July 16th, 2008 | 1,786 Entries

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1,786 Entries for “sombre”

  1. sober, sad, sullen, quiet

    By mj on 07.17.2008

  2. sullen, silent, sad, quiet, respectfully

    By Patsy on 07.17.2008

  3. serious and quite. a serious mood with facial expressions or little color, body language

    By mb on 07.17.2008

  4. sad waiting for something good to happen depressed stoic dark

    By AnglRee on 07.17.2008

  5. On a hot sunny day I was happy that Gene had given me a sombre as a gag gift. It covers my blond waves and keeps my eyes bright and shiny without having to squint to make more crowsfeet. I love the feel of the woven basket on my head and know it keeps me safe from the sun’s rays.

    By sally on 07.17.2008

  6. a mellow feeling. Reflective, showing remorse, melancoly.

    By Keith Banister on 07.17.2008

  7. something you wear on your head,
    large colorful mexican, exciting,
    I wore a sombre to the fiesta!

    By Mary on 07.17.2008

  8. the economy makes me sombre

    By doug on 07.17.2008

  9. sombre means dark or uniformly sad &/or sober. Somber events: funerals, Sometimes somber events are just ststely

    By Mouz on 07.17.2008

  10. A vision of a spanish decent person standing in the hot sun with a large sombreo on his head. His face is leather like, needs a shave and he has frown upon his face. Sweat beads adorn his sun baked skin as he stares into the obscure distance.

    By Michael F. Loague on 07.17.2008

  11. quiet, refelective, serious, thinking, withdrawn,

    By JK on 07.17.2008

  12. it was a sombre day, clouds were lowering and in the distance there was lightening flashing. My little brother and I were sitting under a tree next to a babbling brood with the intention of getting a bit of fishing in. This was not to be. Out mother, concerned about the threatening weather, hauled us into the tent we had set up for a weekend of comping. She was quiteworried about our dad who gad gone off to town on some errand or another. My God, will the sixty seconds never end. We are all sitting around becoming more and more sombre at the thought of having to continue this writing task, as challenging as it may be. It has taken more than sixty seconds to dream up this saga, and I’m already sick of it.

    By W.J. Barnet on 07.17.2008

  13. sad down in the dumps morose

    By wally on 07.17.2008

  14. dismal or depressing character. Melancholy conveying gloomy suggestions

    By k Strong on 07.17.2008

  15. Soft spoken, thoughtful, quiet mood

    By peggy on 07.17.2008

  16. Quiet, sullen existance usually because of some life occurance. Someone passing on, a solem occassion

    By Tom on 07.17.2008

  17. “I can’t believe he’s gone,” she sobbed into her best friends shoulder.

    “I know, he replied, rubbing my hair gently,” but it was his time, and he lived a good life. He would not want us to be sad forever,” he whispered to me.

    I wiped a tear from my eye and looked up at him with a small grin. “You’re right. There’s still more life to live.”

    By Scott on 07.17.2008

  18. sad and lonely and dark. sombre is a good descriptive word that proibveoy comes from the french. a sombre night is a nighyt that is worth living but also worth talking about

    By polly on 07.17.2008

  19. tired and dark the sky is raining and we have enoug rain for today will stay in and relax o need to go out and see everyone else in a sombre mood under the grey sky

    By me on 07.17.2008

  20. gloomy – As I was in a sombre mood. Sad

    By jim on 07.17.2008

  21. What is a sombre?? Is it a big hat or maybe even a man. I am pronouncing sombre ‘some brey’ I wonder is this correct. I would love to think maybe it is a Spanish name for a beautiful setting. It is hard to write about a word that you are not sure of.

    By Katherine on 07.17.2008

  22. Mexico, the baja coast. Wonderful weather and conditions. Pleasant places to meet new people and establish freinds.

    By Marty on 07.17.2008

  23. sombrero, a color like umber, something like coffee, hot & subdued

    By andy on 07.17.2008

  24. I new a man who had a strange hat. I didn’t know what it was called but it was very cool. He wouldn’t speak of the hat and that made it even more mysterious. One day he appeared on the street without his hat and casued a stir in the neignborhood.

    By R Duncan on 07.17.2008

  25. quite depressed retrospective lonely

    By bandit02 on 07.17.2008

  26. not drunk,sane, sad, People always thing church has to be sombre but it doesn’t!!

    By Lori on 07.17.2008