May 20th, 2014 | 95 Entries

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95 Entries for “framework”

  1. Framework? Who in the world named a word, framework? It sounds like a person who works on a frame… I think that’s what it is. I don’t know.

    By Cathy on 05.21.2014

  2. Framework is like an outer container of an object. A bed for example, has a wooden frame and that is the framework for that object.

    By Zachary on 05.21.2014

  3. The framework was yellow and ugly like a mother jesus. The framework was done with a frame and with a working person. You could tell who did the work on the frame because it looked really bad. It was so ugly, that the monkeys couldn’t even look at it.

    By Kayla H. on 05.21.2014

  4. the framework of the house was very complicated.

    By kevin on 05.21.2014

  5. Speed, technology future better complicated pc mac game and electroics think with screen the have good or bad quality

    By Madtitian on 05.21.2014

  6. The framework of the school building was finally finished after working on it for 13 years.

    By Kaitlyn on 05.21.2014

  7. come on, think out of the box.

    By berenique on 05.21.2014

  8. it was a framework
    everyone trapped inside
    no possible way out; believe me I’ve tried for 400 years
    it’s all white
    a surreal fog
    with all of your enemies
    and they have no mercy

    By Brittany on 05.21.2014

  9. An organized route to follow. The skeletal bones of an idea or project. The structure which holds us together, our ideas together, our institutions together. The guiding principals and structure behind our thoughts. Context. Sturdy, strong, Guide posts.

    By Jenny on 05.21.2014

  10. Beginning around the foundation he laid each piece with precarious conviction, as if building a tower to heaven. By constructing this framework, the stars seemed within reach and he could actually be taller. He could feel his spirit grow with each layer.

    By Kind of Krazy on 05.21.2014

  11. Walking into the empty, sunlight room everything seemed to be damaged. The walls had holes punched into them, the framework around the door looked as if someone was trying to bust in. Fortunately, they hadn’t successed. The dust coated the floors which later ended up on my shoes but there were other things to worry about besides the condition of my shoes.

    By Nadia on 05.21.2014

  12. The structure of a home. The support of family. The basis for great ideas. The blueprint that outlines our minds.

    By Sydney on 05.21.2014

  13. A woven framework is always stronger. It’s not some arbitrary structure that is just to be.
    This is a structure of patterenized recognition. It performs through memory brought forth.
    A framework has meaning, and there is something deeper.

    By Engel on 05.21.2014

  14. There was no doubt about it. The painting had been stolen.
    An empty frame sat hanging desolate on the white-washed wall of the museum, the curator staring dumbfounded at it. It seemed to mock him, swinging like a flower on a breeze, except it had a certain air of contempt about it still, even when the painting had been stolen and
    was that the painting on the ground? The curator stooped. It seemed to be the same; it had just been removed from its frame and
    now that he thought about it, there was something odd about the paint. Experimentally, he touched it.
    His fingers came away scarlet and stinking of copper.

    By owl eyed on 05.21.2014

  15. Building and perfecting the outside before the inside. This could also mean creating the strong core in which something will be. In my case, I need to make myself more secure and stronger, before I can allow more to come into my life. Without knowing my own strengths, boundaries and limitations, I can’t possibly know what I want to allow into my life.

    By Megan on 05.21.2014