August 17th, 2016 | 50 Entries

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50 Entries for “van”

  1. I Love floor in Van . Is Very good, The van is comforting and pretty .

    By Maycon URL on 08.18.2016

  2. We used to have a white van. It was in

    By Faith on 08.18.2016

  3. My van was parked outside. It was a quaint vehicle, purple in color but a but rusty on the front bumper. I loved this car. My dad bought it for me on my 16th birthday and now into my 20’s I still have it.

    By Seiko on 08.19.2016

  4. Father, I pray for all the charities out there that are in need of transportation, father I pray that you would provide for them far more than they need, that you would bless them far beyond their wildest dreams.

    By hobsquable on 08.19.2016

  5. We’ve been sitting in the back of Jimbo’s battered old van for about eighteen hours at that point, and the fumes were really starting to kick in. I had tried to tell the poor sod about the toxic effects of paint and the need for proper ventilation, but he was too busy thinking about the sick-nasty mermaid biker he was going to paint in there. It was when the walls started dancing that I knew things had reached a bad point.

    By henry sawdon-smith on 08.19.2016

  6. Big, bulky, uncouth, uncool, utility, for work rather than for leisure, can carry multiple people and lots of objects, takes up more space than a small car, can be cool from an artistic point of view, graffiti,

    By Aiden Chia on 08.19.2016

  7. I have van and in can have 8 people in it. I get a lot of people to go on a road trip with me to New York.

    By Simon Woodard on 08.19.2016

  8. Another one sidled up to the curb, right behind the last – in fact, the driver of the first van who was hanging out of the sliding door squatted on his hams with mouth agape at the audacity of his rival.

    By ml on 08.19.2016

  9. The dream van is a 1960 Volkswagen mini van. Cruising along the coast line stopping at random stops for a good surf.

    Dream. End.

    By KHK on 08.19.2016

  10. To me this word represents overweight builders who insist on whistling or calling something out to you as you walk down the street. This isn’t a stereo type, it happens to allot of females and I don’t know why they insist on doing it or what they think they will achieve.

    By lorijd on 08.19.2016