May 19th, 2014 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “unknown”

  1. everything that i’ve wanted, everything i strive toward, and yearn for and long for. everything out of reach. everything about you and us and the future. it’s not good or bad at this point, only a little bit daunting, a little bit scary. i want to have unwavering faith like some do, but there’s always a bit of me that doubts. that thinks it won’t be enough. that it will not take us far enough

    By Yasmine on 05.20.2014

  2. The clouds rolled in. I couldn’t see the sky anymore. It’d be my only chance to use the binoculars, and the clouds rolled in. It’d be unknown forever what had destroyed the Earth. I just wish I could see their faces.

    By David on 05.20.2014

  3. It’s the things I don’t know that cause my mind to ask silly questions. Such as, “Is it socially acceptable to wear these oversized coat out to dinner?” But I realise now that I need to stop worrying about what I don’t know, and start focusing on what I do.

    By Ebony-Rose on 05.20.2014

  4. The unknown is the most amazing to me. The unknown is what pushes us forward. It propels the human race to do great and terrible things. Our lives are centered around that which is unknown to us and it is spectacular. To learn of the unknown is the reason we do everything.

    By Hank on 05.20.2014

  5. I didn’t know anything. At least that’s how it felt. The room was dark. I didn’t know which way was up or down – I’d lost that ability a long time ago. Or just recently. What is going on?

    By Shlee on 05.20.2014

  6. The mystery was unknown and was very mysterious. He said that he was not very familiar. Very UNKNOWN.

    By kaitlyn on 05.20.2014

  7. you’re that person on the street corner, you’re that boy in the supermarket uniform I’d see every day on the way home from school, you’re that woman who smiles as we pass each other on the bridge. you are the known unknown. you are the physical ghosts with unknowable smiles.

    By Finn URL on 05.20.2014

  8. This reminds me of the Tomb of the Unknown soldier which is located in Arlington Cemetary in Arlington, Virginia. this tomb contains the remains of a soldier that was killed in battle but remains u

    By jane on 05.20.2014

  9. The unknown is what people fear. Fear is the enemy. Maybe ignorance is bliss. They fear surprises. It’s intriguing. It’s a debilitating flaw.

    By Mella on 05.20.2014

  10. This reminds me of the time I found a random rock by my creek. It was strangely shaped. And it was large.

    By Cody on 05.20.2014

  11. Why do I keep receiving the same word “unknown”? GIVE ME A DIFFERENT WORD DAMNIT.

    By Mella on 05.20.2014

  12. unknown to me reminds me of someone who isn’t know very well. Or the new kid on the street or a new neighbor. This reminds me also of how I think how someone would feel if they had just moved to a new scho

    By Gigglebox on 05.20.2014

  13. Unknown reminds me of the person that is quiet and does nothing. The kind of person that nobody would notice was gone on the day that he dies.

    By Christian holman on 05.20.2014

  14. the thing you do not know about. what is over the hills of Indiana’s beautiful countryside. what you may see. the stuff that is not recorded.

    By Dylan URL on 05.20.2014

  15. it is unknown what is going on why this word going to keep coming up… i don’t know i hope not…. dun dun

    By Danielle on 05.20.2014

  16. it reminds me of unknown this reminds me of the days that would would walk at random and I don’t even know what im wringting about I really don’t kno

    By Hunter Dauby on 05.20.2014

  17. You are the person that watches me, when I am not looking. The unknown lover the one I might love back. I hope that you will me smile or frown, what ever I am feeling I hope you are feel

    By Vi on 05.20.2014

  18. a boy that was named unknown. he did not know what to do he did not know any body in his town every body was unknown to him

    By andrew on 05.20.2014

  19. this makes me think of the story of the unknown man on the corner of the street and it is a scary story that I have read.

    By Amazing Man on 05.20.2014

  20. This reminds me of the time I had shot a bird. I went down to find it but it wasn’t their. The bird was gone but I saw it fell

    By camo on 05.20.2014

  21. tyler ask me questions all the time but the answers to them are unknown. when he asks I just smile and tell him I simply don’t know. there are lots of un

    By Taylor on 05.20.2014

  22. When someone says unknown, I think of what is beond what we humans know. what is past the milky way? Will the world we know today ever change so durastically that we may become extinct? Man kind may never know these answers, but we will always consider them as the unknown.

    By Chyanne on 05.20.2014