December 1st, 2013 | 130 Entries

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130 Entries for “typhoon”

  1. The water puddled around our ankles, nearly opaque with displaced soil. There was an ominous rumbling gathering in the distance, and all at once we realized what was happening. Somewhere, a wave was bearing down upon us with the wrath of a forgotten ocean god.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.02.2013

  2. She was like a tornado, an earthquake, a typhoon. She roared into the room and slammed her books onto the desk and turned to face the students, raking them with one sweeping glance from her icy-blue eyes.

    By mrsmig on 12.02.2013

  3. causes massive damage and displaces many every year. It is devastating to societal structure of man and nature as well. Many animals are displaced and killed if they are on its path. Chaos everywhere with news channels spouting messages of fear and panic. This is the time to see if its each his own or lets make a team play. Truth is revealed

    By Karthik on 12.02.2013

  4. This typhoon has caused so many to be concerned because their is so much uncertainty and everyone has been asked to move to higher ground.

    By Teka on 12.02.2013

  5. Loki had always been afraid of the water.

    He wasn’t sure why, really, it didn’t have any real reason. It was just… the possibility. Knowing that in the split second of time, the water could change, the sea could turn against you, the tide would shift, and you would be sucked out to the ocean, gone forever in the wave of a typhoon. Loki didn’t like unpredictable things, as unpredictable people often don’t.

    Opposites attract, they say. And this was no exception.

    By Rachel URL on 12.02.2013

  6. he came to her in a typhoon. when the violent winds circled and sucked up half the city and spat it back out in places it had no right to be, he landed on her door step, with his shirt torn and a gash on his head.

    By pip333 on 12.02.2013

  7. What? This was the word yesterday! What is up with this? Will I have to wait another day? :(

    By Victoria on 12.02.2013

  8. I love the feeling of a typhoon. So much chaos and destruction going on. What a nightmare! How horrible to go through a typhoon. I would be so scared.

    By Shannon on 12.02.2013

  9. The weather in Asia is dominated by typhoons. So be weary when you plan to travel.
    There would be nothing worse than having 3 weeks off to be a lounge lizard at the beach but be stuck in a small room.having no wifi as we’l

    By Y Lovelock on 12.02.2013

  10. The wind howled with vicious ferocity. The girl cowered beneath her fathers worn out coat. She could feel the wind deep down in her very bones. It was killing her. The noise was killing her. She couldn’t think, she couldn’t breathe. She didn’t know what she was going to do in the next thirty seconds before her inevitable death and honestly she didn’t care.

    By Mary on 12.02.2013

  11. The typhoon season is the worst season of all. It causes devastation and hardships. Many people are affected and it never fails to leave destruction in its wake. I have never lived near the water, so I have never personally experienced a typhoon.

    By Leigha on 12.02.2013

  12. The typhoon was the strongest we had seen in decades. We weren’t sure how to take it this time. Our walls were down and our hearts were on our sleeves. We’d have to be ready for whatever the government was going to throw into our minds this time. What would the water hold for us? and for how long would we have to carry it? Only the typhoon knows.

    By Julia on 12.02.2013

  13. When we met, you seemed as gentle and harmless as a trickling stream. Little did I know that, as the rain continued to pour, your torrent would swell my heart and I would become engulfed in the passionate fury of your typhoon. Behind those gentle amber pools I can see reflected the same hot-blooded madness that inhabits my own mirror.
    But then I turn around and find two pairs of very different colours, and the hurricane continues.

    By aura.rayne on 12.02.2013

  14. The wind from the typhoon swirls up and around, encircling you, swallowing you whole.
    You can vaguely see the approaching tide, and your final thought as water (so much water, clear blue) chokes up your neck and into your mouth, renders you incapable of breathing, incapable of doing anything other than just being, is that time–washing away everything, your fears and your desires and your needs–is much, much worse.

    By Jordan on 12.02.2013

  15. bad, people dying, money, lives, rain, wind, thunder, twister, weather, a game, disaster

    By Sana Mansuri on 12.02.2013

  16. I’ve never experience it and I don’t wish to. It just scares me thinking of how your whole life can change in that span the typhoon sweeps across your path.

    By Su on 12.02.2013

  17. It was a dark kand dismay dany. It was donpouring and there was lots of water and rain. There was also lots of debris. I watched as a large branch flew past our window, scratching it aas it went by.
    I shoshould mention where we live

    By Spencer Nelson on 12.02.2013

  18. It rushed around me like never before. I thoiught that it was never going to end. I put up my arms to my head, but the wind was still furisous around me. I thought that it was never going to stop raining or crying tears, but it just kept coming and coming. It might never stop.

    By Master Nelson on 12.02.2013

  19. She was a typhoon; wrecking havoc and disease wherever she went. But somehow, I loved her. She didn’t love me and she never would… But I did. I couldn’t explain why I loved her, I just did. Many thought I was hurting myself, but truthfully, it was quite the opposite.

    By lubna on 12.02.2013

  20. A sheer colossus.

    A wall of destruction that moves my way like a monolithic, almost divine force of punishment.

    There is no escape.

    By asavas on 12.02.2013

  21. strikes the side of the face.
    the land weeps and rages.
    we are hurled along for the ride.
    or merely feel the ripples at the edge of the pool.
    isn’t there a lifeguard on duty?
    is it up to me to save them?

    By Kairn on 12.02.2013

  22. It took the top of my head off – I was a tiny dancer for two seconds before the piano man made his stand, threw me off the lid of his Steinway – the Jesus freaks caught me, moshed me, fired me skyward with a ticket for God and I landed on my ass at the feet of some bloke with a green Mohawk and we staggered to the beach, dove into the shimmering light of thousands of lantern fish and we became Bioluminescence, glowing with Captain Morgan Tattoo and Red Bull

    By Miss Alister URL on 12.02.2013

  23. Like a giant hand it washed over her, knocking her down. It was Jekyll and Hyde, she was knocked to the ground with force, but from an old friend she hadn’t seen in awhile.

    By Anamarie Gundersen on 12.02.2013

  24. It was impossible to know how long she stood there. He was the sand and the sea and the salt and sun. He was the only thing she tasted when she slept at night and the only thing she thought of when she was awake. He was a mess, and she was in love.

    By Anamarie on 12.02.2013

  25. There once was a typhoon, my life a mess and the typhoon came and swept me away.
    I looked into the storm and gave in.
    I did not resist, I did not struggle.
    The typhoon came and took my body, took my mind, took my soul.

    By Theresa URL on 12.02.2013

  26. It was the largest storm she’d ever seen. Her mother was throwing a fit and ransacking the house for unused candles and bottles of water and first-aid kits that weren’t coated with a large layer of dust.

    Katie had priorities. She’d plugged her iPod into the wall jack as soon as possible. Who knows when they’d spontaneously lose power.

    By Anna on 12.02.2013

  27. The typhoon was nasty, bad and crazy. Some would say God sent it. Not! Mother nature. Natural. Natural… No punishment at all.

    By crystal on 12.02.2013

  28. Typhoon reminds me of a TV on the Radio song about being destroyed at sea by a muderous mother of pearl who is wrapped up in the flesh of a girl with a love that’s a violent spiral that’ll hurl you into the ether and burn you up inside the heat of her swirl.

    More or less, since I paraphrased the majority of the lyrics just now.

    By Static on 12.02.2013

  29. i hear shouts of reproach and gasps. down the hallway, Sasha is storming passed all those in her way. some people pick it up and move out of the way before she pushes them against the lockers. oh geez…
    she reaches me in three clean strides without having to move anyone aside. i slam my locker loudly and she erupts.
    “who do you think you are?” she shrieks. she obviously doesn’t know how to be intimidating, assuming that was her desired effect. “it says Lily on my birth certificate but it’s been in my opinion that a person cannot be summed up by just one single word,” i reply, looking her dead in the eye. her eyes dont meet mine though. they dart around my face and the hall. her eyes are a light green, too light and prominent against her pale skin to be natural. they remind me of a typhoon. destroying everything in it’s path. but hope and faith. the two things i still hold close despite everything.

    By Alibay on 12.02.2013

  30. The wind rushed through like a South Atlantic hurricane. Sarine was not ready and she had difficulty battening down the shutters. Silas surely would have been able to wrest the rusty doors shut but she, being half his size, thought her arms would tear out of their sockets from the effort.

    By HDNelson on 12.02.2013

  31. As the swirls of chaos destroy the land, really destroying humans while renewing nature. I look on in awe, life as close to death as i can come, but the excitement in death is living through it.

    By Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. URL on 12.02.2013

  32. a deep storm, swirling wind and rain. Picking up things and throwing them along the ground and through the air. Some never to be found again. off the distance and even to the fringe of the moving storm. lighting and a true storm. all is well in the end.

    By stephen on 12.02.2013

  33. A little cinnamon girl smile
    torn off a mango tree
    or was it a sycamore.
    Either or, that scream when we heard it;
    but we thought it was wind.

    By Conor on 12.02.2013

  34. You made it all change, turned everything upside down and showed me the other side. It was an instant; no time for thinking, no time for reasoning, no time for second thoughts. There was no time but to feel. And it feels good here, it feels surprisingly good.
    You were the typhoon in my life.
    With your exquisite manners and good will, your affection, your thoughtfulness and caring personality you shook my world and threw me off my foundations. I embraced the change, it feels good here.
    “Let’s build the new foundations together?”.
    My grip tightens, it feels good here. It surely feels good being with you.

    By Ishimimoto on 12.02.2013

  35. Wash over and show me the beauty you can create in this destruction.
    Provide me an example to test the ethics of how human is human.
    It’s just a wave and water is the strongest element.
    I think of this tragedy as a child losing it’s way.
    too bad you’re an orphan.
    The world will look at you with sad eyes and they’ll stand on a pedestal while they do.
    Then you will get to close to their skirts and they have places to go.
    We all do and we all have lives that need not be interrupted.

    By becca on 12.02.2013

  36. The brackish water swelled around our feet, rubbing against our legs with sandy, driftwood strewn affection. The typhoon itself wasn’t unexpected this time of year, but it was the creatures that came borne in the dirty ocean water.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.03.2013

  37. the water raced in so fast that i didn’t even see it coming. the rain had accumulated so much outside on the beach, that our small house near the edge of the water lay directly in a flood zone. i felt frozen with fear and immediately panicked.

    By n on 12.03.2013

  38. The alarm went off all around town 5 minutes ago. She knew what this meant. She was leaving, and there was no coming back. Relief. This was finally goodbye. A dramatic end to her dramatic life. This was perfect. The final sign, the final push. She would be able to live like she had never done before.

    By Charlie on 12.03.2013

  39. Sea of dreams brings a typhoon.. in my head, everything is spinning, vivaciously trying to pass trough the walls. And walls, they are of steel, waiting for the right person to break through..

    By sunny on 12.03.2013

  40. There was a tropical typhoon on the island once. The wind blew like it was the world pushing with invisible hands. I saw trees lying almost horizontal on the ground and there was litter everywhere, draped around the trees, caught in bushes. A lone umbrella tumbled past me, so fast it would cut you if it touched you. I felt like I couldn’t breathe because the wind snatched away the air.

    By Mutated Pear on 12.03.2013