July 15th, 2008 | 178 Entries

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178 Entries for “villain”

  1. A person that does what he wants, within or outside the law.
    cares mainly about himself.

    By OJSmuts on 07.16.2008

  2. girls like it some times. if you ask them they never admit it. But anyway. Villain, Villain. the world would be better without this word. Don’t you think? You can’t think? Ohh sorry! I m really sorry! I feel so so so so so so so

    By bill on 07.16.2008

  3. the villian stopped me
    plowed his way through banks
    as i looked back
    frightened in a white cloud
    with the roar of snow
    and power, filling me in

    By ashley on 07.16.2008

  4. I went to a high school where the mascot was a villain I hope that as I get older I am not considered one. Only in the real world do villains exist. High school, those were fake. I believe that I’m a good person and the only real villain are those who are close-minded and weak-willed.

    By Nikki on 07.16.2008

  5. The villain in us all comes out sometime in our life. Whether it be a misdemeanor or a felony it’s in us all unfortunately. Maybe that’s why we all dream of superheroes.

    By Paul Ross on 07.16.2008

  6. “Just be careful,” she said. “He even looks creepy.” Sandra ignored her friend’s advice and accepted the man’s offer. The two disappeared into a alley, neither to be seen again.

    By Roxy McFoxy on 07.16.2008

  7. snidely whiplash waxed moustache. dark clothes and a bomb that looks like a bowling ball and a sparkler. crime doesn’t pay, but it might today. justice prevails except when it doesn’t.

    By mente on 07.16.2008

  8. bad. superhero. movie. black and white. lady in distress. train tracks. cape. black. horrible. evil plan. taking over the world. killing. monsters. robbing jewelry. breaking into stores. getting arrested. not winning in the end.

    By kimberly on 07.16.2008

  9. evil, bong baddie or aston villa football fan.

    Looks like Villa in.

    evil keeps springing back to mind.

    By Simon on 07.16.2008

  10. he was an evil man. he kept her locked in a closet for almost all of her life. how could she ever know there was more to this world except for the pain and torment he caused her.

    By lee on 07.16.2008

  11. uninhibited happiness

    By jordan on 07.16.2008

  12. The villain appeared amongst the leaves, glowering at the young boy who was greatly startled. As the buildings and the people around him collapsed, the only thing the boy could do was turn on his heels and run in the opposite direction of the terror that was beginning to sweep upon his small town. The screams of the people filled his ears, the sounds of the crashing buildings thudded against his feet, his gasping breaths reached heights that could possible percieve the ears of people across the world – he was frantic to escape, but he had no idea how he would be able to do it.

    By Brittany on 07.16.2008

  13. I think of the typical cartoon picture of a man with a stubbly and slightly pointed chin, a black and whilte shirt and a black bag over his shoulder with a wicked grin on his face, he has a mask over his eyes

    By gaynor on 07.16.2008

  14. She was not really a villian in the truest sense of the word. A villian must know that she is doing wrong. This girl was just incompetent and that translated into villiany.

    By Leslie Dow on 07.16.2008

  15. A guy in a dark suit with a submachine gun. This guy can’t be up to anything good, especially since he’s in a liquor store. Really, who needs booze that badly. Oh, wait…what am I thinking. Well, anyway, I was behind him, so I didn’t think my chances of getting my order filled were good.

    By Robin Danek on 07.16.2008

  16. One would think she had a soul made of hard crystal but each night she shed a stream of hurt down her cheeks. She watched these with eyes open, surprised, not sure of what to make of it

    By bkpx on 07.16.2008

  17. evil man like lord voldamort or superhero villians… like the joker or…. that dude… what was his name… capricorn.. i like villians theyr smart.. like artemis fowl

    By azure on 07.16.2008

  18. villians image changes all the time…. they can be evil cuz they used to be tortured or for no reason… i like the kind that are just very smart and decide being good isnt for them

    By ash on 07.16.2008