May 4th, 2012 | 103 Entries

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103 Entries for “upright”

  1. hold your head upright
    not uptight
    look before you, never behind
    set your gaze on the future,
    but not so distant you forget about today
    live, and love, and learn
    remember but never regret

    By Domiknitrix URL on 05.04.2012

  2. The upright piano sat in the corner, dust an inch thick. She walked over and raised the lid, running her fingers over the ivory keys. Even out of tune, she was transported back to the place she loved the most.

    By Sheila Good URL on 05.04.2012

  3. sitting like a dummy head cocked to the side arms roll back on the seat eyes barely open seeing nothing but the colored lights dance across the ceiling. the couch is one of those couches that far too many people have sat on it’s completely comfortable but it makes you uncomfortable knowing what disgusting things have occurred on that couch in its lifetime before this moment. you rid your mind of those thoughts and move onto something more tangible, something you look forward to, a night of talking to him. of whispering secrets and giddy giggles under a mostly full moon and in the warmth of the moment even on a 40 degree evening. his eyes look back at you and in your hand he says “your earrings match your sparkling eyes.” you giggle because he makes your heart jump and you stomach suddenly empties as the emotion and anticipation build. you’ve already given him something you might never get back but you were willing to take that chance even if it was just a shot in the dark. and months from now when you realize he hasn’t turned into what you’d hoped he would you will not say it was all for not, for he returned most of your heart, it just might not be sitting upright inside of you any longer. it hangs at a tilt, swaying with the winds of love. he was exactly what you needed before you finally found yourself.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 05.04.2012

  4. Yikes! What a word! Upright — means standing on two legs….like we humans do. It’s great to be fortunate enough to have use of both of my legs and to be able to move upright. It makes things easier. I can reach things high on a shelf.

    By Dana on 05.04.2012

  5. I am sitting down, not standing upright.

    By just582 URL on 05.04.2012

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    By Carrie on 05.04.2012

  7. I can’t sit upright because my lower back kills me. An attempt to lunge or squat brings unimaginably mind numbing pain through my glutes down to my feet. I started the year with a broken wrist and now this? When am I going to catch a break?

    By Ruben URL on 05.04.2012

  8. Ein aufrechter Bürger ist einer, der sich gegen Ungerechtigkeit genauso wehrt wie gegen körperliche Angriffe. Er hat dabei die Prinzipien unserer Gesellschaft durchdacht und akzeptiert. Er hilft den Schwachen, verteidigt sich maßvoll gegen Rufmord.

    By Reinhard on 05.04.2012

  9. She sat, huddled in the darkened corner, arms wrapped tightly around her violently shaking body. Out of the silence, footsteps echoed down the corridor. They grew louder and louder, stopping just outside her cell. She heard the bolt slide and saw a small sliver of light penetrate her dank prison as the door creaked open. She immediately scuffled upright, steeling her nerves for what was to come.

    By Nikki on 05.04.2012

  10. I’m supposed to sit upright. I just had an ergonomic assessment at my work. I sit on one of my feet generally, and apparently that isn’t good, nor does it help my typing position or slouching. I wish today’s word was uptight. I could write more about that. The song that’s playing now is annoying.

    By deadponies URL on 05.04.2012

  11. He was upright when he saw just how beautiful his wife looked.

    By vanhaydu.com URL on 05.04.2012

  12. I stand upright. Straight, tall, indifferent. People mill around me. They’re eyes are trained on me as they gaze at my tortured body. Scars zig-zag up and down my body in an array of welts and deeply cut wounds.
    I can still hear the whirl of the whip as it slices through the air, breaking the sound barrier, and slaps my body. Scarring me for life. The price that I paid for my freedom.
    I stand upright because everyone is watching. Everyone wants to know if their leader will still lead them out of bondage. I stand upright to make sure they know I’m not quitting.

    By KenzieB19 URL on 05.04.2012

  13. Man learned to walk upright. While the others crawled, and grew hair, we developed the most intense thinking process and rose above.

    Now no others have the chance to do so.

    By Kate on 05.04.2012

  14. An upright and noble citizen who wore a fine tweed suit and purple tie – like a lilac sprouting freshly out of gray clouds and mist – approached a man who screamed that God wished that the Jews and gays and Catholics would all die and burn in the fiery pits of Hell. And that citizen held up a sign for the man to read, with three simple, debonair words: “I forgive you.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.04.2012

  15. My heart stills in my chest as I hear the person call my name from the podium again, “Aspen Belikov.”
    I wasn’t imagining it.
    I grip my twin brother’s hand. “I love you,” I whisper behind clamped teeth. Then, despite his begging, I stand upright and walk to the platform.
    My name is a whisper on the breeze as people mutter about the unfairness.
    “Didn’t her parents both go?” I heard someone whisper.
    “And her sister as well.”
    Tears fill my eyes as I know what is coming.
    I’m going to Catastrophic. Where every day I will live in a catastrophic world.
    But because I’m being watched, I keep my posture upright and walk forward despite the voice screaming inside of me to stop.

    By KenzieB on 05.04.2012

  16. I sat upright in my chair, terrified about what the vicious monster they call my teacher was going to do to me. Im my palms, a shallow pool of sweat was starting to form.

    By Dan on 05.04.2012

  17. Standing upright grew harder as each moment passed, and her knees weakened. The hot air stole her breath, and she wavered, the sword falling again, the blade pressed again there throat an unwelcome reminder of the vicious woman’s presence.

    “Where’s your man now?” hissed Manto. “He may be the new General, but he won’t save you. No-one can save you from me.”

    “I…don’t…need…saving!” Rhetia yelled, exhaling sharply and slamming her elbow into the other’s bony ribs. She ducked down and picked up her sword, thrusting it into her captor’s face. “And you won’t hurt him again.”

    By SilverCascade URL on 05.04.2012

  18. The upright piano sat in the cellar forever. I never played it. We put folded laundry on it. We never cared. Until the day it sold. and then…Oh how I wanted to take lessons and learn to play. The movers took the piano and with them my unfulfilled dreams.

    By Nancy Smith on 05.04.2012

  19. Upright. I believe upright means to stand up straight? are we upright in our political desitions now a days? or upright in our social comodity so much that we choose reflected on that regardless of how it affects others? *(english is not my first language sorry for the bad spelling)

    By A. on 05.04.2012

  20. She stood alone, waiting for her train to arrive. Dry wind pushing pigtail. Gum stale. Remembering his last five words to her.

    By AnaCatherineMonfort on 05.04.2012

  21. Winds powerfully blew through the corridor at Eastside Elementary that summer day, sending forth the sought after scent of sixth grade. One million memories; Holly’s kiss, the fist fight, Barbara’s bracelet, a talent show. Big Chuck, dad’s upright work bench, the death of my best friends mom. Ah…the scent of Eastside…takes me back.


    By vanhaydu.com URL on 05.04.2012

  22. My spine was bent,
    My eyes were blind,
    My legs pull back,
    My arms unwind.
    Until he threw the mud at my face,
    With I expecting to fall to disgrace.

    But I was cured with a miracle that night,
    For all was changed, myself upright.

    By Christoferus URL on 05.04.2012

  23. Standing upright,
    Rigid back,
    Tension following through your tired bones.
    Let me go downright.

    By TheAmoretto on 05.04.2012

  24. Struggling to hold Joss upright, Gwen squatted in the wagon. It jolted over cobblestones and her eyes flicked around the enclosed space. Gods, but it smelled awful in here, she wished she could pinch her nose shut.

    By The Library Harlot on 05.04.2012

  25. Upright? Oh… I thought you said UPTIGHT. Sorry ’bout that. Can’t help but comprehend it too quickly. Self, remember, have the books stand upright on the shelves.

    By SJess on 05.04.2012

  26. Suddenly the wall was gone and all that was left for me was an upright lamp stand. I grasped the cold metal hoping it might provide some protection, but was left with nothing but hollow hopelessness.

    By Krisi URL on 05.04.2012

  27. keep your head high don’t let the bad get to. be prepared for anything, don’t be afraid to be you and last be confident

    By shelby on 05.04.2012

  28. Upright. A compound. Like other words are so short yet have so much meaning…upright. Just like that piano. So nostalgic and saddening, it makes me want to go back to that life changing day…

    By CoolNeptune on 05.04.2012

  29. Uptight? Oh, upright. Yes, sometimes. Morally? Or standing up erect? Am I?

    By Mike on 05.04.2012

  30. I sat upright in the pallid light of the school hallway. It was seven o’clock, and everyone had since gone home. The lights had a green glow.

    By Jordan Price on 05.04.2012

  31. Letters strewn, half-formed thoughts drift into his hand – waiting until his fingers open and his bones crack to the shifting of dust across the floor.

    By Anna Meursault on 05.04.2012

  32. the sky lifting as head turn the world seems to be turned upside right but maybe I am just a little off looking at everything from the ground with nothing left but sky and birds to lighten my view from all these clouds I’ve never seen before

    By Sam on 05.04.2012

  33. Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death.
    Isaiah 57:1-3

    By humdedum on 05.04.2012

  34. I try to be an upright citizen. I pay taxes, pick up after my dog, I even give someone else the parking space that I’m significantly closer to.

    So why do I feel so empty?

    By china URL on 05.04.2012

  35. She held, knuckles turned inwards,
    a sneer, a scowl, a scoff
    her reflexively spurning
    a glance, a smile, a drink
    unti the hope drained away down the swere

    By gsk URL on 05.04.2012

  36. When I think of upright I like of band. I think of band because you have to sit upright the whole time. It helps with airflow.
    I think of accidents too because if your car isnt upright your probably in a bad accident.

    By Tangy Keplar on 05.04.2012

  37. being upright is great. lots of people don’t have the ability to stay voluntarily upright. if we weren’t able to be upright, what else wouldn’t we be able to do? it’s one of those things you take for granted but some people spend their days longing to be upright just one last night. i truly think that this is a sign that we just takes things for granted and we should appreciate life.

    By katy on 05.04.2012

  38. Upright. I thought about the correct upright posture as I went into my interview. I needed this job. If I didn’t get it, I would be 38 without a job. That means death. The year is 3047, and if you don’t have a job before your 39th birthday, death is the punishment. I can’t die. Not yet.

    By Steffie on 05.04.2012

  39. Being upright. What the heck does it mean? I know it means something like….straight?
    I groan as I stare at the test in front of me.
    “Define upright,” it reads. I don’t know. I have to ace this. Without this, there’s no high school. No college. No job. No career. No life. I need this.

    By Steffie on 05.04.2012

  40. Upright

    Haven’t been doing a lot of that recently. Ok… before you get the wrong idea ;)

    I’ve been lying down a lot. A LOT. The first few days I may have had the start of a flu. Hard to know. I wasn’t sleeping well, the temperature outside and in was much hotter than I’m used to, the air conditioning wasn’t on, and that could be what I was feeling. Now flu-ish symptoms have gone, the AC is on high, but I still find myself flopping down every now and then, lying on my back, and closing my eyes as my mind goes from one imaginary conversation to another.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 05.04.2012