September 15th, 2016 | 107 Entries

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107 Entries for “unanswered”

  1. My question has remained unanswered. My question will always remain unanswered.

    By Julianne Engel on 09.16.2016

  2. It nagged at her, day and night. Like a cold sore that wouldn’t heal, tingling. Short stabs of pain. The day he walked the other way in that crowd. The rain drops making dark stains on his jacket. His hair beneath his baseball cap. I don’t love you anymore, he said. So many unanswered questions.

    By Emecee9 on 09.16.2016

  3. The question was left unanswered. I didn’t know why. Why didn’t she respond to me? Did she have something to hide? What was my question about anyway? what happened that day? What happened to her? I will keep searching for the answer. Until the then, the question will forever remained unanswered.

    By Rose on 09.16.2016

  4. Day in day out I ask myself why do I keep struggling with the things I want to do and the lack of willpower to start doing them. It’s frustrating and I wonder if

    By mjoao resende on 09.16.2016

  5. a phone call, that’s unanswered. did he forget me? will he ever think of me again? unanswered – crazy, how many thoughts this short word can create.

    By Michelle on 09.16.2016

  6. I went to see him, with the test I had just done in my handbag. I could still see it if I looked, covered under a banana and a pile of used tissues. I took a deep breath, and then stretched my hand to ring the bell. “Here goes nothing,” I thought.

    By May on 09.16.2016

  7. There were still too many unanswered questions left hanging. Where had she been all night? With whom? What had she done? What secret was she trying to keep hidden? But most importantly, why was she refusing to talk about it all? He was just now starting to realize that maybe he didn’t know her as well as he thought. The whole episode had given him a glimpse into this other life that she was living. And this other life did not involve him. In fact, it was clearly off limits to him. This was all very unsettling and the more he thought about it, the more unanswered questions came to his mind.

    By Jo on 09.16.2016

  8. it was always the unanswered questions that they say people think about. the things they never know and never can know. it wasn’t like that for me. I knew the answer, and, I really wish I didn’t. because, what else are you supposed to do when SHE is at your door? with the answer to all your questions.

    By Daisy Leason on 09.16.2016

  9. There are so many unanswered questions in life. Why is Donald Trump running for president, Why did Marc Jacobs forget cultural appropriation in his show, why I am not at Fashion week?

    By Jude on 09.16.2016

  10. Unanswered: To go without being answered or to not be answered at all. “I was in my classroom, raised my hand, and went unanswered.”

    By Samantha on 09.16.2016

  11. something that ir not possible to be answered, qhen we fall in love and the person we love don’t love us and there is nothing we can do about this.

    By Tye on 09.16.2016

  12. Sometimes I feel my prayers have been unanswered. But I know they won’t stay hat way. It’s just a test of faith. A time to stay strong. Focus on the good I already have. Cries don’t go unanswered. God hears us even in our darkest moments.

    By Alexus Monique Mosley on 09.16.2016

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    By Sam on 09.16.2016

  14. I raised my hand in class. Why am I going unanswered? The teacher, Mrs. Pople, was writing a word on the board that I could not see. She moved out of the way. It said “Unanswered”.

    By Samantha on 09.16.2016

  15. Unanswered. Unopened. Again. I take a look at the envelop that just landed on my doormat.

    By Mik on 09.16.2016

  16. My phone call went unanswered. He said he didn’t want to talk to me but he didn’t have to ghost me out like this!? Yeah ok, I shouldn’t have lied but everyone makes mistakes. I only did it aswell to save his feelings but look where that’s got me. I hate having my calls unanswered

    By Laura on 09.16.2016

  17. Unanswered means not knowing, not finishing. You never figured out the answer. It means empty spaces and long nights. Unanswered questions. Ones that meant something, ones that didn’t.

    By Rhyan on 09.16.2016

  18. I asked the teacher a question and he left me unanswered.

    By haylee on 09.16.2016

  19. The phone rang. I still had the cord around my feet. I wanted to scream but was gagged. The doors were open. It was sunny and hot outside. Any summers day. I heard a bang. Then nothing. The phone went unanswered.

    By Diana URL on 09.16.2016

  20. I’ll never know what he thought about me. Did he ever actually feel or was I just the next best thing? Did he ever lie? Was it all a lie? Will I ever ask? Well he ever tell me the truth? I guess we’ll never know for sure..

    By Teresa on 09.16.2016

  21. Unanswered messages because it is easier to write to a person rather than speak unanswered voicemails because it is difficult for the technology to work unanswered

    By Euginia Liapich on 09.16.2016

  22. Unanswered calls, texts. Unanswered letters. You get to thinking someone has dropped off the face of the Earth. But you know better. They are out there somewhere, buying coffee, fucking around, going to work. Out there living out the same time you have been given, but they are doing it while withholding from you, they are concealed. They breathe this air, they feel the sun – but they elude you.
    It is easier being ignored than being in demand, yet you want answers.

    By Danielle on 09.16.2016

  23. A question left dangling gives you power over me and I want to bite back my words, my teeth red with blood. I don’t even want to meet your eyes. No quester needs somebody like you in their life, a person who makes a mockery of curiosity, like anything I would like to know is the exact wrong thing to ask about. The wrong thing to even think about.

    By Danielle on 09.16.2016

  24. My last correspondence to you remains unanswered. Please respond accordingly.

    By Art on 09.16.2016

  25. 1unanswered = Union Nor At Now So With Enumeration Resetting Enumerated Doing

    By garz on 09.16.2016

  26. I asked my mom can we go to the park we havnt been out in a week but she didnt answer. It was like she couldent hear me. I kept saying, mom! mom! but she didnt say anything untill i waved my arms in front of her face.

    By Abigail Smith on 09.16.2016

  27. Many questions in life go unanswered. Because of this, we as people, or animals, need to learn how to live with uncertainty. Uncertainty is one of those things that begins life, accompanies you through life, and is there at the end of life. At the end of life, uncertainty is even so great that we spend most of our lives trying to avoid the inevitable moment of our last breath in our lives as we know them.

    By CI on 09.16.2016