August 20th, 2010 | 248 Entries

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248 Entries for “under”

  1. as she was bobbing about the ocean, not choosing which current she would like to take she suddenly got pulled under the green grey wave. not a sound left her mouth, she still hadn’t made a decision. think twice.

    By Megan Bryant on 08.21.2010

  2. underneath, underdeveloped, undernourished, underspent, understood, under-relevant, underplashed. underexplained, underfelt, under

    By Sami on 08.21.2010

  3. Under my lungs, rests you. Tightly sealed and well kept. A vision of all I am afraid of and all the globby wells of color you have spilled. Under my lungs it is murky and filled with the scent of something unidentified. Under my lungs, I feel. Under my lungs, is where you curve into something tangible.

    By jenna on 08.21.2010

  4. Under the sea in a dark cavern
    Lies the heart
    of a sad monster

    In a cave moist with tears
    Is the heart
    of misunderstood beast

    By kaitlyn on 08.21.2010

  5. Under is below. Is the downside to which no one want to come voluntarily, but the place everyone goes eventually. You can’t help it. Is not hell nor heaven, but the place in which we end at last. When the decay arrives.

    By Pernille on 08.21.2010

  6. I was under a chicken when a rooster cam up and he was under the whether. Under the chicken i hide from him, knowing he could look under the chicken and see me.

    By natcat URL on 08.21.2010

  7. Under the sea, under the counter, under the tree. All of these phrases define space in relationship to other things. You cannot be somewhere on you own — you only have meaning when you’re related to somewhere or someone else. Maybe that’s why we define ourselves by our social relationships.

    By Martha URL on 08.21.2010

  8. Under the table the little girl played with her doll for hours at a time, happily in her own little world.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 08.21.2010