September 16th, 2016 | 55 Entries

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55 Entries for “eulogy”

  1. It think of The falut in our stars when the guy died and hazel was thinking either to read his eulogy or not. I also think of death and accepeation and moving forward fro it.

    By Jessica URL on 09.17.2016

  2. somthing that mean’s love

    By Malaya Mahala on 09.17.2016

  3. something that mean’s love and omoshen’s

    By Malaya Mahala on 09.17.2016

  4. as if someone in your famliy died you were heart broken

    By Malaya Mahala on 09.17.2016

  5. as if someone in your famliy died you were heart broken
    and you could not say anything

    By Malaya Mahala on 09.17.2016

  6. i dont know what to write becuase it is to sad

    By Malaya Mahala on 09.17.2016

  7. i dont know what to write becuase it is to sad
    and all of the writeing is to omshenle for me

    By Malaya Mahala on 09.17.2016

  8. I once read a piece by Leo Buscaglia in which he wrote that we should be thinking about death every day so as to remind us to make every moment count. What do you want written on your tombstone? The modern world has taken away the romance of death and resting in peace may be an unattainable goal.I think of old cemeteries in groves of trees by ancient stone buildings. Stones with inscriptions that are more mystery than information. My Dad is resting in a cemetery like that. He’s in a cemetery where the stones are like palaces. They exhibit pictures, and containers for holy water. They have small gardens built in or room for a huge planter. People came to fill watering cans and scrub the stones and plant new flowering plants regularly. I wonder if they still do that? Modern life has taken away the romance of death, but certainly not the fear. That old cemetery is a maze. But I think I could still find my fathers grave. He shares it with my grandfather and my great grandmother. None of them are blood related. But death made them room mates. This is not ironic at all. The three enjoyed each other’s company immensely. Remembering this has brought back some sunny memories, and some emotionally scary ones. My great grandmother spoke no English. It was scary trying to communicate with her. That memory is counterbalanced with the memory of my great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother, my sister, and I gathering mushrooms for soup. I never found the good ones. And I didn’t like mushroom soup at that time in my life. The forest was fragrant with pine trees and fallen needles. The fragrance is whirling in my mind.

    By fionacaccese on 09.17.2016

  9. Why is it always a eulogy? What about the MElogy?!

    By omqwat on 09.17.2016

  10. I sat with my pen poised above the paper….but the words wouldn’t come. I should be able to think of something good to say about him. I should be able to cry, but it won’t come. None of it makes sense.

    By Krissy on 09.17.2016

  11. A eulogy to you.You who made me react and face the horrors of life, the scary things , the hard decisions , the horrible truths ,you whom no matter what will always be with me , you who I will always love. Hope you’re in a better place.

    By jen on 09.17.2016

  12. what is it i mean have you heard it before, lets just try exploring it, okie i don get it really right.

    By manisha on 09.17.2016

  13. These songs play
    Like a eulogy to what we were
    The montage of memories hurts
    As I read about our death
    Please come back
    So I can listen to these songs again
    I wish we didn’t end in a eulogy

    By chloe on 09.17.2016

  14. Eulogy. Who even know what that means? I know this is supposed to be something that exercises your brain, but what if you don’t know the words? I need to dictionary this and improve my vocabulary. I WILL KNOW WHAT THIS IS!

    By Keysia on 09.17.2016

  15. they go forever but we can not forget them, every moment we can remember all the love which had together…so it could that eulogy makes us laugh or cry or happy or missing but always in love with that :) may Allah bless all of them

    By romi maiss on 09.17.2016