November 3rd, 2012 | 129 Entries

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129 Entries for “interest”

  1. i have interest to listen to people when they are speaking to me because it be with our lear

    By Jorden Riley on 11.04.2012

  2. take my interest in you and keep it as your own, don’t give it back. I was interested in what we could be, in what I really was, what you really were, and that interest wasn’t enough for you. You wanted proof and I wanted time- show me the door.

    By Sarah on 11.04.2012

  3. so this is what it meant
    when you said that you were spent–
    singing softly along in the passenger seat of my car,
    the only way you address me nowadays,
    stolen phrases parroted from the radio
    and i am left to interpret, making left turns four times over, until we repeat our roads
    (i am begging for more time, finding all the red arrows i can, i don’t ever wanna let you fade)

    By robyn URL on 11.04.2012

  4. drawing, reading, writing, dance (dancing), playing tennis, listening to music

    By Gita on 11.04.2012

  5. I find a lot of thing that I like. My favorites are drawing, reading, and writing. I love drawing. I love to dance and play tennis. I have been playing tennis for about 6 years now. My favorite type of art is portraits. Right now, I’m doing nanowrimo (a writing contest) with my class.

    By Meow on 11.04.2012

  6. My interest was slowly fading away. In school work. In relationships. In life. Life kept going but it felt like I was standing on the sidelines watching it pass, without me.

    By Johanna URL on 11.04.2012

  7. “interesting thing I may say perhaps, to my interest” – Tintin

    By Meowdsfsadas on 11.04.2012

  8. I haven’t got an interest in politics or weather. I haven’t got an interest in any of that, but I do know that my interest resides in the way the sun moves over the trees and casts shadows and brightness across their needles. I haven’t got an interest in certain things, but I do have one in beauty.

    By Baylee E. on 11.04.2012

  9. Don’t fain interest in my life
    You just don’t know me
    Don’t pretend you understand strife
    You can’t see threw me
    I don’t care about your past
    It doesn’t floor me
    I have moved on
    You should be gone
    You never knew me

    By recogirl URL on 11.04.2012