January 28th, 2014 | 89 Entries

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89 Entries for “unplanned”

  1. Unfortunate daughters unplanned,
    Willful sons do expand.
    O lustful youth,
    So brash and uncouth,
    That poor, wretched, miserable gland.

    By kyren on 01.29.2014

  2. Without a moments of thought. Without one tangible precise moment of thought. Her eyes captivated me in ways deeper then before, with joy, and hope. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. In time, in space, in dead silence. Her laughter echoed through the universe and ricochetted straight back into my heart, with the depth and beauty of numerous galaxies. There was not one moment planned. Yet, from millions, I met one. From countless seconds of time existing, we were found inhabiting the same one. From the numerous blades of grass, we traversed over the same. Without a second of planning, a lifetime of loving was found. Could it truly be; unplanned.

    By Jose on 01.29.2014

  3. Things always went unplanned. They were never actually written out in an itinerary. And now i was in some god forsaken jungle with nothing but the person i despise the most.

    By Sophie Baker on 01.29.2014

  4. No, this is very bad. Everything is going wrong. This turn of events is so completely unplanned I can feel everything we’ve worked for unraveling beneath my fingertips.

    By Hannah on 01.29.2014

  5. It was totally unplanned, totally spontaneous. But it happened all the same.
    I looked over to him—he was shaking his head and muttering something under his breath. He still had the bloody knife in his hand, and I shuddered to think of what we had done.

    By Rachael P on 01.29.2014

  6. Trying to write a book is difficult if it unplanned.
    Therefore it necessary to brainstorm buy starting with a single word and trying to write as much as you can about it.
    I wonder if this would be good to use in mindfulness. It worth giving it a try to see it it works.

    By Keith on 01.29.2014

  7. Uncertainty is not a reason to hold back from loving someone. So, I kept my hand there. And She kept her gaze on me and was happy to bare it, with all of it’s warmth, and need, and pressure.

    By Michael Minto on 01.29.2014

  8. History can be so unplanned

    By Paul URL on 01.29.2014

  9. onewords//apprehend, doubled, unplanned:

    Upend that rooted
    flaw, not the one that deceives and distracts
    but the one that makes you lack and be a flaw for the sake of
    being a flaw and then take and send then recommend to suction
    violent, violet plants on your flesh, poison sticker in your skin, pull it out,
    breaks within. Dissolving, apprehending your bloodstream, unplanned applause
    for suspicious, vicious, and malicious viral cops, policing your mental nodes to decode
    the blueprints of your DNA, your genetics, if you will, then spill your poisoned-black blood
    Doubled zoom through the microscope’s lens, watching that one frame,
    a single still of the unwinnable war within.

    By Yours Truly, Bête on 01.29.2014