May 19th, 2014 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “unknown”

  1. Not familiar, not known or in common with. Something you don’t know and that is not discovered or found out about yet. Being unknown is being alone or no one knows who you are and what it is.

    By Marsia on 05.20.2014

  2. If something is unknown then it is not known.

    By Shay on 05.20.2014

  3. Today ,i want to write something about the thing which is unknown but will happen in the futhure.A year a ago on 20th/May/2014,I was witing on the exam paper ,while I was weandering about some romatic thing between I and the boy I liked.Everthing was so good that ,and he asked me to be his girlfriend surprisly,and I refused him,however I did like him in those days.Because of that thing ,he transferred his mind to hate me ,and said some gossip among our classmates.I never thought such horrible thing would happened on me.I felt very disgusting about the person.And I really want to ask myself which character of him I liked before.

    By Christina on 05.20.2014

  4. They were unknown but not unknowing; they swept through the night like ravens, leaving chaos and mischief to sparkle in the streets like rubies.

    By Julia on 05.20.2014

  5. the unknow is simply what we are scared of. not only is it just what we don’t know but it’s also what we don’t want to know. we are creatures of habit and we don’t want anything interrupting that. we like the ordinary, even if we say we don’t.

    By Aly on 05.20.2014

  6. Unknown is an interesting word in my opinion. It means that you don’t know something. I don’t know why it is so interesting to me.

    By Abby on 05.20.2014

  7. Unknown is about something you do not know or a person you do not know. The person may be unknown to a new state or group of people. Which you might be shy around because you do not know the person and why she is here. If you get to know them they will not be unknown.

    By Kyandra on 05.20.2014

  8. Unknown is when you dont know about something, or someone. If you see someone on the street and dont know who they are, they are unknown. Something unknown can be something you have just never seen before either.

    By Grace on 05.20.2014

  9. Not able to be known either at the current moment or at any time in the future or the past.

    By Sierra on 05.20.2014

  10. Unknown is something you dont know for sure. I think many people that are confused use that word a lot. If they dont know what your talking about they will be unknown.

    By edgar on 05.20.2014

  11. Do not know anything about.

    By Joseph on 05.20.2014

  12. I think that a lot of things are unknown. Like some monsters and alieans. Like area 51 thats really unknown.

    By Nate on 05.20.2014

  13. when see the word unknown i think about not knowing about what happened to someone or something mysterious that happened in the past

    By Taylor A on 05.20.2014

  14. NOT known no one knows it you dont understand it unheard of

    By Kira on 05.20.2014

  15. There are a lot of unknown things in the world. I don’t know a lot of things I wish I knew. I have a lot of questions, that will never be answered. I don’t know how to use this website and it is confusing.

    By Alexa on 05.20.2014

  16. Her name was unknown to me but she was beutiful and I wanted to talk to her. So I went up and said how’s it going babe.

    By Nash on 05.20.2014

  17. I don’t know. Something that I don’t know. Something that nobody knows. Beyond comprehension.

    By Paul on 05.20.2014

  18. Unknown is something you do not know you have no idea about it. Like Aliens are unknown, monsters, and everything else people have no idea out about.

    By Sierra P on 05.20.2014

  19. I don’t know Unknown is well not known if you know what im saying. Many people are like well that’s unknown and what not. Its just unknown if you know what I mean. Its just unknown if you know what im saying. So ya Its just unknown. If Its Unknown its well unknown.

    By Zach Annala on 05.20.2014

  20. With unknown names or other things we won’t be able to find out what it is. But with thing that we know what it is then we will be able to find things out.

    By Guadalupe Gomez URL on 05.20.2014

  21. sometimes i wish my heart had a peephole. so i would know who’s outside before i let them in. so i would know that it’s not a robber. or my mother. or a solicitor. or a giant ant. or my seatmate in high school whose favorite book i lost. or a filmmaker whose works i have never seen. or a serial killer who will effortlessly rip my heart apart and have it for dinner. or an asshole.

    By Dee URL on 05.20.2014

  22. a love that has been hidden inside,
    a fire that wants to brun bright,
    happiness in the dark world around me.
    we will be forever apart, because our love, our fire, and happiness is unknown.

    By Cassandra on 05.20.2014

  23. Pour ma Soeur

    A sweet morning that I have owed my sister for too long.
    The definition of delayed gratification.

    Even during the day, it smells like cigarettes and urine.
    The bookstore smells used. The sun’s just a little dilapidated today.
    Maybe it’s the coffee. I haven’t had any today.

    I’ve been a little off, a little angrier than usual.
    I haven’t been finishing my thoughts, just dreamdrips caught in my voice.

    That changes now. When I write, I write so violently,
    every single eye in the center of Portland watches me
    in the middle of the day.

    When I write, my hand’s yell at the audience
    “Fuck off”
    “This writer is more important than you”

    When I walk, I leave foot molds in the bricks below…

    this is been a real life oneword for my sister,
    your brother eternally,
    Doctor Zeus.

    By La Bête becomes Man on 05.20.2014

  24. Thinking ahead. Of course, it’s expected of you to look to the murky cloud of unknowns and bring into being the tangible shape of your future.

    By asavas on 05.20.2014

  25. The unknown world was over millions of light years away from our own world. It was almost exactly the same. There was water and living things.

    By Matthew Wiebe on 05.20.2014

  26. Unknown is what you do not know. The suspect is unknown. I am unknown in Alaska.

    By Brady Wagner on 05.20.2014

  27. unknown has only one meaning. its meaning is not known

    By Phillip Perkins on 05.20.2014

  28. Unknown is the bottom of the ocean. Unknown is distant planets. Unknown is a crime with no criminal.

    By Guyler on 05.20.2014

  29. unknown one thing i think of is baseball because baseball plays are unknown nothing is ever known what is gonna happens its a game of chance and hard work.

    By Marshall on 05.20.2014

  30. Unknown is to not know about something. It is like when people say you are about to go to the unknown. People know its there but don’t know about it.

    By Lance Nicholds on 05.20.2014

  31. never try to get to know women, women know women and they hate eachother. why women are so confusing is unknown, why are they mad one minute and so happy the next. They can blow up at you for no reason.

    By Austin on 05.20.2014

  32. The murder was unknown.
    I will got to a old house and the owner is unknown.
    My dogs collar is in an unknown spot.

    By Klay on 05.20.2014

  33. Idon’t know the undiscovered unfound what how why questions thing unknown

    By Madtitian on 05.20.2014

  34. When I see the word unknown, I think of murders and why people are just dumb enough to make sure nobody knows who they are. Why would you kill someone for the pleasure? Why would you do anything bad like that? These are some questions “UNKNOWN.”

    By Cathy on 05.20.2014

  35. Unknown is a word that describes mysteries and something you can ask questions too. Like, the abyss was never searched so they floated into the unknown area. Unknown is a place which is not discovered or something that will be used for adventure. Going into the unknown can be fun but it can have its consequences.

    By Zachary on 05.20.2014

  36. I don’t know and I don’t care so yeaaaa. well umm everything in the world is unknown and I do know things like aliens and monsters are unknown. Also like I do not know anything and unknown this and unknown that so yea peace outttt!!!

    By Jaiden on 05.20.2014

  37. The unknown soldier was killed in war and will be buried by the other unknown soldiers. Many unknown soldiers are buried at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

    By Kaitlyn on 05.20.2014

  38. I don’t know what I am going to write about now. It is unknown why I am having problems with this site.

    By Tanner on 05.20.2014

  39. the unknown person died

    By kevin on 05.20.2014

  40. mystery, different, unexpected, unique, weird, unbiased, new, amazing,

    By m on 05.20.2014