November 4th, 2012 | 151 Entries

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151 Entries for “use”

  1. It’s so hard to stop the thing that almost acutually works. I’m talking about the users’s and abuser’s. Those who save themselves and others from themselves, but are never called heroes. The sums of those from so little we divide by the desolate zeros of our humanity.

    By drew URL on 11.04.2012

  2. He felt used.
    That people liked him not for who he was, but for his actions and for his favors.
    And eventually, when he was broken, he was thrown away.

    By Jason on 11.04.2012

  3. what is the use of trying anymore?
    i’m failing at all that i do.
    and yet, i can’t just sit back and let myself fail.

    at least i can say i tried.

    By sarah marie URL on 11.04.2012

  4. It’s all used up. Everything in me. You’ve used everything I have to offer and I would like to say I’ll go down fighting, but I’m so very tired. I have nothing left and it would be so much easier to let go….

    By Izzy on 11.04.2012

  5. What’s the use when I’m bedridden, my love is three thousand miles away, and I missed one of the most prestigious opportunities of my young life? What do I do now? I’ve lost all of my motivation, my energy, my spirits, and good hopes.

    By Viola on 11.04.2012

  6. Addiction is one of the most prevalent and least treatable problems that we face today. Often, people don’t feel comfortable sharing their experiences with addiction, but everyone is an addict of some sort. Whether it be drugs, fitness, food, education or anything else.

    By Jessica Lusk on 11.04.2012

  7. A sick feeling. Being used. No one likes it, except the user. The used, however? No. Who would want to be used? I can’t think of anyone.

    By Sky on 11.04.2012

  8. You use objects. I can use a hammer to hammer something, I can use a pencil to write. You use your skills. I can speak. I can run. But you do not use people.

    By Amanda on 11.04.2012

  9. i’ve been used. No one ever really wants to be in my life, it’s all jsut for there own personal fun. I don’t have fun with it. I want someone to stay.

    By Jess on 11.04.2012

  10. I use this word all of the time. It is very useful.

    By paulie aragon on 11.04.2012

  11. I’m a plastic bottle. You drink the water out of me over and over again. You fill me up just to drain. You use me and when your done, you throw me away. Like common trash you throw me away. Like I trully am nothing more than a plastic bottle, you throw me away. You may not notice, you may not see me dieing inside everytime you drain me, but I still hurt. I hurt when you use me then throw me away like I meant nothing. Like I meant nothing to you. I’m a plastic bottle, and I’m empty inside.

    By Jessica on 11.04.2012

  12. use me.
    i’ll let you , because i loved you.
    use me.
    i want you to, because i loved you.
    use me.
    i need you to, because its all i have left of you.

    use me.
    i loved you.
    remember that i loved you

    By jane doe on 11.04.2012

  13. Pure math. His fellow high school mathcampers convinced them that was where it was at. Kevin was now a senior at Harvard, with more grad math classes up his sleeve than you could shake a stick at.

    “What’s the use of pure math?” laypeople asked.

    He had an answer for that, memorized and worn into his brain like the delta-epsilon definition of limit, like the spectral theorem, like the Riemann-Roch formula.

    “It is the pinnacle of the sciences, absolute reason.”

    Math is the most transferable skill! Ms. Nelson, 6th grade. Made them build boxes out of cardboard, how to build the one with most volume?

    Graduate Texts in Math piled up in yellow towers in his dorm. He felt he was strapping more and more tools on his belt. He wanted to go on an adventure, yet so much baggage.

    “Stats is where it’s at,” Matt told him. “Do you know how much stuff in AI relies on nonparametric stats? No one’s doing it. Like, all the pure mathies turn up their noses at stats.”

    Kevin sort-of zoomed out senior year. Took less classes. Read books. He didn’t use to read that much.

    “What’s the use of pure math?” laypeople asked.

    “Pure math is like the Glass Bead Game,” he said.

    They walked away confused.

    Transferable? “Do you know what happened to Joseph Knecht?” he asked an imaginary Ms. Nelson. “He drowned.”

    By Holden URL on 11.04.2012

  14. Then, without a word, she left. He tried desperately to look away, to tear his eyes from her wistful silhouette, but to no avail. Perhaps tomorrow would find this scene bearable, even amusing in its own sadistic manner, but today wretched in quiet torment as she walked onward, taking the hand of one who surely loved her less, who would use her as he had been used. She would be a balm on the scars left by her predecessor and he would keep her until her smile failed to charm, or her eyes beguile, leaving him who loved her most to look onward in agony, wishing for the chance to be used by the girl who left him.

    By ashlan on 11.04.2012

  15. Use can be seen with two different perspective. One is for good cause and the other is for just plainly wrong. Motives will be seen once it is done or implemented.

    By Khei Nonan on 11.04.2012

  16. We use words as weapons, and as tools. Which is harder?

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.04.2012

  17. I carefully pulled the thin black gloves away from my hands. Without a second glance, I tossed them over my shoulder and into the waiting garbage bin. They had outlived their use.

    By WearyWater URL on 11.04.2012

  18. Things. We’re meant to use things to help us. Say, tools to fix broken appliances, appliances to wash our clothes and clothes to cover our nakedness. Or add to our street cred.

    But lately, we shift from using things to using people. People to mend our broken heart, people to run errands for us and people to cover our nakedness. Or add to our street cred.

    By Isabel on 11.04.2012

  19. “You were using her! You sick pig! How could you let such an innocent little girl be led on by such a creep?” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

    He sighed. “She is a 15 year old girl, and she asked ME to be the man she lost her virginity. And I’m only 16! Please miss.. Talk to your daughter..”

    By Maya Celeste on 11.04.2012

  20. we use each other. I may not want to help it. You may not be able to help it. Regardless, we use. And if in fact, I’m not supposed to like being used, I’ll have to settle with not being perfect. let’s not change.

    By JD Flook on 11.04.2012

  21. Use me, Abuse me,
    all I ask is for you
    to just choose me.

    By Simon Says.. on 11.04.2012

  22. What is the use they say,
    What does it matter I hear,
    Why do you keep trying,
    Just go home,
    Close your eyes…

    But I stay, I am the constant, I am persistent…
    And I know what I want…

    By Simon Says.. on 11.04.2012

  23. From the height of emotion, the orgasmic apex of my life so far, down into the cold depths of my mind where I was last winter. I want to just disappear completely……….

    By agloe on 11.04.2012

  24. Use… a thing can have many uses, but does that mean it is useful? A paper napkin has one use. A cloth one has infinite uses. Unless, of course, a dog shreds it or something. A pez despenser has about 8 uses unless you buy a refill. Using things is fun. Using people is not fun.

    By Lexi Anna URL on 11.04.2012

  25. use me, till my veins lie parched. use me senseless, lifeless. use me like an old rag mopping split me. use me, lest I feel what I truly am- useless.

    By np on 11.04.2012

  26. This is my first word. I don’t even know what to write about. I feel lost! There seems like nothing to write about. I know there are but I just don’t even know what they are!

    By Simon on 11.04.2012

  27. I’m using an electronic key board and it i feel used my mout feel ssore and used even though and I am use to things also and are we using things right and the multitide of meanings of use is amazing how many ways can u use use its amazing howlangeuage can work that way. not thinking no stoping just writing using nothing or everything or a bit and my lip still hurts an dmy hand has a carmp and I’n using very little

    By Chloe on 11.04.2012

  28. I use an old lead pencil from the back of my father’s drawer.I doodle less than loving notes in the back of a journal. It’s messy and my hand leaves a gray area on the college rule. I do not know whether the sunflowers danced or died on that summer’s breeze.

    By hailey on 11.04.2012

  29. The thing that I love about art is that we can appreciate things that weren’t created with any specific ‘use’, at least in the traditional sense of the word, and we can enjoy things whose sole purpose is to make us think and maybe be happy.

    By alleycat on 11.04.2012

  30. I have so many things I use. I need to carry them with me every day, and it makes my back ache like a bitch. I wish I didn’t have to carry so much.

    By mfuse on 11.04.2012

  31. Somebody

    By Sandra on 11.04.2012

  32. I don’t like to be used. Why would you ever use a person like they were just a plastic bag? Like they’re just going to throw you away, like they never really needed you in the first place. It’s twisted. Never use someone. No one deserves that.

    By Amanda on 11.04.2012

  33. I feel used. Being pressed on everyday. Tapped on hard. It hurts okay.
    — Confession of a Keyboard

    By narestars on 11.04.2012

  34. Use and abuse. Bemuse and amuse. But don’t use. Disuse the disguise to hide the guise that things are alright with how things used to be.

    By Liberty Zissou on 11.04.2012

  35. If I didn’t know what I was doing before, I certainly don’t now.

    I wandered down the street, idly wondering if I should knock at any doors or shuttered windows, but no light came from the cracks under or around them. Indeed, it seemed like I was the only person alive in the world–a world that now consisted of nothing but this long, orange-lit street with it’s countless doors and never-ending buildings.

    There were no alleyways, no parked cars. Just the smooth, dark asphalt of the street that gently sloped up to become a sidewalk on either side. There were no sounds, save the click click click of my heels as I walked, looking for the end to the street. When I looked behind me, there was nothing but more buildings, stretching behind me unendingly.

    My feet began to ache. I yanked the shoes off and threw them, one striking with a clack against a set of closed green shutters, the other clattering off an empty metal garbage bin.

    I walked on. The asphalt was warm against the soles of my feet.

    By The Library Harlot on 11.04.2012

  36. this body.
    this energy.
    put to use, left to waste.
    you put me at use to use me,
    and watch me
    waste, waste, away

    By Laura on 11.04.2012

  37. until use and old age accept it. Until no longer can I hold the pommel of a sword, and instead must settle for the end of a knitting needle. Until no longer can I count myself among the great, but rather through need and failings of the body I count myself among those the great protect.

    By Benjie on 11.04.2012

  38. The word use
    Has more than one use
    It can rhyme with fuse
    or it can rhyme with moose

    By Maddie on 11.04.2012

  39. the use of something its purpose, how shall I use you, how I am I to be used
    everything has a use and its use is its identity

    By Ziva on 11.04.2012

  40. Well, I use a lot of things, but what I really think of is when people get use or use other people. I love him, so lets pretend to love a different guy to make other guy jealous. I use toilet paper everyday. and pencils, and I hate using my calculator.

    By Alissa Dean on 11.04.2012