’t exactly call him my boyfriend because when you are in a relationship with someone you should feel something when you are with that person and I never did. But he did. He felt a lot more about me than I ever even thought of about him. And this made me feel awful.
    Every time I thought about ending it, he told me something more that confirmed his ever growing feelings for me.
    He loved me. He almost killed himself, but then thought of me.
    He cheated on me.
    I knew my non-responsive feelings meant something because the absence of feeling is a feeling in itself so we ended it.
    There are only a few things in life that we hate to regret.

    By Emily URL on 07.21.2011

  18. It’s very interesting, you see. How bloodshed ensues. People get angry, a common, human emotion that everyone experiences. Easily contained, right?

    Not in cases such as these, where revenge is wanted.

    By Alley on 07.21.2011

  19. He could not call her violent. After all he’d seen here, he knew he couldn’t forget that this place was once her last bastion of hope. She had shared it with others with a kind heart and a need to create. But it had eventually corrupted her.
    Now all that was left in the walls of 123 were the battered souls of those too foolish to leave when she was in a kind mood.

    By Thea URL on 07.21.2011

  20. He scattered the contents of the table top with his hand in rage. He couldn’t stand it – nothing could get in the way, not now! He couldn’t bear it. Why did HE have to interfere? Why couldn’t that guy just butt out of his life and leave him to live life as he wanted it? It’s not fair!

    By wen on 07.21.2011

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    By vipul URL on 07.21.2011

  22. He was violent. Every night she would come home from a long day at work, tired from stress. He wouldn’t beat her, no. He wouldn’t even talk. His silence was what hurt her. His ignorance was violent towards their love.

    By Brittany on 07.21.2011

  23. In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories. *dum dum*

    By Molly URL on 07.21.2011

  24. He was violent. Up until the day he left, he was mean, and hurtful, and he would hit you as soon as look at you. Since he left, my life was peaceful. So I looked for violence in other places. And I found it.

    By Emily Claire URL on 07.21.2011

  25. I can be violent. I can be brash. The lights dim out and all i hear is crash. Things topple off the shelf and my phone follows down behind them. Lovely crack right down the middle, god why do I do this all of the time?!

    By Chelsea on 07.21.2011

  26. Death. Mental Disorders. Anger Management. Adam Sandler. Jack Nicolson! Comedy. Laughter.

    By Marie on 07.21.2011

  27. that’s what i think my boyfriend is sometimes.. i wish i had continued to write in my journal cause i’ve had the most fucked up summer i think anyone could ever have. like honestly, it was fucking psycho and I wish i would have documented it… hahaha he punched my car last night and flipped the fuck out.

    By Catey on 07.21.2011

  28. Thrashing, twitching, moaning, screaming.

    Twisting inside cotton, reaching for aid just out of reach. Darkness consumes.

    Threaded barriers restrict.

    This spider is preparing its dinner.

    By Jason URL on 07.21.2011

  29. Violent. That was what he was. When the blood rushed to his face I knew that there would be a sudden burst of punches to the closest object at hand. Wall, door, bed, doll. Poor unfortunate objects.

    By Marie on 07.21.2011

  30. Violnce is the demon who leads society into self-infliction. suicide unseen to the grave but very much so to us. Only we do not know what we see because we have not thought of a name for we do not know that it is part of a definition.

    By Priscilla on 07.21.2011

  31. The eyes flashed, the sword flashed, the water flashed. Suddenly, everything glittered. He thought of his father, the small wispy soft man who’d died an era ago. “That which glittered is not gold.” He gulped. The sky was sparkling, the clear river, the glasses of the cupbearers. He swallowed. And screamed.

    By Jessica URL on 07.21.2011

  32. VIOLENCE is when you hit someone and they cry :( violence is a bad thing and doesent make anyone feel better. A person can be violent. that’s an adjective. I feel so effing smart rite now. TIMES UP. bye

    By emilia URL on 07.21.2011

  33. UGH. i have to do this again same woru just cuz i failed the first one and forgot to write my e mail and shizz like that. I WANT THE NEXT WORD. just sayin.

    By emilia URL on 07.21.2011

  34. so there was this unicorn, he was very vilent. He told his mother he wanted cupcakes. He didin’t get his cupcakes :( so sad.

    By Emilia URL on 07.21.2011