September 14th, 2016 | 68 Entries

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68 Entries for “cabinet”

  1. there was a cabinet in my room which was filled with so much ancient things such as statues and clothes and money. this cabinet was not to be opened by anyone because no one knew about the secret inside the cabinet. the cabinet was brown and white and had decorative patterns on the front. this cabinet has been in our generation for 200 years counting! this cabinet is really special to all of us.

    By amaraa on 09.15.2016

  2. i put stuff in my cabinet so i don’t scatter it around my home. I like my house all clen and tidy. I dont want toys n my cabinet only food. For storage only. I like food. That why i have a big cabinet,

    By Abigail Smith on 09.15.2016

  3. where nothing is inside because it is inside of nothing and the glass panels are easy to move but they have sharp edges so you need gloves but the only gloves are those old ones covered with the spider eggs and the spider eggs have been there for awhile theyre reading to hatch any second and sex with a spider just must be overwhelming.

    By Colton Adrian on 09.15.2016

  4. The cabinets were a mess. Dust and cobwebs filled them. As she started cleaning, she felt it was a metaphor for her life. Removing the cobwebs from her own inner self in order to let her true beauty shine through. As she was finishing, the antique cabinets began to shine, as if beaming with pride with their reestablished look.

    By Lauren on 09.15.2016

  5. My cabinet was filled with memories of the extravaganza my life has always been. I looked in the mirror and smiled at my reflection, knowing my essence won’t waver whilst I live.

    By Carla URL on 09.15.2016

  6. I opened the cabinet. Not much in there. A couple cans of beans, tomato sauce, a half empty box of minute rice. A month ago my cabinet was full. So much has changed since then.

    By Krissy on 09.15.2016

  7. It’s a curious thing, this space of darkness. Leftover crumbs littering the corners. Never warm and never cold, this tiny hidden space. Tucked away in the forgotten parts of the house—though YOU might call it a home. It is but a house to me.

    By H URL on 09.15.2016

  8. The sterdy wood stands heavy
    Perfectly molded
    I glide my hand across the smooth grain
    The cold lock freezing my movement
    I smile and take the key from my necklace
    I slide it in and turn it
    Pulling open the handless door
    Releasing my cabin of wonders

    By Ami on 09.15.2016

  9. kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or hall – the cabinet is the place you store your most treasured possessions…those items collected over the years that don’t quite qualify for the mantelpiece, but that you’d NEVER want throwing away.

    By Tara on 09.15.2016

  10. Cabinets can be part of a pantry. Or there could be one in your bathroom to hold towels.

    By Deandra on 09.15.2016

  11. The cabinet stood empty in the corner of the room. No one had bothered to fill it since mom went away and her china was gifted to her sister. It just stood there, as a looming empty reminder of what once was filled with the most beautiful plates. They had rose detail and were passed down for several generations. But now the cabinet was empty. It stood there in the corner, taking up space. No one even dared to look at it for longer than a second.

    By Victoria on 09.15.2016

  12. I’m sitting next to a cabinet in my internship site. There is probably a lot of confidential material in it. Lots of notes on people. Or, it probably has nothing in it. Who knows. I don’t want to find out. It kinda causes stress.

    By Lou Arcudi on 09.15.2016

  13. I slowly opened the cabinet door to reveal what seemed to be a treasure forgotten with time. The item, covered in dust and clearly neglected held many secrets of the history of this worn and weather cabinet.

    By Dalena Radabaugh on 09.15.2016

  14. Well, you see my dears, I had a grandma living in the country once… I always loved that house, but more than the house, the furniture, specifically this little cabinet she always had in her spare room. It always, of course, had a lock on it; no one knew what the old lady had in there. We guessed it was some old clothes maybe.

    By Rusty C on 09.15.2016

  15. Cabinets hold a variety of things. Some are mundane – bowls. But sometimes, a cabinet can hold so much more – like secrets. In my kitchen cabinet I have a baby cup hidden behind my bowls. I bought it in Paris some years ago, for my future child. I want my baby to know before I had even met them, I was thinking about them.

    By Parul Chann on 09.15.2016

  16. Cabinets can hold a variety of items. Some mundane, like bowls. But sometimes, a cabinet can hold something more special, like a secret. Some years ago while I was in Paris I bought a baby cup. I did not have a baby, nor was I pregnant. It was for my future baby. I wanted him/her to know even though we had not met, I had been thinking about them my whole life.

    By ParulChanna on 09.15.2016

  17. I opended t

    By lucien URL on 09.15.2016

  18. I opened the cabinet and found drugs. A lot of drugs. Most of which were not prescribed..
    I was tempted.. should I try them? What do I have to lose? I picked up a blue bottle with a green lid.. It was pretty hard to open at first but I finally managed to do it.

    By kalliniki on 09.15.2016

  19. I need to clean my wardrobe, because all my clothes are a mess in my closet.

    By Patricia on 09.15.2016

  20. Like drawers and shelves, cabinets have a sense of belonging in the modern kitchen. Whether you want to hide something from view, or simply cover it in food for those peckish days.

    By Antonia on 09.15.2016

  21. so i looked in the cabinet, and what did I see? it was just, well, an old teapot. Fairly unexciting. but obviously this story isn’t about a teapot. it’s about what was behind the teapot. and that was… the back of the cabinet.

    By Daisy Leason on 09.15.2016

  22. the cat slept in the cabinet by the stairs. He liked it there because it was dark and cosy. The cabinet was old and wooden with a broken door, which is how he’d sneak in.

    By gabby maz on 09.15.2016

  23. He searched the cabinet, looking for the heirloom. He found the box and unlocked it, but to his horror, the centuries old necklace was gone, with a small not left where it had once been.

    By Jonaya on 09.15.2016

  24. I was in the kitchen, waiting for the workers to fix that cabinet. I could not believe that that was happening to me, after all I’d have been through.

    By Laura on 09.15.2016

  25. kitchen
    clean food lack full dirty squalor i feel like my kitchen reflects my life it’s the center of the home it reflects the energy invested in it if your cabinets are bare so is your soul and your heart how can you feed others when you can’t feed yourself

    By emily on 09.15.2016

  26. He ran his hands over the dark mahogany, wondering what could be inside such a plain cabinet that would make his aunt so bonkers. sliding hid hand under the door, he carefully opened it so that it wouldn’t creak and took an unassuming peek inside.

    By Alicia on 09.15.2016

  27. My kithcen cabinets – at least their two top shelves – are beyond my reach now. I carry stools from one place to another in my apartment: kitchen for shelves, bathrooms for shower curtains, living room for drapes. And i curse aging.

    By Joanna Bressler on 09.15.2016

  28. China is supposed to be put up in a beautiful antique cabinet not packed away in some old flimsy cardboard box. I had one once but being young and foolish, I sold the china cabinet my biological dad left me to attend a Trendy New Age conference. I knew deep in my heart, I would regret it someday. Well, today is definitely one of those days when the impatient appetite of my youth haunts me with arrogant stupidity. One day I’ll have a China cabinet again and use it with hope that I taught my future generations to treasure the things that can not be replaced.

    By B.A. SQUYRES on 09.15.2016