August 21st, 2010 | 279 Entries

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279 Entries for “understood”

  1. I like that word, it means that you or someone else knows what’s happening and why it’s happening. I usually prefer a topic if I understand it, understand why I’m doing it…it’s made up of two words – under and stood.

    By Emily URL on 08.22.2010

  2. it’s a beautiful way of saying I love you, the kindest, the smartest, and the fastest.
    I wish I could find this way, so I can say it to you as gently as a breeze!

    By faty on 08.22.2010

  3. I thought I understood the world but now I am not so sure. There are too many complicated problems that make it really difficult so I am humble enough to realize my limitations. And I continue to comtemplate the mysteries.

    By Jeanne brooks on 08.22.2010

  4. i dont think i’ll ever be able to look back on life and be able to say “i understood that” but that doesnt matter as long as i am able to look back and say “i loved that!”

    By Laura on 08.22.2010

  5. After having spent his whole life trying to fight injustice and operssion, the decision maker sighed in frustration. He finally understood: life is no way to treat an animal.

    By Vitku on 08.22.2010

  6. you already know this its in your brain from before

    By zoe URL on 08.22.2010

  7. The process of accepting new information based on prior knowledge

    By jimships on 08.22.2010

  8. i didnt understand. when i read this, i didnt understand what i had to do. then it dawned on me. i didnt have to think, didnt have to understand! i just had to express.. i loved it. i felt freedom. the freedom to think. the freedom to write. without being judged. without being misunderstood.

    By praks on 08.22.2010

  9. i understood him but i couldn’t turn him into a pickle, the weathered witch would wonder who was hunting the dolphin, the dolphin i wrote about when i was 14 but lost

    By toot on 08.22.2010

  10. Her face was dark, still, and silent. The shadows that cast across her face suddenly made me understand everything that had happened.

    By caroline on 08.22.2010

  11. I understood the implications of clicking ‘go’ quite well, but still, when faced with that bold declaration of a challenge I found myself lacking. Understood. Understood? Had I really understood what I was getting myself into? And now where was I?

    By Chris Givan on 08.22.2010

  12. it has become clear at last!!! Now I knw what it means. It’s very nice, that I have understood it.

    By margarita on 08.22.2010

  13. Understood. I don’t even know if I feel understood sometimes.. I feel like if I just keep going and going with my opinions and the way I do things, people will just get more alienated. I don’t know. Being understood is such a good thing. I hope you feel understood.

    By Cynthia on 08.22.2010

  14. To under stand. What is being understood anyway? How can we really be understood? IS the level at which we understand is determined by personal experience or sympathy?

    By . URL on 08.22.2010

  15. Yes, I understood that she wanted to fit in. Yes, i also understood that she didn’t have to go that far to fit in. Her life was now ruined because she wanted to be cool for a day.

    By Sarah URL on 08.22.2010

  16. Bill never felt understood at all growing up even into his adulthood he always felt this ever present gloom in his life especially when he was in a relationship.

    By Jim URL on 08.22.2010

  17. Neither of them really understood
    the unspoken connection between them
    Years in the making, The past
    The always present, pleasant tension
    Confused as the teenage years will do
    Early twenties and it’s still there
    Indescribable and going no where
    Hoping difficult trust will lead
    to a place where it finally makes sense

    By Amiee URL on 08.22.2010

  18. I don’t understand how you can love me, and want to be with me all the time, but now want to fall in love with me all the time.

    All the time.

    Just take the jump, please. Just take the jump with me.

    By Caitlyn URL on 08.22.2010

  19. As I looked into his eyes I understood that he was the one I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. “Yes, I will marry you!” I said and he slipped the ring onto my finger…

    By Hannah on 08.22.2010

  20. What is understood is something beyond you and me, and i can’t see too far in the future but i hope its bright enough to see.

    By claireg URL on 08.22.2010

  21. The world came crashing down around the city; boulders smashing into buildings of great importance, fires burning down houses of families who had left long before. Azalea looked into the distance, into the ghost of her old home and understood what had come upon them. Their choices had led to their demise, and they had been warned, but they had not understood.

    By Rachel URL on 08.22.2010

  22. sometimes, im misunderstood. whether its because im young, a girl, asian…i dont know. but sometimes, i wish people could see the real me.

    By .:~*tAyLoR*~:. URL on 08.22.2010

  23. sometimes its hard to understand people and for people to understand u. everyone has different opinions and ways of explaining things so it can hard to hear or understand people even foreign people are hard to understand sometimes as they speak a different language.

    By Cara on 08.22.2010

  24. This assumes that i do. Im not sure where this text will go and this feels a little like a race with no real thought put into it.

    By mike URL on 08.22.2010

  25. Being mis understood is horrible. I hate it. But those people who understand me I truly value…I truly love. People can be asses sometimes. but, even when they are, I know there are people out there who understand me.

    By James Webster on 08.22.2010

  26. Don’t be truly horrible, she thought. He understood perfectly, but he still wanted those baby back ribs. God, I’m such a cunt. Why couldn’t he just let me have those ribs? They sparkled with delicious and I would have done anything for them.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 08.22.2010

  27. Maybe the feeling was understood. Maybe it whirled through the air until, finally, settling in her lungs. She could waste no more time.

    By Chapster on 08.22.2010

  28. I wish people understood me, but I’m so often just looked at blankly…i don’t know if this is my fault of people simply don’t get me? well all I can do is be me

    By Ranzoon on 08.22.2010

  29. It meant more to him to understand than to be understood. His family had said the prayer every night at dinner

    By char frires on 08.22.2010

  30. i feel understood, but miss understood at times, i guess it all depends on how i’m feeling, what i’m thinking and how i’m acting, being understood and understanding people is an important skill to have in life and to have this skill will make you very successful.

    By J.A. Ong URL on 08.22.2010

  31. Nobody understood me. Nobody felt the way i felt. I was alone and felt like dying. Like diving into the dark dull depths of the black sea. I felt alone and nobody would or ever could understand that… Understanding was first knowing then listening then understanding the situation… but nobody could… shame… i was damned…

    By Ellie URL on 08.22.2010

  32. never is this happening all around the world that flees through the underground of sickness filled with bellies of undercooked raw meat that drain their juices through the human spirit that is flightless and amongst devils that surround me. I I I I

    By adam on 08.22.2010

  33. Am I understood? How can I understand whether or not others understand me? How am I to understand them? I don’t know.

    By Ryan on 08.22.2010

  34. ‘that ain’t what was understood, motherfucer!’ barclay yelled at phillips. he strained against the cops’ hold. the veins in his neck bulged like a bull god. phillips feigned surprise, looked at the cops and shrugged. the cops manhandled barclay out the 7-11 to the cruiser. phillips sauntered down the street away from the scene, tried to make himself feel better, ‘ain’t my fault he misread the no go signal…’

    By Miss Alister URL on 08.22.2010

  35. sometimes my family don’t understand me, i feel like no one does this days, i hope that ill be able to find a way to bond with them and be able to love them like they do.

    By rana on 08.22.2010

  36. Does anyone really understand each other? We may sympathize and empathize with each other, but do we really understand? It’s like looking from the outside. I observe and hypothesize, but I can never truly feel what’s going on.

    By Abigail on 08.22.2010

  37. The terms of our relationship have not been outlined. We both assumed they were “understood.” Too bad we both “understood” this relationship differently.

    By Beth P on 08.22.2010

  38. Misunderstood, I suppose that’s what we all are. Everyone strives to be understood. How about we take some time to understand.

    By Isaac on 08.22.2010

  39. you never did.

    By Luna URL on 08.22.2010