August 22nd, 2010 | 290 Entries

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290 Entries for “overhead”

  1. As the blazed overhead I drove away-
    or was I driving to?
    I didn’t know anymore and that was the problem

    I don’t know what I’m doing.

    By Amiee on 08.23.2010

  2. I looked overhead and saw everything above me. It was a clear day and the sky was shining as it never before had. I could tell it was going to be a great day. My friends around me smiled and walked alongside me. We were on our way to a concert, with our favorite band.L

    By Logan on 08.23.2010

  3. The overhead light was shining like a halo waiting for an angel to mark. I would never think that about you I thought to myself as I thought of her legs clenching my spine. You are no angel. Stay away from the overhead.

    By Jonathan Wier on 08.23.2010

  4. overhead I saw an overweight bird uncomfortably perched on the telephone wire that sagged beneath its weights . To it’s right were squawking, skinny ravished looking

    By Gary Hirson URL on 08.23.2010

  5. i see you overhead and i image what could’ve been . YOu left me here alone and now i ache to feel something alive inside. The stillness is overbearing as it consumes my sould and i can see no light. But my eyes stay focused overhead because that is where i can see you.

    By Candice on 08.23.2010

  6. i think of the things on the plane, i think of storm clouds that are about to rain down on me. i think of the looming clouds in my own life and how i will ever escape them without my umbrella.

    By K on 08.23.2010

  7. Oh, she said, would you be so kind and hand me that overhead? I nodded, not knowning what she meant by overhead, or what she wanted from me. I still ask myself to this day what she really meant.

    By Alejandro on 08.23.2010

  8. above over there. the candle burns out and about. the sky is red and the sea; green. This lack of love, this love or lust. Its all bull shit with towels flowing out there. Where? out there in the black sea. The black sea?

    By Tyler on 08.23.2010

  9. In the rain, mumbling over the footsteps of the darkest lights flowing our from the lake, those glistening rocks were telling tales. It’s incredible, no one else found it inaccurate, but he overheard the whole thing.

    By Hatie Parmeter URL on 08.23.2010

  10. The cost of doing business is sometimes greater than a company wants to pay. Overhead has been avoided by slavery for eons. Also, get someone to do your dirty work then rub them out. Slavery, with none of the reparations.

    By Bob on 08.23.2010