September 27th, 2018 | 38 Entries

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38 Entries for “gather”

  1. When you go on forever straight forever.

    By Kylie URL on 09.27.2018

  2. When you pick something up. Gather stuff like paperwork at work. You can gather your kids and there friends.

    By Kylie URL on 09.27.2018

  3. we gather for thank giveing christmas easter, birthday parties and bible studies

    By renee schriml on 09.27.2018

  4. me and my family gather together for bible studies and birthdays.

    By renee schriml on 09.27.2018

  5. I gather the love you gave to me in bits and pieces, all broken. You never loved me like how you said you did and for that I shall never forgive you. My love is broken and my soul is shattered all because of one person I risked giving my all to. I gathered every piece of me back from you and tried to fix myself but the memories are to strong. I will heal but shall remain scarred.

    By Chanel on 09.27.2018

  6. Every part of my body is numb, my heart is on the floor, my mind is lost, and I am broken
    I gathered my shattered heart piece by piece
    I gathered the pictures, letters and memories
    all the remains of what we were
    Of what we had.

    By Chanel Roueche on 09.27.2018

  7. in the morning time i go and gather all of my items including my Breeze and my hat and i leave for school. you have to be carefull when gather things up because you can gather up to many or to little of your items in your possession.

    By Gabe on 09.27.2018

  8. To gather is to collect,
    in better words, to gather is to take something for gain for you or others.
    You need to gather to build almost everything we have today.

    By Nate on 09.27.2018

  9. it was my brother Kayls birthday and we had a gathering, with all my family. I like to have gatherings cause it brings all my family together and we always have a good time.

    By ashlynne on 09.27.2018

  10. i probabaly haven’t done enough gathering with the right people to gather with or around…..yeah I suck

    By Mr.584903 URL on 09.27.2018

  11. I gathered my thoughts. It’d been years since we’d seen each other. What would I say? How does he feel about me now? I walked out the door and headed towards the car. Thunder. That’s just what I need, I thought to myself. But then I couldn’t help but laugh. Thunder. How appropriate.

    By Francisca Weber on 09.27.2018

  12. Gathering things is what squirrels do. They gather hazelnuts and other things that they can take back to their hole and eat. Lots of animals gather. Bears have to gather food items for their families like fish from the streams. Wolves travel in packs and gather food together. Gathering food is also common with ants. Ants have to find crumbs and other food items that they can bring back to their queen. Ants can carry something thats 10x their size. Bees also gather pollen to pollinate other plants so that they can grow and blossom. Humans gather resources, like we travel to the grocery store to bring home food which is like gathering but without going out and harvesting the items yourself.

    By mckensiwatts on 09.27.2018

  13. They gathered together in the old stone circle. The older ones exchanged nervous glances. The younger ones either chit-chatted excitedly or were pale and quiet. The youngest was one of the latter. All were clad in black.

    By Silke Seßler on 09.27.2018

  14. Gather by the fire, was there order in broken English, while pointing there tazors in our direction. We heard a crashing sound-noise earlier but didn’t think it was close enough to be a problem. Maybe because their spaceship was so small.

    Either way, I reached for my girlfriends hand and we did what they said. For now…

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 09.27.2018

  15. I used to love autumn. I felt at peace when the mornings got cooler and the air got brisker, when the leaves gathered in crispy clumps around gray gutters and street corners. I adored the variety of colors that assailed my eyes on any given afternoon after work, and when I walked toward the bay, the wind would pick up and nearly carry me away like a sprite on a chariot. But I don’t love it anymore.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.27.2018

  16. We gather our things to move out of the house. Everyone one around just looks.

    By jessica0578 on 09.27.2018

  17. We gather our things to move out of the house. Everyone one around just looks. We are on our own. Lonely.

    By jessica0578 on 09.27.2018

  18. family
    one place

    By Bridget on 09.27.2018

  19. I gathered from her smile that this was no accident. Tom was murdered. With a carrot. That carrot being in her very hands. She had killed Tom. Why?

    By Kate on 09.27.2018

  20. Gathering pieces of corn for the tribe was Charlie’s job, not mine. But mother made me do it anyway, and that is where I found the corpse lying in a pile of sponges to dry. Did I leave the pantless man there? Of course I did.

    By efkjnaskljdfb on 09.27.2018

  21. I fucking gather those beans. deliscos beans mmmmmi love me beans beansies are good gathering beans yummy yum yum ima gonan eat these beans beany boyo oh boy beans im gathering them yes beansss eatign them yum yujmmmmhmmmm yes

    By Francesca on 09.27.2018

  22. Gather around, everybody! The meeting is about to begin. Jen, did you bring the… okay, good. Now we can begin.

    By Astrid on 09.27.2018

  23. I gather together my friends to bid a farewell as I venture off on a journey of self discovery and adventure. I gather together my things and hit the open road.

    By RaeAnn on 09.27.2018

  24. The hunters went gathering for herbs and trees, the tall trees with rainbow leaves and asparagus roots. The leaves h

    By Brooke M Driskell on 09.27.2018

  25. Gathering to gather in what has already been gathered, is the preferred method of the gathering whether I have already had to gather every piece of information before.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.28.2018

  26. collect, get together, compile,

    By Amber Westbrook URL on 09.28.2018

  27. Lucy was out in her back yard. She had a very large back yard, with flowers scattered all over it. Lucy’s favorite thing to do was to gather those flowers.

    By Emma Reed on 09.28.2018

  28. We like to gather around the table. We gather to eat. We gather to talk and chatter about everything we have done over the week and over the past year. We reconnect. We go deep. We stay shallow. We are gathering together to reconnect our hearts after being apart.

    By Beth on 09.28.2018

  29. I gathered up all the berries that fell out of his hat. I liked the way he picked berries and filled his hat with them. But today was different. He’d fallen over in pain–grasping his chest. After the ambulance came, the berries laid scattered across the, still wet, ground.

    By Francisca Weber on 09.28.2018

  30. we gather, to together when it is time to get in the car. or when we gather supplies for school/

    By renee schriml on 09.28.2018

  31. i gather you haven’t quite thought this out
    your opinion is so, so
    softly swaddled
    in opinion pieces
    pisces fish
    piece of shit
    told what to think
    how to live
    by white men
    who want to sap you
    of your strength

    By matt m on 09.28.2018

  32. Gathering is a way to take something from an environment and then use it to progress in different subjects.

    By Nate on 09.28.2018

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  35. I need to gather information about Chandler. I’m trying to figure him out, but it’s hard. I don’t know if I should trust him or not. He tells me I can, but he needs to prove that to me. Hanging out with him I can gather info about him, but I know his past is rough. I just don’t know if he will end up hurting me or not.

    By hailey on 09.28.2018

  36. I gather all of the flowers one day. There isn’t a lot. the garden has had a bit of trouble in the production department but that doesn’t matter. I needed all of them. Every year I promised to bring the flowers to the gravesites. They need this cheer in their afterlife. Or maybe just in mine. I really just wanted to make myself feel better as I am now alone in this big world. One life of immortality is not worth it if you have to see all of the others wither and die. I hated that feeling. The feeling of being alone. For the rest of my life. But I couldn’t go through death again either.

    By Kristy on 09.28.2018

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