January 28th, 2014 | 89 Entries

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89 Entries for “unplanned”

  1. She hadn’t thought this would happen. The car laid on its top in the snow and slick, warm blood slid down her face. How she’d survived the trip down the hill as the car rolled over and over, she didn’t know. But now she was at the bottom with no way to get back up.

    By transientme URL on 01.28.2014

  2. I work a lot with water colour, and everything I do is inherently unplanned. First I lay down a thick coat of water on the paper and allow it to saturate, then adding the pigment it spreads. It is natural and beautiful.

    By Alex on 01.28.2014

  3. Unplanned pregnancy. Skyler and Walter White probably did not plan Skyler’s second pregnancy with Holly. They already had Walter, Jr. and he was pretty much grown. They also were aging.

    By Anna Felmet URL on 01.28.2014

  4. These things are always unplanned. As much as he tried to plan out his life, it never worked out. So it was lucky that he had a back up plan that day, when his truck broke down and he needed to get to the airport right way. It cost him about thirty dollars, but he still made his plane on time.

    By BotanBlossom on 01.28.2014

  5. I never expected this feeling. It’s so uncontrollable. It’s beautiful, dangerous, and so much needed. I’ve felt lost for a very long time. But the feeling i feel with them. It’s so real. like a can fly again, like, i can see.

    By natalie on 01.28.2014

  6. everything best in life is unplanned. the best nights, laughing with your favourite people. the best things are spontaneous. thats all there is to it. why plan life when you can just go with the flow and see what comes your way. thats how I see it.

    By Allison on 01.28.2014

  7. Sometimes things in life just come as unplanned. Things that you have never even thought would happen. Weather its a good thing or bad thing. I recently just went through an unplanned event in my life. My boyfriend broke up with me. I thought I was going to marry this guy I was so in love with him and everything seemed to be going so well until that one day came. That unplanned moment when he broke my heart into a million tiny little pieces. Life to us just 100% unplanned but God knows has everything planned and everything happens for a reason so we just have to trust in Gods plan.

    By Courtney Talsma on 01.28.2014

  8. I love spontaneity. It keeps life interesting, loving, exciting. I always find myself with spontaneous boyfriends and girlfriends; I cannot stay away from them. I am incredible attracted to someone who can always keep me on my toes, who says “I’ll let you know,” and who jump at the chance to go on random and exciting mini-vacations.

    By Ba on 01.28.2014

  9. this is not supposed to happen.
    I remove the knife carefully.
    the consequences start pooling around my feet.
    I suppose I always wanted this,
    to wear a red dress to the opera.

    By Kairn on 01.28.2014

  10. the announcement was unplanned for the ceremony. He wasn’t supposed to get up and talk, he had opted out of it. He claimed he hated public speaking. But he got up. Walked straight to the microphone and said “I hate all of you.” and that’s when the chaos began

    By Fiona on 01.28.2014

  11. Well, this is ironic. I never plan to do anything. Much less fucking write. I always thought these fucking journals were stupid. The reason I’m cursing so much is that I am testing whether or not you actually read these.

    By Kristina on 01.28.2014

  12. “Your majesty, this alliance was planned years ago-”
    She waved him off. “And, like all the other policies I refuse to uphold, it can be unplanned, Boranis,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 01.28.2014

  13. Is this unplanned?
    I am together with you again
    you come with your grand
    when I come with all this pain
    you who hide cash in hand
    I who mock your capital gain
    maybe I’m the one with the plan
    to ruin your campaign
    we are not in promised land
    but this is not coup de main

    By Eligia V. A. on 01.28.2014

  14. the best kind of day are the ones unplanned. when you wake up in the morning not knowing whats ahead of you– making up your next moves on the spot. not having anything planned yet doing so much is a brilliant feeling. the pleasure of the unexpected is delightful

    By Neha on 01.28.2014

  15. She placed a trembling hand on her swollen stomach. “Of course it was unplanned,” she snapped. Up close, he could see just how deep the shadows under her eyes truly were, and the two day old grease clinging to her unkempt hair.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.28.2014

  16. Unexpected. Things happen without a reason sometimes. One cannot always control what happens next. In fact, in can be liberating in a way. If everything went according to plan, how would anything ever actually be accomplished? It is better this way. To not know. To be free from determinism. Ride on fate. Let it take you away.

    By Brent on 01.28.2014

  17. The ship swerved away from its charted course. The captain had an unplanned detour to take, in order to avoid the storm coming up ahead.

    The captain beckoned to his first mate and pointed on a spot on the map laid out in front of him in his cabin, “There. We’ll be able to get provisions and wait for the storm to blow over.”

    By Rosheen on 01.28.2014

  18. When I try to do something without planning, the conclusion alway horrible
    Last night I did the social study project. It was worst I wasted about 4-5 paper because I was unplanned.

    By Look-tan on 01.28.2014

  19. So many things. Like this line that pops to mind about dreamers who sleep with their hearts in their hands. Something, something about collecting dreams. Evil things.

    But all randomness aside, the surreal can feel like deja vu. And that’s really the odd occurrence, because how can you feel you’ve done something unplanned before you’ve even done it.

    By Intuition on 01.29.2014

  20. It was unplanned for me to hate your guts and feel so shit. Yet, here I am nearly one year on and nothing has changed.

    By Anonymous on 01.29.2014

  21. Alas i sat there dwindling on things that had occurred
    played over in my mind like a repeating soundtrack
    of every wrong and right i’ve done.
    of everything i had hoped and wished for.
    and i had strung it along carefully like a delicate string of pearls
    each pearl an unplanned sequence yet strung together
    on the thread of life.

    By Lovelysunnyday on 01.29.2014

  22. Falling in love with you was totally unplanned however I could no easier stop myself from doing so than I could stop the earth from rotating around the sun.It was completely beyond my control and certainly an out of this world experience.

    By Tracey on 01.29.2014

  23. This is the word that I unplanned it by this web. This is the word that I must do every day because of my teacher told me to do it so I must do it for homework. I didn’t want to do it but my teacher told me to.

    By Bank-Thailand on 01.29.2014

  24. The ramshackle outhouse at the bottom of the garden held dark secrets. It was there, with the rusty remnants of her ancestors piled so high they blocked the light from every window, that she tended to her collection. She had cleared a table in the corner of the room, under the broken light, and laid out each bone with meticulous care. She was busy rearranging the various parts of Clover’s spine when the door screeched open.

    Olive did not take kindly to the unplanned visit of Mr. Clements.

    By pip333 on 01.29.2014

  25. Sometimes the unplanned things are the most fun. I didn’t plan on making friends with that other lonely girl at the convention, and now she is my maid of honor. Sometimes the unplanned things are the most worrisome. I didn’t plan on getting pregnant, but here I am, getting married before I thought I would, just because of that unplanned mistake.

    By Julz URL on 01.29.2014

  26. It was unplanned. We were just walking and chatting about nothing in particular. Then we had lunch at a nearby diner, coffee afterwards at my place. We sat on the couch together, and he leaned towards me. Then I heard a knock on the door: my sister was frantic. She was pregnant. It was unplanned.

    By Candace S. URL on 01.29.2014

  27. I hadn’t planned to move house, it just sort of happened. We were annoyed by the mould and damp but we were just plodding along, moaning as we went. Now we’ve placed an offer on a new, much bigger place. Must just remember when packing, to leave all our troubles behind.

    By Tegan Howard URL on 01.29.2014

  28. She was only fifteen. Her boyfriend was a little bit older. No one understood when they said they were in love. Her parents were so angry about the unplanned pregnancy that she was forced in to having an abortion.

    By Alexandra on 01.29.2014

  29. we had no idea this would happen. we thought we chose a place where disasters were almost unthinkable. no, they were unthinkable. but then, bam, the whole bottom dropped out, literally. it began as a little dent in the lawn and by the night it had swallowed up the patio, furniture and all.

    By Lee on 01.29.2014

  30. the day was ours to play with. We set off on the empty road and simply pointed the car south. Where we got to, we would see when we arrived. Why settle for the boring and the planed? Imaginations have no boundaries- neither do we. We decided we would fill up once – around 900 miles of freedom!

    By jonathan on 01.29.2014

  31. Plus sign.

    Maybe it was a mistake. They had been careful – really careful. Timing. Finances. Telling everyone, and then the decades to follow where you have to answer to a doe-eyed, bright and smiling young face that will call you a three-letter word.

    By asavas on 01.29.2014

  32. It was never supposed to happen at all. He was only staying for one night, and he was certainly not supposed to fall on my doorstep late at night.

    By Hedda on 01.29.2014

  33. We went to the market one morning. It was very unplanned and maybe that why there were so many things that went wrong that morning. It was horrible. The worst morning of my life.

    By Krista on 01.29.2014

  34. unpredictedb ehavior although i could have anticipated it

    By lamrani on 01.29.2014

  35. She was dead nervous as she finished pouring the wine into the glasses and fixing the settings. Now, all she had to do was to wait for him to show up.

    She already had a plan in mind. She’d let them have dinner, drink a little, laugh a little, and after settling down, she’d talk to him about it. In a calm, mature way.

    Yes, that was the way to do it.

    He opened the door, bouquet of flowers in hand. He looked so happy and carefree and rugged in his long-sleeve shirt (top two buttons undone) and dress pants.

    It made her more nervous.

    Which is why when he sat down, she blurted out “I’m pregnant.”

    By Rio on 01.29.2014

  36. It was a snowy day out when all of a sudden my owner came home and got me and we took a drive. It was totally unplanned when we got to town.

    By Tennisen on 01.29.2014

  37. I was an unplanned child. My parents got me out of a box of cereal on a Wednesday. I was a very happy, fat baby.

    By Tennisen on 01.29.2014

  38. Everything is unplanned, even planned things. Like last week: all the stuff cancelled due to snow, despite all the planning. And sometimes things work out so well, you swear it was planned. Except that often the best laid plans lead to disappointment so why bother planning? Although people really believe that they can plan and everything is in their control.

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 01.29.2014

  39. Everything he had been preparing for, everything he had been sacrificing – it was all for naught. His rivals were reckless, even unplanned, and yet they were far more superior than he will ever be. He could only let out a sigh.

    By walkingriddle on 01.29.2014

  40. I hate when unplanned things happen because my day is heavily scheduled and I feel safe when I fulfil my plan.

    It rarely happens that my plan is disturbed as it happened a week ago.

    I just wanted to sip my morning coffee and enjoy breakfast before going to work when the phone rang. I didn’t expect a call so my first inclination was to pretend I wasn’t at home or that I didn’t hear it because I was too deep in thoughts. But it kept ringing until I picked it up.

    By Ema URL on 01.29.2014