May 5th, 2012 | 97 Entries

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97 Entries for “nominated”

  1. I was nominated from the basketball team. I shouted annoyed at the coach. “I’m a perfectly good player, man!” I yelled. Sweat dripping from my forehead I grabbed up my ball and sports bottle, then headed out the door. I was angry at being nominated.

    By Liva Hope Behji on 05.06.2012

  2. John rolled over and curled his arm around Sherlock’s diminutive waist, burying his cheek against the smooth pectorals. “I still can’t believe I was nominated for an Oscar,” he grinned down towards Sherlock’s navel, the buzz of the telly washing over them both as the sun struggled to rise.
    Long, thin fingers combed through his hair, returning in the other direction with a gentle application of fingernail. “Believe it,” Sherlock purred beneath him, wishing the birds would hold off on their infernal chirping for just one day.
    John arched his neck to look up at his partner, one leg curled up over his. “I mean, it’s a bloody Oscar! Where do you go from there? What’s left to do?”
    Sherlock smirked and leaned in to kiss and nibble gently at John’s prolific nose. “Win, of course.” He sincerely hoped John would win against him and of course, against Moriarty. He deserved the award the most. There would be plenty of chances for Sherlock to win in the future, but there wouldn’t be any more for John if he didn’t win this one. It was crucial.
    John hummed happily and toyed with Sherlock’s navel, curling his toes in against the bony shins as he tried to calm himself enough to get another couple hours of sleep.

    By floppybelly URL on 05.06.2012

  3. I held the cup filled with candy over my head of soft curls. I had been nominated for the team a year before, and finally we had scored the goals we needed and we had won our team game. As a child, only eight then, the candy, chocolate, and chewing gum in the big golden trophy was the sweetest, best-ever thing that I’d ever tasted.

    By Lea Hope B. on 05.06.2012

  4. I have never been nominated for anything important.

    By Locsalot URL on 05.06.2012

  5. nominated as “Idiot of the Year”
    nominated as “Most Insensitive Person”
    nominated for “Ignoramous of the Year”
    nominated as “Most Manipulative Mom”
    nominated as “Selfish and Then Some”
    nominated as “Liar Liar Pants on Fire”
    nominated for “The Most Unaware Lifetime Achievement Award”
    nominated for “Meanest Woman Ever”
    nominated for “Most Annoying Friend”
    She looked at all the nominations heading her way….from so many people…all at once
    and then realized that no one really knows her…
    so she took off her shades…
    walked down the red carpet…accepted the awards because everyone’s minds were clearly already made up
    and accepted that no one can ever fully understand another human being…and that made all the difference…

    By Pam URL on 05.06.2012


    By Branka URL on 05.06.2012

  7. Jake didn’t like the emails that told him he was nominated for so-and-so scholarship. He couldn’t help thinking, that he hadn’t done enough, that all he could write in his personal statements was vague dreams about his future, of going into grad school, and then something. He’d much rather just keep reading through the shelf of textbooks, on algebraic topology and algebraic number theory and algebraic geometry, because when he wasn’t reading they kept reminding him of how far he had to go. Can’t you see, he wanted to say to the scholarship people, I don’t have time to spend time squeezing icing into delicate swirls. He only applied out of obligation, to his parents, perhaps, because they were paying for his education, or his school, perhaps, because he had a vague idea that they would be disappointed if he didn’t.

    By Holden URL on 05.06.2012

  8. nomen sind im deutschen eine form von Wörtern. man kann sie auch nominalisieren auf engl. heißt das dann nominated ist aber nicht wichti

    By Tobi on 05.06.2012

  9. She’s been nominated as the prom queen. Yet she can’t seem to live up to everyone’s expectations. Always letting people down in her bright pink dress and fancy tiara.

    By Emily on 05.06.2012

  10. She’s been nominated as the prom queen. Yet she can’t seem to live up to everyone’s expectations. Always letting people down in her bright pink dress and fancy tiara.

    By Emily on 05.06.2012

  11. They nominated you to that program. You were full of promise and that’s what they saw, something you never really cared about. I could not bear to see you when I heard, my disappointment in your failure has never run deeper. The downward spiral that followed, the drink, the cards, the highway speed, and the sweaty darkness of those clubs were what made me shun you. That, and the fact that you have always been kind to me in a way no one else can boast, with an unconditional love. I could not see you, because perhaps this was my doing. So I repaid you by vanishing.

    By cmsiena URL on 05.06.2012

  12. i have been awarded
    ward time with wardens
    drawn from bow strings

    those hard calciumed
    heart strings hardly
    got to be played for us
    in this punishing prison
    of my mental jacket

    By Phil on 05.06.2012

  13. he is no longer nominated for president because he was never nominated in the first place. I was, though I was 12, though I may have rigged the ballot. and memory is such that I can no longer remember whether I was a cheater, or whether I only believed myself to be. in either case I feel myself to be wretched; I forgive myself through years of hard work and some therapy

    By L.V.Newc URL on 05.06.2012

  14. I was so anxious waiting for my name to be called. It was my first nomination so I knew my chances were slim. Especially since SHE was nominated as well. Everyone loves her. I have no idea why but I knew I couldn’t win against, but I still hoped.

    By Zaida on 05.06.2012

  15. She didn’t want to run for office but she was nominated and there was no going back. That’s how it worked here, it was involuntary voluntarism and she had never had a choice…

    By Jessica G on 05.06.2012

  16. nominated.

    So one day, while mindlessly browsing on the internet, I realized that we all have this hirudinean attachment to cyberspace and all the kafkaesque distractions it provides. Is this an outlet, an escape from all the brooding misanthropy that we’re developing as individuals or has our noosphere simply deviated toward that which can allow it to proliferate most efficaciously?

    That’s the same reason why I ended up on


    By Chester Chong on 05.06.2012

  17. I didn’t want the responsibility
    or the acknowledgement
    I didn’t even want to be

    But I was

    I hope I win.

    By sky URL on 05.06.2012