December 1st, 2013 | 130 Entries

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130 Entries for “typhoon”

  1. You wanted to catch up to me like a thunderstorm, like a sea storm, like the high winds that captivate my heart. You wanted to push me off to the side of the freeway and make me have to take cover, but I have to tell you lover, that I’m never going to stop fighting back. I have my survival kit on my shoulders now, a fortress around my heart, and you’ll never pull that apart, leave me lying on the sideways again. I’m sorry, boy, but this isn’t a toy – my heart isn’t yours anymore. So take yourself, my typhoon lover and take yourself away.

    By Thirteen URL on 12.01.2013

  2. In the middle of the night it began to rain and slowly the wind built up and the water poured down. She worried about the windows, so she ran in her kids room, woke them up and they went down into the basement. Even in the basement they could hear the rain and the win.

    By Collette on 12.01.2013

  3. It was a typhoon of emotion; the wash of malevolent thoughts that were pounding my brain and blasting away my will to…be.

    By missjnr on 12.01.2013

  4. The typhoon of emotions crashed through her soul, ripping her stability to shreds. Walls smashed in its wake. Shattered glass carried in all the madness.

    By umbazachika on 12.01.2013

  5. Over here, I heard a voice in the distance, as I scaned right and left I heard it again. Am I hearing things again? NO, there was a loud crash and

    By barbara greenwood on 12.01.2013

  6. I thought that it was the television that gave the first announcement of the storm. The soccer game cut out and an emergency report announced that weather had changed direction and that we should all take shelter at our nearest emergency site. My sisters and my mother and I panicked, but grandma just waited until the game came back on–and it did, oddly. The sky darkening and the quiet breeze slowly getting angry and raising its voice. We strapped down what we could and got everything ready to carry to the emergency shelter while Grandma just sat and watched. I lost it and started screaming at her to help. I don’t think I was even done yelling before the wind screamed louder than I could and rain started pelting the SIDE of the house more than the top. It changed from the middle of the day to black as night in the space of a few minutes. How odd it was that the game kept going on a sunny field and Grandma didn’t answer. I was yelling from the doorway for her last chance, because she hadn’t said anything the other twenty times I told her we were leaving. I thought it was the TV that announced the storm. But Grandma had known it long before. She’d smelled it way back when the air was just breezy and rolling in slow and warm off the sea. She’d smelled it like she’d smelled it a half dozen times before, and a half dozen times watched the smiling bright sky turn black and hateful, and come down to tear around and snort and wail and shred the whole world to pieces. She’d watched from the shelter too many times–not another, she had said, without saying. I left her in the sunglow from that soccer game in some happy place far away, as we descended into a crowded concrete bunker, and the sky descended itself and swept all things away.

    By mattlock URL on 12.01.2013

  7. I had nothing. There I was, surrounded by ruins in once lovely place, but I realized something then. That even if your broken and all of your things, hope is all you need. If you have hope, you can survive the rest of your life in happiness. Hope protects you from all danger. Hope makes you stronger. Hope makes you unstoppable. The power of hope cannot be measured.

    By Mya on 12.01.2013

  8. the typhoon crashed over the land. people were swallowed into the watery abyss. survival was tricky. everyone was scared. water is so beautiful but it can also be deadly, which is terrifying.

    By Laura on 12.01.2013

  9. the city was quiet and grey.Oneday,the villagerswokeup,unaware. a typhoon had hit the city. rain, wind,storms,it waslike they had opened pandoras box,a real catastrophy.horrificview. villagers shrieked, a painfull eperience. housescollapsed

    By aleksandra seweryn on 12.01.2013

  10. The typhoon of emotions swept over her senses, leaving her wrecked as her eyes brimmed over with unabated tears. It wasn’t the desertion that broke her; it was the cold, hard look in the eyes of the man she had loved and loved her back for two decades and the indifference that she saw in them that really drove the knife in – where there was no emotion, there was no marriage and now, she was a rudderless ship that had been cut loose in the sea of life without even a compass.

    By PeeVee on 12.01.2013

  11. Rapid winds destroyed everything in their path. Angry waves smashed and demolished. No house, tree, structure, or living being was safe. The storm was determined to destroy, and nothing could stop it.

    By Anna on 12.01.2013

  12. The typhoon was a fiend of chaos. It took order within its hands and crushed it into an unrecognisable entity of uncertainty and despair.

    By Laurel on 12.01.2013

  13. Windows shook. So did we. We tried not to look outside. Sidewalk torn from the ground, doing it’s best to become concrete once again. I caught my sister’s eyes. She was just as afraid as I was. That scared me more.

    By Beth A on 12.01.2013

  14. Run, the typhoon is here…
    Take cover, its getting near..
    Hold on to things and bits which are dear,
    Run, for the typhoon is here
    Never imagined, this moment to have appeared,
    A time, when all those I thought I had lost, would be here, so near
    The typhoon is here..

    By satyen on 12.01.2013

  15. Typhoon reminds me of the world problems

    By Miranda Kerr on 12.01.2013

  16. Typhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon. Its a catchy word. It reminds me of the Phillipines. Phillip :)

    By Blair Waldorf on 12.01.2013

  17. A typhoon is tropical storm or even a natural disaster, some times in our lives we think we are in a typhoon full of emotions and tough times, it can rock our world and destroy everything we believe in.

    By EmiD on 12.01.2013

  18. A typhoon is a natural disaster or a tropical storm that destroys everything in its path, with no remorse. It wipes out everything it comes across and continues until its hunger is satisfied.

    By Tiffany13 on 12.01.2013

  19. The unsuspecting villagers struggled for safety and closure, as the Typhoon ravaged the coast of this once beautiful and tropical beach.

    By golden dragon warrior on 12.01.2013

  20. The typhoon completely decimated the local Taiwanese fishing village, nothing was left except for the their rusty, rickety shacks.

    By tonkahasoneword on 12.01.2013

  21. Typhoon. Big. Scary. Wild. Devastating. Difficult.

    By Blair Waldorf on 12.01.2013

  22. A whirl wind of devastation leaving only destruction in its wake.

    By Big_Show on 12.01.2013

  23. The typhoon was seen from far away. People running away in fear of the disaster ahead. The screams echoed in the mountains and awoke the tiny beast from its everlasting slumber. He yawned and the mountain shook.

    By Mieke on 12.01.2013

  24. It came as a storm and then when the intensity increased, Haiyan rained down hell upon the Philippines taking with it people, property and a general sense of security.

    By Venkat URL on 12.01.2013

  25. As soon as i saw the typhoon coming my way, i quickly decided to jump on my brand new litre class motorcycle and twist the throttle all the way till i don’t see it on my rear view mirror. After few kilometres it was out of my sight and then BANG! My mom woke me up!

    By travellerinmotion on 12.01.2013

  26. i never really liked that word why’s that the aouther girl asked i don’t know it dose’t sound much like a word

    By tasha on 12.02.2013

  27. It came like lighting from the skies. In less than fifteen minutes the typhoon descended upon our village. The waves submerged everything in its path, and destruction was everywhere. Nothing was saved.Only those that were on higher ground escape the carnage.

    By victor URL on 12.02.2013

  28. Never before had I seen that. A typhoon as big as mountains, as mighty as you can think of. And it was coming towards me. Fast. I stood paralyzed, couldn’t move. I knew I had to do something, but I just stood there. Watching.

    By Kela on 12.02.2013

  29. A whirling dervish is what you were; arms swooping in like an eagle to pluck my little fish body out of the large river. I can’t imagine how you saw me through all that glare. Regardless, I was whisked away over the water, gazing out at the setting sun and realizing that I was trapped in your storm.

    By KT on 12.02.2013

  30. It swirls, washing away all that we know. Killing destroying a millions, unbiased and uncaring. Natures wrath. And in one blow, its all gone..

    By Mads on 12.02.2013

  31. what? a strange word. Sounds Japanese. So remote. You can here the wind in it though. Especially in the second part.

    By Sime on 12.02.2013

  32. Such horrendous consequences. The typhoon that hit was a major catastrophe for the country. So so sad…

    By Alexandra on 12.02.2013

  33. a typhoon is a really big storm like a hurricane. it causes lots of damage.

    By Shelly on 12.02.2013

  34. There’s a typhoon in your mind, and there’s nothing I can do to prevent it from wrecking and spreading and becoming quite contagious.

    By Kayla Pongrac on 12.02.2013

  35. My emotions are everywhere
    I don’t know which is which, or how to sort them out
    So I let myself drown in them
    Hoping for the dark to come soon, and devour me.

    By Trine on 12.02.2013

  36. Disaster rippled through me, you destroyed me and left me broken. Bits and pieces were all I had. Bits and pieces of a former great me. How could you leave me this way? The worst part? Even after everything you did, I would take you back in a heartbeat.

    By Mya on 12.02.2013

  37. One time when i was in South America I saw a typhoon. It was like a hurricane but in a different part of the world. It was scary, but we survived. The town was in disaster and we came back home. It was really scary.

    By Karsyn on 12.02.2013

  38. It wasn’t a kitchen. It was the aftermath of a typhoon. Milk pooled on the floor from beneath the toppled fridge. The kettle was stuck on a blade of the ceiling fan. A slice of bread had broken the window.

    She shook her head. “No more free kegs,” she said.

    By Anthony StClair on 12.02.2013

  39. There’s a typhoon coming up the coast; George feels it in his knuckles. High water. Fish out of breath, up in trees. She counts the hours until his knuckles tell him when, and then she boils the water for tea and adds sugar, lots of sugar.

    By RS Bohn URL on 12.02.2013

  40. It was a tumultuous wind blown highly destructive wind in the midst of a beautiful tropical setting .. so much damage and sadness!

    By RJ on 12.02.2013