August 17th, 2016 | 50 Entries

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50 Entries for “van”

  1. the van was white. it was creepy. joe drove. joe is nice. no education. just selling vacuums. harry reports joe because of his creepy van. joe goes to jail. joe is black. jail is black. fuck usa. van made in japan.

    By Alejandro on 08.17.2016

  2. I pop open the back window as far as it can go. The air feels as warm as a smile from a dear friend. Every so often a car will zoom past and push some air inside the van, always a relaxing feeling.

    By Michael URL on 08.17.2016

  3. The white van pulled up in front of the house and slowly rolled to a stop. It was time. She took a deep breath and let the curtain fall back in front of her vision. Okay. Don’t panic. We’ve been preparing for this for months now.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.17.2016

  4. The van skidded around the corner and came to a halt. It was white. Of course. The van had a wide door ad it opened. Of course. A man stepped out and blinked, as if he had just emerged from the belly of a sheep in an ancient myth, except the mountains around him were made of steel. It was enough. He had arrived, and he would start over. He knew the scent of this place from some secret place in his memory, the place his mother told him not to go.

    By Amy on 08.17.2016

  5. The man stepped out of the van. I just looked at him, his blue eyes and wide smile seemed inviting. “Are you ready to go Mrs. Daniels?”
    “I think I am.” I said
    He raised the gun to my forehead and then everything-

    By Ryan Alexander Fleming on 08.17.2016

  6. “Dude. Where did you get the van?”

    “Used dealership. It runs great, actually.” Nicky cocked her head and looked at me like a confused puppy. “Why? Don’t like it?”

    I laughed. “You look like you’re ready to kidnap some children.”

    “Oh, dude. C’mon.”

    I held up my hands in pseudo-defeat. “Sorry.”

    “Besides,” Nicky added, “even if I did have candy in this van, I wouldn’t give it to bratty kids.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.17.2016

  7. Truck
    fast car

    By Shelly Park on 08.17.2016

  8. driveable shoes veichle car road storage Steering wheel big horn radio vans door

    By Callum M on 08.17.2016

  9. Car
    Drivers driving
    Staring wheels
    Road side

    By Shelly Park on 08.17.2016

  10. You swept me off the side of the road
    My cobblestoned mind, battered and beaten down, was saved by your presence
    I found comfort sinking within your leather seats, an oasis in gazing at the busy streets

    The busy streets held busy people who always ticked on
    But my time is running out
    I have to do something
    We are going in circles

    Right as we began to reach nowhere my senses kick in
    I suck the air out of your lungs and snap the metronome embedded in your heart

    I bet you doubted me. I bet you didn’t deem me capable of such actions.
    Honey, I’m a force of nature.
    I’m the nail in your tire, the bloodstained steering wheel, and the contact made as the clear barrier and my clenched fist made love

    And in using the entirety of my force the glass shattered, along with the shards of sanity broken inside of me

    By Hannah on 08.17.2016

  11. It pulled up slowly. It was gray with large wheels and was nearly silent when it arrived. I stood up and walked from the porch into the drive way they gave me a note then drove away.I had saw it before glimpses any way in my rear view mirror, on the side of the road, in the parking garage every where I went that gray van followed me. In a weird way I found it comforting almost like a a guardian angel but my fanticy was broken at that moment. When I opened up the envelope a hard metal instrument hit the ground my hand shaking and eyes glued to to envelope I opened up the letter inside wich read “I got him love your guardian angel” and as I bent down to pick up the object I heard I loud gunshot behind me. Inside my hand one bullet.

    By Angelleyez on 08.17.2016

  12. the van was upside down, broken windows and glass shattered everywhere. He was bleeding from his head and shoulder. It had been hours since he passed out, but the difference was that a few hours ago he knew who he was.

    By Bramsy on 08.17.2016

  13. “Oh my God,” Ashley breathed, stumbling from the passenger side. “Oh my God, I can’t believe we’re still alive.”
    “It wasn’t that bad,” Tabatha mumbled, wincing as she inspected the shallow scratch in the van’s paint.
    “Not that bad?” Ashley asked shrilly. “Tab, I’m never getting in a car with you again.”

    By savvadrokki on 08.17.2016

  14. My parents have a red van. Its pretty old. That’s why they want my old car, which I wouldn’t mind them buying in exchange for them paying $2000 worth of my rent since the Blazer hasn’t sold yet anyways. However, I really feel like they should just pay for my rent anyways. I get why my mom is pissed about me not coming home more and she thinks I work too much. I hope that once she looks at my budget she sees that I really need to work as much as I do to live, or I need more financial assistance from family.

    By Molly on 08.17.2016

  15. The cold air just wouldn’t give him a break. Jumping out, kicking the tire, he walked home instead.

    “Tomorrow I’m getting a job” he muttered.

    By Leticia on 08.17.2016

  16. I saw a white van when I was in the city with my friends the other day. We were all thinking the same thing; some creepy guy was probably sitting in back with a bunch of candy or ice cream, waiting to snatch a child. But the thing is, why do stereotypes have to be so rigid? Sure, my friends and I were just joking around like “oh there’s a white van, so creepy” but really, why do we assume the things we do?

    By writergirl99 on 08.17.2016

  17. The van was old and traveling at a speed faster than anyone could imagine. It ran through the red light and although it tried to swerve to avoid the man on the motorcycle, it hit him on the side. The bystanders were amazed at the severity of the crash.

    The driver of the van got out. He was obviously drive and obviously in great distress. “My wife!” he wailed. They couldn’t get the van door open, and in any case, the ambulance staff were concerned about the driver of the motorcycle. A sudden silence in the midst of the confusion startled everyone – it was the sound of a new born crying. In a few moments, they managed to pry the van door open to reveal the man’s wife and their newborn son. She had given birth in the van.

    By chanpheng URL on 08.17.2016

  18. The white van shot down the road at a crazy speed. Heart in mouth, Cammy clutched the seat in front of her so tightly her knuckles turned white. She prayed that they would crash – and that the bounty in the back of the van was worth it. Turning her head slightly, she could see the faint silhouette of their bounty. It had better be worth this horrible ride, she thought grimly, even as her stomach started to rebel.

    By liyasha85 on 08.17.2016

  19. There he goes, on top of that ring. He is going to do it. He is fucking going to jump.
    Oh what a frogsplash. Here goes the count. 1….2…..3…..
    And we have a new Champion! ROBBBBB VAN DAMMMMMMMMM!

    By Varun URL on 08.18.2016

  20. once I went on a van
    with my uncle and aunt
    to visit my friend
    who lives on the other end of the land.

    By shilpashree on 08.18.2016

  21. They had been together for 12 years. It was a hard decision for her but she had to let go. She had tried to hang on as much as possible but now the time has come. She remembered how they got both her babies home together, the innumerable soccer and swim practices that they attended. Now it had to be a fresh start. The door bell rang. She opened it and greeted the new owner of her van.

    By JayaK on 08.18.2016

  22. a black van, didn’t I just see that one pass by us? deja vu… the government is onto us. one black cat, one van is fine but if there is a glitch in the system then the van will re-appear until the mission is complete, except there is uncertainty because no one knows who’s mission it is, everyone just knows to run.. and that’s what we do. we run. and unsurprisingly, it follows us

    By Sheng Li on 08.18.2016

  23. It crept beside me on the road, the window rolling down slowly, and I swallowed hard, keeping my pace as I looked into the vehicle. The man seemed to smirk at the sight of me – alone, helpless, right beside his van – and my heart juddered as I gripped my bag straps and ran.

    By Sharna on 08.18.2016

  24. I’ve driven a van for most of my adult life. Most people start with a car – something nice and small to get around in – but I’ve always driven a mini van, handed down to me from my mother. She loved her mini vans. For such a tiny woman, I don’t know why she always wanted such a large vehicle.

    I really do miss my mother… at least I still have her van.

    By Ryan URL on 08.18.2016

  25. I got in the van. We drove all day and I didn’t want to say goodbye yet, but the night came and it was time. All day in a van to the airport to tell the love of my life that I would miss him so much and see him in 5 months. I cried as he left and watched him walk through the door to his plane. I missed him even while I could still see him, probably before.

    By Emma on 08.18.2016

  26. as we see van is all around us but oly on roads made by the government or privately made.Van mostly people see has four wheels but to be precise it has 5 i

    By azad on 08.18.2016

  27. Van. I don’t know why but this makes me think of scooby-doo. It just does. There big flowery van.

    By Nobody. on 08.18.2016

  28. She felt herself being tossed into the van by the thugs. She struggled till the blindfold came off and looked around. The cold walls around her were gray and dreary, like a rainy day without books.

    By Jonaya on 08.18.2016

  29. There is the van. Should I go inside of it? I believe I will take my seat on the curb instead. What was Marlo thinking? Arranging a squad of low lifers to plant homemade bombs around the city. “We’re painting the town as black as our governments hearts.” He said in the basement. But now, of all times, my conscience rears its ugly head at me.

    By FrimFramFromFrem on 08.18.2016

  30. My family had a red van is was amazing and it had a lot of storage we found different stuff about the van each and every day. It was AWESOME!!!! And we also had a cool radio and and there was a lot of buttons on the steering wheel for the radio.

    By brittney on 08.18.2016

  31. My Mom brought a new van . It is 12 passenger van. There is 12 benches.

    By jamesrotties on 08.18.2016

  32. I have a van and it is red. Red is my favorite color.

    By Simon Woodard on 08.18.2016

  33. A van driver does not have time to think about what delivery options he has. His only option is to see the delivery destination and go, run his van as fast as he can to be there on time.

    By Matt on 08.18.2016

  34. The hulking, shambling vehicle rolled up to the curb with sputtering starts and jerks. The driver slid out of his seat into the windowless body, then reappeared with a slide-away door. “Hey, kid,” he said to me. “Candy?”

    By ml on 08.18.2016

  35. There isn’t much that I can say about the word “van”. The first thing that comes to mind is a road trip I took with my mom and step-dad when I was 13 years old. We had just moved from California to Idaho, and we decided to drive up to Canada on a whim.

    For some crazy reason, my step-dad didn’t think it was a problem to drive into Canada with marijuana bags as window curtains. They searched the van, but of course found nothing. They just assumed he was an old hippie who was trying to make an impression.

    By Holly on 08.18.2016

  36. every time i see that you’re at it again, it feels like a van hit me
    when are you going to learn, kid?
    your actions are harming people
    i wish someone in your life cared about you enough to make you stop

    By stranger on 08.18.2016

  37. Van is one word very good , why me happy .

    By Maycon URL on 08.18.2016

  38. Van decided he needed a new van to really bring all his work and name to fruition. He quickly bought one and began showing it off. He had a big adVANtage.

    By Howard Sage on 08.18.2016

  39. She rode with us in the white van that we stole three summers ago from the junkyard. Jimmy fixed it up real good, even found matching upholstery for the seats. The engine groans a little but it’s a smooth ride, and it even smelled nice with her there. The air was thick and musty from the rain.

    By Alessandra on 08.18.2016

  40. Let’s take a ride in your parents’ van.
    I’ve got the map, and a loosely laid out plan.
    We’ll explore beaches, get sand in our hair;
    You’ll fall over laughing — we make such a great pair.

    Let’s take a ride in your parents’ van.
    I’ve got the dreams, and you’ve got a man.
    We’ll explore heaven, the angels will sing,
    You’ll get married — wedding bells will ring.

    Let’s take a ride in your minivan.
    You’ve got the kids, and I’ve got a tan.
    We’ll talk together, think about our past.
    Little moments in life like this are meant to last.

    By Marissa on 08.18.2016