September 24th, 2018 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “plot”

  1. the plot dont parking correct the plane

    The plot is so experient I trust him

    By Roberto Reis on 09.24.2018

  2. A plot is the setting or story line of a book or story and is what happens during the story.

    By Katherine M on 09.24.2018

  3. “So what’s it about?”

    “Um…what’s what about?”

    “The story.” He gesticulated wildly at the book. “Th-the novel. What’s the plot?”

    “Oh.” She giggled. “It’s not much, really. It’s pretty simple. Just this young woman who decides to teach in Alaska for a year and winds up falling in love.”

    “With a handsome guy from town?”

    “A handsome gal, actually, but close enough.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.24.2018

  4. like descartes said
    nothing happens that hasn’t been plotted

    everything happens for a reason

    By Pascale LaRiviere on 09.24.2018

  5. The plot of this book was very intriguing. The plot had me on the edge of my seat.

    By Zachary on 09.24.2018

  6. Dark speckles had begun to embellish the back of his hand, each a trophy of stupid courage for all the times he had refused to put on sunscreen. His skin was already losing its elasticity—he didn’t even have kids yet.
    The ground beneath his boots slid with each step just a little from the morning shower. The sharp afternoon sunlight didn’t always make it past the greedy summer leaves, leaving pockets of mud near spots of dry earth. He imagined a little girl with bright pink boots sticking in the mud, little fingers stretching out, asking for her hero to come rescue her. He’d joke she’d never need rescuing and start to walk away, only to turn around and sweep her off her feet—nearly out of those muddy boots—just when she would be giving up hope. He’d put her on his shoulders, saying nothing of what her dirty footwear was doing to his shirt, only pointing to the trees, the grasshoppers, filling the air with so much information maybe some of it would stick.
    It was a small, happy story he’d visit in the quiet, one he’d be reminded of it fantasy whenever he would pay his bills or look into his wallet while cancelling plans. He thought about white-picket fences and suburbia, and thought how he wouldn’t even dare hope for so much. He grunted as he began the last sharp incline he would have to face.
    I remember there being so much more.

    By Ai URL on 09.24.2018

  7. Aha…the plot thickens!
    he cried when he found the bright yellow paintbrush leaving smudges against a charcoal grey wall

    By chantemcb on 09.24.2018

  8. It would be nice if life had a clear plot. I could know where I’m going from here without having to be terrified that I might be going in the wrong direction…

    By Crystal Cadence on 09.24.2018

  9. plot is part of a story.

    By anastasiaca on 09.24.2018

  10. I wonder what the plot of my first novel would be. I am not a social butterfly, I am not buzzing around people all the time so this novel probably would reflect that fact and my love of bildungsroman novels. In a nutshell, the plot of the novel would be the following: a strange stupid little girl is growing up all alone in a junkyard of abandoned toys etc. and developing her personality accordingly. Then one day, a bulldozer would come to destroy all that shit. So original, isn’t it?

    By cup on 09.25.2018

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  13. The evil madman had quite a good plot. His plans are so evil, not even The Joker would go that far. This was pure evil…something other than human…!

    By Rory Mummed on 09.25.2018

  14. Anne was reading furiously, pages turning as fast as lightening. Her sister Marge walked in.
    “Anne,” she said.
    No answer.
    “What, what?” said Anne, startled.
    “Why didn’t you answer me?” her sister asked.
    “Sorry,” said Anne, “This book has the best plot ever!”

    By Emma Reed on 09.25.2018

  15. A plot is important, but what matters more is the tone of the story. The plot is simply the statement of the events in an order and fashion that best suits the telling of the story. The tone however establishes how you meant to feel. A great plot means nothing if the events laid out therein do not carry any weight for you. Million Dollar Baby had a simple plot, but a very uplifting tone, and that made the ending all the more sad when the tone turned so dark and sad.

    By Fair Enough on 09.25.2018

  16. a plot is in books or movies it is when the bad guy is planing

    By renee schriml on 09.25.2018

  17. Awww the plot thickens. There was another mole in the organization that needed to be ferreted out, the problem was – Who could it possibly be. Almost back to square one with this newest development and the stakes were to high to give up now.

    By Sam on 09.25.2018

  18. A plot is a part of a story, when you are beggining to write, you can do it in steps. It is the main event of the story.

    By Destiny Ollenberger URL on 09.25.2018

  19. The plot of a story is the basic outline for the events that will occur. It usually involves a conflict and then there will be a rising action that leads to a climax and then it will have the falling action. In most stories the plot is very complex and involves many characters. It is imp

    By Hannah on 09.25.2018

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    By Deepak Jariwala on 09.25.2018

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    By Deepak Jariwala on 09.25.2018

  23. chunk of land place to plant things story baseline describes the story

    By jfivjfi on 09.25.2018

  24. any story has a plot the plot is the base of the story its what happens is the story the climax and everything else that happens

    By matthew on 09.25.2018

  25. i got the word plot and to me plot is something i was taught in school i dont really have my own definition besides a story line. We have plot in our everyday lives, small things that happen in your life add to the plot and sometimes theres twists.

    By Shilo on 09.25.2018

  26. The plot is only a tool for a story. The story is not just what happens but the impact it makes on the characters and readers. This is why poems can say far more with just a few words and no context than hundreds of pages of plot.

    A person’s life is full of events that can be told, but no one can possibly grasp that person’s life without living the experiences through their eyes and with their heart.

    By okayfine on 09.25.2018


    By Stephanie on 09.25.2018

  28. Lex Luther is plotting the day on when he gets his revenge on Superman.

    By Beth March URL on 09.25.2018

  29. The plot of a story is very important. It must be interesting, but not complicated.

    By Jo March URL on 09.25.2018

  30. All right, class! Place the correct number of plots on the graph paper.

    By Meg March URL on 09.25.2018

  31. Porn is usually thin in plot.

    By Bubble URL on 09.25.2018

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    By sofafrommars94 on 09.25.2018

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  35. ´ Dialogue, the character or perhaps the rewrite are much, but what is a plot?´, said the writer.

    ´it is a minute of time to write it out´, reasoned the bell

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.26.2018

  36. This is a plot we do not accept. We will be able to review it later on in the evening. They are plot twisting shit up and we can’t deal with this. This plot must end now. 0/10 would not recommend plotting crap against me.

    Yelp reviews for your plot are also miserable. Why does every day include a fight with an American.

    By anon on 09.26.2018