November 4th, 2012 | 151 Entries

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151 Entries for “use”

  1. you were the type to sleep always facing the wall. i held my hands to my mouth, breathing in measurements. i sought stillness over the rushing in my ears.

    (once upon a time i worried about saying “good night” with too little feeling.
    then i realized i was the only one who cared.)

    By tiffanylu URL on 11.04.2012

  2. I used pills and alcohol to get my mind off of somewhat important things like school and such. Also, the internet. Without any of this, I don’t know how I would have gotten through everything, which, ya know, is pretty sad.

    By Madison Hite on 11.04.2012

  3. when you see something and you spoil that

    By rajat on 11.04.2012

  4. when you see something and you spoil that thing .

    By rajat on 11.04.2012

  5. I am of no use. Just a little clump of accidental creation, some say. We’re all just nothing in the grand scale of things. Little organisms trying to find meaning in this vast ever-expanding space. We live in this little blue dot that seems so magnificent, large and ever-mysterious. We’ll never know the truth – and we’ll never find the answers to this little blue planet we live in. The whole universe out there is a pandora’s box, waiting to be opened – but yet here we are, stuck in our little trivialities, little wars, little battles of morality – when there’s so much, so much that can be, so much that will free us of the chains we adhere and purposefully cling onto.

    One can say that everything has been created by chance, or one can say everything occurs out of reason – but by the end of the day, it has occurred, you are alive, and every second you breathe – every second you’re alive – is a chance in a million. You could die now, maybe now, and now. But you’re alive. So, you are of use – you are special – just by being alive.

    By aimlessendeavours on 11.04.2012

  6. We burrowed our need in eachother,
    but all we did was drown.

    I used you to make me feel better,
    and you used me to tear that down.

    By Pip on 11.04.2012

  7. Interesting…how the word USE can be a good thing or a not so good thing. I enjoy being useful but not being used!

    By RaShelle on 11.04.2012

  8. What use was it? Focus wouldn’t come. He tried to pick up the pen a thousand times, and a thousand times it transformed into a projectile, conducting rod, mustache, or sword. He simply could not bring himself to fulfill its actual purpose, to write the words that he knew he must.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 11.04.2012

  9. To Use:
    First, remove the soul,
    Break down the human parts,
    Create shadows to hate.

    Convince them that you have the answer to their woes.
    Give them hope,
    That you will right the wrongs wrought on them.

    Third, get what you need,
    Rid yourself of their shell.

    By Benjamin Fraser on 11.04.2012

  10. I feel used

    I feel tired
    Yet I keep allowing others
    To use

    I know no other way
    This is the only way
    I will be used

    By Kathy Ngo URL on 11.04.2012

  11. use don’t lose. wait for nothing. nothing to wait for. look around. use a muse. find a brain. its time to light the light. burn it down. down at the bottom where the flame meets the water and still fights for its life. use that urgency. use that moment. let the shadows whisper stories from the underground and use…use the mind that you found to let yourself grow another inch. that skin is drooping down. so use the muscles. make the change. tighten your grip all around…and use don’t lose.

    By ericamintu URL on 11.05.2012

  12. Bill Withers once said: “All you want to do is use me, until you use me up.”

    No more. You can pack your shit and leave, post haste. This is the last little bit of mercy you’ll ever see from me.

    By Chris Clow on 11.05.2012

  13. A shell. floating on the surface of the grey lake. A gust. Inching it away from the filthy pursuant. Legs burning with ambition. What’s the use of it all? The shell is not an empty metaphor.

    By Jogn on 11.05.2012

  14. they use me and abuse me and throw me around, smile and nod when no answer can be found. I work and toil to be of use, when all I feel in the end is obtuse.

    By Jen URL on 11.05.2012

  15. Use me.
    Abuse me.
    Confuse me.
    Consume me.
    Relate to me.
    Partake with me.
    Capture me.
    Develop me.

    Show me to the world.
    I am your project.

    By Nikki Bacas on 11.05.2012

  16. I like to use technology, but I think it can also be overwhelming and a bit intimidating!

    By Meghan on 11.05.2012

  17. Use, we use something everyday, or perhaps even every hour or second. People could bet themselves to prevent using anything and eventually fail because fuck logic, clothes are also part of our daily usage

    By Jin on 11.05.2012

  18. He is /such/ a tool. I never did want him. All I wanted was the controversy and the gossip, spreading like wild fire over the tabloids.

    By Valkyrie on 11.05.2012

  19. Useless! that was the one word response of my previous Sales Director when being asked by 2 senior managers of their designation. The word- useless- also defines my current state. Also my presence in my originization. But hey, Being of use really matters, its just being completely useless that annoys me. God only knows how i was rendered useless.

    By Tags on 11.05.2012

  20. i use a pen to write a word and an essay

    By weehau on 11.05.2012

  21. The use of illegal drugs is prohibited at our workplace, but on any day you can see some members of staff exhibiting signs of being under the influence of drugs. what they do not understand is that is hinders their performance and by extension all the worked jobs are placed in jepordy.

    By victor URL on 11.05.2012

  22. Don’t you hate that feeling of being used? when someone gains your trust, then tears it up in front of you. Like a dishcloth they wring you out, and then come back for more, and you are powerless to stop it.

    By Lauren on 11.05.2012

  23. i use people. i know its bad, i know it’s the sort of thing sociopaths do. And I’m not a sociopath. I’ve been tested, I’m perfectly normal. But I do. People are like clockwork toys, full of chemicals and signals and firing neurons that fire so predictably. It’s the easiest thing in the world to have them do as I wish–or as they don’t know that they wish. I wonder, sometimes, how anyone can say how complicated people are, and how much sorrow this causes, when I have this power–and, I wonder, what shall I use it for?

    By Julia on 11.05.2012

  24. “Oh, what’s the use? I’ll never get it to work!” Ethan whines, and kicks the chasis again. This time the engine sputters and coughs, and the chainsaw comes to life. “Excellent!” Ethan says with a sinister smile as he turns back to the people bound and gagged on the floor behind him. “Now where were we?”

    By HatHatGoose URL on 11.05.2012

  25. What’s the use? Of feeling this way, of putting so much emotion into something that barely concerns me. But that’s the beauty, isn’t it?

    By Huda Osman on 11.05.2012

  26. Use every color to paint your words as you write the story of your life

    By AllTimeScout URL on 11.05.2012

  27. Don’t use drugs, it’s bad for you.

    By Zachary Williams on 11.05.2012

  28. And sometimes I feel like I use God, because I ask for him when I have nowhere else to go. But as much as they try to tell me otherwise, he really isn’t in mansions of wood or stone, and if he does exist he is everywhere. I struggle with this, but have come to terms that maybe I do believe in something higher than science or myself.

    By labyrinthine on 11.05.2012

  29. There use to be an innocence
    That I didn’t know was there
    My days were blissfully happy
    My problems were few and sparse
    I didn’t know the devil
    Had walked in through my door
    I’d never seen that smirky grin
    And blackened heart before
    Now that you have shown yourself
    There are lessons I must begin
    The hardest one it seems so far
    Is that good people don’t always win

    By recogirl URL on 11.05.2012

  30. i use toilet paper, not my hand. i also use vinegar on my cheetos.ya!

    By riley on 11.05.2012

  31. I use my phone to call and text people to tell them something important, most of the time anyway.

    By Kyla on 11.05.2012

  32. i will use peanut butter to destroy my enemies …………………………………………………………a.k.a., timmothy and rhyan.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    By cecilm on 11.05.2012

  33. I use my phone to call people that i want to when i want to because i can than is why i have a phone.

    By shelby on 11.05.2012

  34. i use my computer to surf the internet, find research, and go on facebook.

    By Brianna on 11.05.2012

  35. i use my iphone to look at new iphones so that the iphone is not yet outdated, but only iphone 1g is old. iphones are fast and can like help you use stuff because iphones were built to look like an iphone. IPHONE

    By danieler on 11.05.2012

  36. I use the keyboard to type what I am saying right now. I also use toilet paper,

    By Ryan on 11.05.2012

  37. We use each other. That’s what other people are for. We achieve with each other and our success is impossible without others. We support, we congratulate, we are supported and congratulated. Such is the nature of using other people for your own ends. We are all complicit.

    By dan URL on 11.05.2012

  38. to use it to make ithing i whont.

    By Nicholas on 11.05.2012

  39. Use is to have something and be using it. For example I was using my phone in 1st hour.

    By gabrielach on 11.05.2012

  40. When I use my pencil I write

    By jazzy on 11.05.2012