August 19th, 2010 | 287 Entries

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287 Entries for “stood”

  1. i stood at the open window. i stood thinking about the day that had just passed me by. i can’t believe it is over, when it seems like it has only just begun. the breeze brushes against my cheek. i wipe my tears and turn away.

    By katie on 08.20.2010

  2. I stood there, wondering what would happen, what he was thinking. The thoughts flowed through my mind and I knew he would kiss me. Not just a single kiss, but one that would cause me to fly through the air. I waited, feeling my heart thumping. And then…he turned and walked away.

    By Pamela on 08.20.2010

  3. I stood there – lying on the floor – sitten against the wind. I frightend.
    60 Seconds – too short for a story – too long for one topic.

    By It`s me on 08.20.2010

  4. They barely understood her reason for acting the way she did every time they were around. She didn’t understand at all why they acted the way they did–like a bunch of leeches–when she was always so perfectly civil toward them. It pissed her the fucking hell off.

    By miatetangco URL on 08.20.2010

  5. He hiked his tool belt higher on his hip, clapped his hands in a cheerful manner, and started on his way to the work shed. He’d been working on the jungle gym for his son for the past two months, and now it was nearly complete. He couldn’t wait for its unveiling.

    By miatetangco URL on 08.20.2010

  6. wood, good, hood. In the rain under the awning for hours, waiting for the colorful purple and white umbrella to come towards me, when lifted it revealed his smile.

    By Amy Wood on 08.20.2010

  7. I stood at the edge of the world and you held the rope that kept me from falling but then you let go and I plummeted down, down. The wind rushing past me as I thought about how you had betrayed me. I should have hated you as I was doomed to fall for eternity but I didn’t. I still loved you. And then, suddenly, I was no longer falling. I was rising, and I looked up and there you were, pulling me back up. When I reached you you told me you got distracted and accidently released but that you were so sorry but I looked at you, kissed your beautiful mouth and plunged back over the edge. And you leaped after me and we kept each other company, falling forever. But being together.

    By Moira URL on 08.20.2010