March 29th, 2011 | 498 Entries

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498 Entries for “executive”

  1. He’s got a nice suit. Black and white money. His hair is nice and combed, expertly to the side. He knows how to talk. He could talk your shirt off, and he does. Ladies man. Shiny shoes and even shinier wit.

    By Nick Bloomer URL on 03.30.2011

  2. business, makes me think of someone high up in business with lots of money and a perfect life. It also reminds me of executing someone, like in an electric chair or something, probably the way that it sounds.

    By Hannah Stoneman on 03.30.2011

  3. The executive of my ability
    to stick to my guns
    took a vacation yesterday,
    let me play in sheets
    all morning long
    as if it was what i needed.

    By Tescia Schell URL on 03.30.2011

  4. Executive? Makes me think of business men sitting in an office, coffee cold and donuts gone stale. Uncomfortable ties and starchy suits. Briefcases si

    By Call Me M URL on 03.30.2011

  5. exectcuive hmm someone – a man in a pin strpies suit sitting on the top floor o a high rise bnuilding, running a big fat company

    By dusty on 03.30.2011

  6. I sat in my boardroom, alone. I looked around the empty room and tried to think of my path. How many had I stepped on? How many fell before me in my quest to the top?
    Did it matter? I was at the top. Finally where I deserved to be. An executive.

    By Lumpy McPhee on 03.30.2011

  7. They are a higher power in a business. Top dog that wears suits. They are wealthy. They usually have a degree. They can fire people. People fear them but also want to be them. They have a big office.

    By hannah apicelli on 03.30.2011

  8. the court room. the stage. theres no difference.
    one fills me with dread. one creates the illusion of dread.
    if anyone found out what ui did in my spare time, i wouldn’t really care. its not like im embarrassed. all im worried about is their reactions. what type of woman spends their time on stage, coated in makeup. singing. dancing. acting.
    the type of woman with my job. not a woman who never has time to put ON makeup. its inapporopriate to sing and dance while working. its foolish to act.
    but then if i didnt embrace this i WOULD be acting.
    its easy to be a hypocrite around here

    By Izzy on 03.30.2011

  9. what is an executive anyway? what do they do? are they like interns or something? i would ask my teacher what they are but i’m in math class and this isn’t a good time to ask. if i ask he’ll know i’m not paying attention which isn’t good. well he always knows im not paying attention so whatever. i’ll ask him now.

    By Kate on 03.30.2011

  10. Working without a hert. Worried about superfiial matters and messing witother people’s life. It’s a world less human, where huma convince themselves they have everything under control nd are solving problems, while inflatingtheir egos wth ilusions.

    By Maria on 03.30.2011

  11. “Tom, that’s a very nice telescope you bought in the science store.”

    The next day everyone went down to the pool while Tom stayed in the room. His view of the Executive Suites third floor, fourth window on Fifth Ave. was better than ever when all of a sudden…

    By vanhaydu.com URL on 03.30.2011

  12. The executive was the man in charge. He had the power. He had the money. he had the notoriety. He had respect. but that did not stop him from being unhappy. He was still dissatisfied with the life he had lived. If only he still had Mary.

    By Liz on 03.30.2011

  13. big suit
    small man
    takes credit for others’ efforts
    walks around
    chest out
    brain dead
    drowns his sorrows at the bar after hours
    smart tie
    cuff ends
    has lost touch with all his friends

    By hammyhampton on 03.30.2011

  14. Executive decision. People generally need to make them when out in groups. “I’ve made the executive decision to get a pitcher and some wings. It’s usually more fun that way.

    By dionne URL on 03.30.2011

  15. fancy bathrooms for members only, men in suits, yammering about things that don’t really matter making decisions for others, leaving them out of the loop,

    By charissa URL on 03.30.2011

  16. It was a decision made without much thought, just pure instinct and training. In the end he wasn’t sorry, the people would never know. And his squad would never tell. Anyone.

    By rasdok URL on 03.30.2011

  17. I remember being an executive once. Sharp suited and using all the buzz words. I didn’t really do much, just hung around the office copying and pasting documents and eating biscuits, but I was an executive all the same. The company flew me around the place, paying for flights to London, Paris, Tampa Florida – not bad for first job.

    By Nutley URL on 03.30.2011

  18. I have made the executive decision to start a journal. When I used to write, I was more clear headed and free thinking and feeling. The curly mustache man helped me decide this. :)

    By Sara on 03.30.2011