March 30th, 2011 | 725 Entries

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725 Entries for “trusted”


    By BARB94044 on 03.31.2011

  2. me you soon we’ll stay lazy fog in the house saints sinners wanted house favors sun under cover in a garden

    By steoh on 03.31.2011

  3. A safe person.
    someone you can count on.
    Someone who is

    By Rebels141 on 03.31.2011

  4. When you first meet someone it is easy to be critical, analytical, and distrustful. But there is only one way be yourself and others – that is to first offer them the respect and trust you would want from them yourself. Hoan you expect to be trusted, if you will not offer it up to someone first?

    By Nate URL on 03.31.2011

  5. a trusted associate saunters down the avenue. step, step, slow, suave, waiting. he always walks while waiting. he hears a women on her cell phone, plans for the future, the future being tonight’s dinner. he walks, and waits.

    By Al(l) is on(e) URL on 03.31.2011

  6. your parents to take care of you. your friends to be loyal. the sun to rise in the east and the moon and stars to shine at night. trusted that people you care about will do whats best for you

    By Beth on 03.31.2011

  7. i trusted you but you stabbed me in the back. now ill never trust anyone again. if i had it my way id slit your throat with the knife that you left in me. i dont think ill ever give anyone the amount of confidence i gave you. i thought you were one to be trusted, i was wrong

    By josh loth on 03.31.2011

  8. freedom is the the most important word that came in my head and the second is love

    By pascale fontesse on 03.31.2011

  9. Goats can never be trusted,
    They’ll eat anything that isn’t dead or rusted,
    Your shoes, your coat,
    Your sofa, your boat,
    They’ll smile wildly every time they get busted.

    By kav URL on 03.31.2011

  10. I don’t feel trusted but I guess that’s my fault.. I’m in a tough situation right now all because I lost the trust of my parents, teachers, and friends. I’m hopeful though. I want to start a new life and be who I’m supposed to be rather than someone “god” wants me to be.

    By theresa on 03.31.2011

  11. A trusted friend is hard to find. Sometimes you think you trust someone but then things just don’t quite work out. I must trust the dust. I trust that the dust will rust. Detsurt. I want to be able to trust everyone I meet. Start out trusting and then maybe realize that not everyone is to be trusted. But start out trusting. I trust you and you and you and you. I must trust, or its a bust.

    By Amber on 03.31.2011

  12. There was a time when I thought we were perfect for each other. We were like two peas in a pod and I trusted you, dear god did I trust you.

    I just wish I could understand why you did it. Why you hurt me. What she had that I never did.

    And I wish I knew how it feels now that I’m gone.

    By Shannon on 03.31.2011

  13. Trust.
    The… the indecipherable magnitude of one word… In honesty… One of the most powerful things I have ever been honored even to experience.

    By Heather URL on 03.31.2011

  14. I am not sure whether whatever I write will be trusted…. mmm….. Now I can’t help but think about Goats….

    By sagar Mulay on 03.31.2011

  15. I’ve trusted a lot of people in my life. A lot of them have earned it; some of them have disappointed me. It’s quite easy to trust anyone, but it’s very hard to trust someone who won’t betray that trust. And that’s why I’m single.

    By Lexie URL on 03.31.2011

  16. I thought I could have trusted you, you gave me all of this hope, all of these false pretenses. Trust is such a valued word that no body seems to take with the seriousness that comes along with it. I can not believe that so many people don’t think that I trusted. I did. You destroyed that :trust: that we had. It was there, you were responsible I am not faulty in

    By Devin URL on 03.31.2011

  17. I thought I trusted him. What is the truth, what is a lie? If I chose to bleieve him, I was lying to myself.

    By JessicaJukeboxx on 03.31.2011

  18. He told me I could trust him and I did. My mother trusted my ex-stepfather and he ran off with his mistress. He kicked us out of the house and left my mother’s life in shambles. I trusted him and he ran off with his best friend. Now we’re back together and I don’t know how to trust him anymore.

    By Parry on 03.31.2011

  19. not

    By kim URL on 03.31.2011

  20. everything is trusted. and thankfully most things can be. nothing deserves to be but everything we have is built on trust. we can’t progress without trusting that what we did tomorrow will continue to exist, to matter, to make sense.

    By meximan282 URL on 03.31.2011

  21. I trusted that I had one person that would stick by my side. Though I trusted to easily. I made sure that my trust was easily to attain, and look, now it is being completely shat on. In the terms of friendship, I don’t want to give trust because it will be eventually handed right back to you.

    By Catherine on 03.31.2011

  22. I think trust is important. If there is trust, there is love. It is an important part of life. I like being trusted, and I think it is the best characteristic a person can have. Friendship, and every other relationship is based on a single word. Its amazing how trust can bring people together.

    By Aranka on 03.31.2011

  23. friends will always keep your secrets safe. they can be trusted
    treasures should be trusted only in the hands of people you do in fact trust
    friend ship should be built on trustedness
    thats a successful friend ship

    By Rebekka on 03.31.2011

  24. It’s hard to find a trusted friend. And it’s even harder to keep the trust between the two of you because it is often that people says words that are not true in no regard of the others feelings. And sometimes a “Sorry” doesn’t cover it.
    There is a wording in mu country: “To have a trusted friend means if you kill someone, to call this friend with the question “What to do?” and the answer to be “Wait for me to get the shovel and let’s dig the grave together.” And that is what a trusted means – to have someone to rely on no matter the circumstances or the consequences.

    By Marina Momova URL on 03.31.2011

  25. i trust you.

    By ghj on 03.31.2011

  26. i am not trusted. i have no friends. No family. I am a killer. I have no love to give. And none to take. You will die.

    By Bella D. URL on 03.31.2011

  27. I trusted this one person with something my precious to me. It was a teapot from my grandmother. she died in a bombing during the second world war, and the teapot is all that we have left of the house. is it not strange that a teapot can survive when a person cannot? they lost it. i lost a friend.

    By Dante on 03.31.2011

  28. The best part of a relationship. The word that comes up when a relationship fails. It’s good to have trusted. Everyone wants to be it. That’s all I have on this one word.

    By Jeff on 03.31.2011


    By carla on 03.31.2011

  30. I am cold. I have no fear. I give nothing and take what I want. Stand in my way and you’ll never be seen again. I don’t want love, nor do I want sympathy. I am a murderer. Leave me alone. Don’t trust me or it’ll be the last thing you’ll ever do.

    By roxan URL on 03.31.2011

  31. “That old lady just give me the finger,” Fred thought to himself.

    And to think he trusted himself enough not to give her his two.

    By URL on 03.31.2011

  32. im never trusted. and i dont trust anyone else. it’s scary to. im afraid of being hurt or lied to. i cant take the pain. it makes me too sad to even think about being lied to or hurt by someone i love. i cant do it….so i stay away. far far away

    By Paige on 03.31.2011

  33. i should have never trusted him
    all the love
    all the trust
    all the faith
    and all because i trusted

    By lucinakai URL on 03.31.2011

  34. i’m not trustworthy. neither is my dad. we’re all humans. i trusted a girl once. one month later she didn’t speak to me at all. that’s why i’m living like i do. cynical and cold. i wish i were you sometimes. just living inside your own little box. amen.

    By truls on 03.31.2011

  35. “I trusted you!” she shouted at him. The pain he’d inflicted was reflected in her expression. Her face was beet red and her features twisted into a grimace. This latest betrayal was just one more in a long list of transgressions…

    By mommywrites URL on 03.31.2011

  36. “They told me they fixed it! I trusted them to fix it!”

    -Lando Calrissian, Star Wars episode V, The Empire Strikes Back

    By Caleb on 03.31.2011

  37. the word has lot of meaning and resonance to every part of life. i have to trust in myself that i am powerful and goal oriented enough that i will be successful in the end. i have to trust my friends that they are who they have realved to me thus far. i have since bith trusted my parents to do the best they can to raise me to be a upstanding member of society (which i trust they have). i have trusted my professors to teach me the nessacary information that will further my education and knowledge content. have trust boys (most that i shouldnt have) to be there for me when i needed them most, make me laugh when all i want to do is cry and help me have fun at all costs. i have trusted my best friend with my life, and i know i’m still alive because of that well invested trust.

    By kristin on 03.31.2011

  38. someone who believes they are willing to share with someone something they dont usually with others.

    By Lily on 03.31.2011

  39. Can anyone be trusted?

    When you get right down to it, probably not.

    By Colte URL on 03.31.2011

  40. I used to think that I could trust kevin. that we had the kind of friendship that we could tell eachother anything and through everything, would ultimately just be loyal to eachother. until i realized that loyalty doesnt equal morality. and that you might trust someone with all your might, but it doesn’t mean they will treat you well. or trust you in return.

    By sarah on 03.31.2011