September 26th, 2018 | 25 Entries

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25 Entries for “vertical”

  1. The wall was straight vertical, perfect for climbing. Jo jumped as high as she could, hands gripping onto the edge tightly as she pulled herself up. Not too high, but a good look out spot.

    By Holly on 09.26.2018

  2. Latitude is vertical longitude is not. we stand vertical and when we lay down were not vertical.

    By Abby URL on 09.26.2018

  3. I was vertical too long last night thinking about how much I like you, an intense and casual liking, without obsession. I sat up, facing the wall with the reflection of my laptop screen on it, and I thought about why.

    By Fox + Hedgehog on 09.26.2018

  4. vertical-vertical is a beautiful word. It has to do with both, math and art. And Ann loves both of them. In fact she loves the mathmatical part of math the most. Constructing buildings and landscapes with her ruler lets her calm down easily. While she’s quite unfocused in most parts of life, she can draw the whole day without any breaks. Drawing is her passion and what she wants to do for the rest of her life. But her mother wants her to finish high school and to study something. “Education is very important”, is what her mom’s reminding her daily. Luckily there is the possibility to study architecture or art. Even if that’s not exactly what her mother was hoping for, it’s good enough to be happy with.

    By Céline Vetsch on 09.26.2018

  5. Latitude. Us standing.

    By Nitasha URL on 09.26.2018

  6. I think of death. It’s a vertical trip for those who pass. Lucy comes to mind immediately. Precious mom. They’ve gone to heaven. Not literally, of course, but their souls have moved on to Jesus

    By Zuzana on 09.26.2018

  7. Vertical means, standing straight up. Like, if you put two pencils on the table facing up, they are vertical. If two trees grew next to each other, they are vertical.

    By Emma Reed on 09.26.2018

  8. As the boy looked up at the hurdle he knew deep down that he could not make the jump. His highest vertical was 3 feet and he was faced now with a 5 footer! He thought to himself in his head “I can do this, I can do this.” He knew he couldn’t though deep down in his mind. He was confused. The things around him started to blur. Faces, twisted and distorted. The hurdle seemed to grow taller and taller. Up, up, up up, up the hurdle went. Then it all went black.

    By Killian Connolly on 09.26.2018

  9. vertical lines are the lines that go up and down or it is something

    By renee schriml on 09.26.2018

  10. As she sits vertical she can feel the warmth of the sunshine on her legs. She is ready to discover her new found reality of knowing she can do anything and really does have the capacity to do so, because she has His strength that allows her to move mountains with her faith and encouraging words of wisdom. She has come so far: now her new reality is certainly from within. It is like the sound of running water from a babbling brook. It can take her to places she has been present for; to keep the memories and momentum going, especially in days like these.

    No more fear, but faith and fear holding hands as they dance together; like running water, which brings her to a place of content and peace. To dance with them, gives her renewed hope, as she lets them walk her into the realization of just how capable she is. She Believes. She’s Got This.

    By Donna Whiting on 09.26.2018

  11. I can’t see colors. Shapes, sure – squares and triangles and circles and cubes. I can detect the verticals and the horizontals, the sharp and the soft, the texture and the tactile. I can see movement – quick or slow, sometimes even when it’s such a blur that sound trails after it like a confused child. But colors? Nothing of the sort. Sepia is a foreign word to me. It’s synonymous to my reality.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.26.2018

  12. A straight line is known to be vertical. Which is up and down.

    By jessica0578 on 09.26.2018

  13. A crossword puzzle’s answers can be found vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

    By Astrid on 09.26.2018

  14. lol its me

    By Itsa' da Schnazz on 09.26.2018

  15. Bill drew a vertical line in the sandbox with a stick, dividing his side and James’.

    By Da Schnazz on 09.26.2018

  16. High mountain climbing – exciting life. Standing vertical star gazing and tall as the redwood trees reaching for the sun.

    By RaeAnn on 09.26.2018

  17. My hand was your glove. Or so you wished one or both to be at any given time from that first moment onward. Crisp, starched linen I am not. The feel of my handshake, so soft yet firm, is barely any indication as far as I’m concerned. Why it was hardly a handshake at all. All awkward and vertical when the flow might have moved more horizontal. One of us could have been drawn in, or not. This is the fate of opposite end magnets. I’m alright with repellents. Can’t connect with everyone after all.

    By Velveteen Vünderosá URL on 09.26.2018

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  20. ||||||| I just wanted to be able to write about how much I love him and how thankful I am for our interactions that lead up to our relationship now. Vertical buildings come to mind though, and a lot of math equations. I want to be able to live my life while embracing my academics. I want to finish medical school, but not feel like I ignored my life until I finally have my dream job.

    By amangelindiore on 09.26.2018

  21. upwards, onwords, burpees, cmon lil freshie. you look like a gecko, block jumps, more, chest pain, more, anxiety attacks more, state, more, up up up and up. fall down. down down and down.

    By Hannah Anderson on 09.27.2018

  22. There was a vertical crack in the sky. The world was torn apart and no one could explain why. The end of the world is upon us!

    By danbre on 09.27.2018



    By Brysen on 09.27.2018

  24. vertical is very nice because is not horizontal but i love this
    I don´t know write my vocabulary is very weak,

    By Gilliard Carvalho de Almeida on 09.27.2018

  25. Side ways, straight, parallel, forever, ever going. Keep on going.

    By Kylie URL on 09.27.2018