October 14th, 2009 | 666 Entries

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666 Entries for “trot”

  1. I think it’s crazy, everything you’re doing, everything you’re holding back. I don’t know what you’ve been thinking, what you’ve been doing with your time. But i deserve some of it, most of it, all of it. I’m giving up so much for you, so if you can’t do this. trot on outta’ here baby. like the horses you’re allergic too.. just go. Because apparently you can’t join me in theses places. apparently not

    By Ali Lamb on 10.15.2009

  2. i went for a trot the other day. actually my horse did the trotting i merely was along for the ride. it was a brisk trot through the valley outside a small town in germany. it had some weird name i don’t recall at the moment. i was just visiting. im one of those less than informed tourists.

    By IanC on 10.15.2009

  3. horses trot. i don’t like horses that much. i rode one in like 1st grade… but I can’t remember anything much that far back anyway.

    By Lily on 10.15.2009

  4. run run horses trotting children being horses but really not because dont horses kind of gallop a bit more than they trot and the word trot is more about a little pig trotting along and truthfully the smell of a pigpen has got to be the most disgusting smell ive experience in the entirety of my life and my room though it doesnt smell like a pigpen thank god looks surprisingly similar to one….

    By Ariel on 10.15.2009

  5. n,

    By Anonymous on 10.15.2009

  6. to go freely, relaxedly across a padock as a horse, It is controlled, well balanced, proud and noble. The pace is healthy and sustainable. Perfectly balanced as an approach to life.

    By Ian Walling on 10.15.2009

  7. the horse ran as fast as the carrige would allow and suddenly crashed into a pickled walrus where it sunk a million miles into the depths of a large sea. suddenly chris came and pullled it from the depths of the ocean and lit it on fire! thats totally insane but whatever. so i need to trot home so i can get started on the damn homework i left til the last minute !!!

    By Alex on 10.15.2009

  8. horses trot. lots of things rhyme with trot…of course i can’t think of many under pressure, but. Ooooh haughty has the same sound. but that’s just the linguistics nerd in me coming out. i’ve always wondered HOW they trot….

    By Lydia on 10.15.2009

  9. Trot. Makes me think of horses, horses trot I think. Could be Troy, that movie was pretty good. I can’t remember who I watched it with though

    By Anonymous on 10.15.2009

  10. trotting through a field on a horse. What else trots? I have no Idea… gah

    By Jill on 10.15.2009

  11. the pacw was faster than could be prepared for. Why wont that slow to a trot. WHat is the hurry he thought. We dont have to be there til later in the day. If we get there too soon it will be just as bad as being late, but what could he do. The pace was quickening.

    By Wag More Bark Less on 10.15.2009

  12. refrain

    By rks on 10.15.2009

  13. Gallop, canter, stride, gait, roll, swagger, walk, jog.

    To trot is to walk with style. To strut your stuff, to show them what you’ve got.

    By Jesse on 10.15.2009

  14. i don’t know what this word means. oh no!

    By asd on 10.15.2009

  15. the horse trotted slowly through the woods, her slender body slipping through the trees…

    By Santanu on 10.15.2009

  16. I am a horse and shit oh look a mule, what an IDIOT! Hahaha half-breed. I’m gonna get Voldemort to kill your ass. But he’ll only be able to kill one half of it, cuz that’s your genetics! I’ll be here all night – try the glue!

    By Steve Horton on 10.15.2009

  17. horse pony n63 link ponyta pizza man amanda nickolodeaon i’m nognna try and talk about usefult information like how to fish for a kabob or a goldfish cracker on saturday morning as I was a child tro tro trot i like to ride horses and eat carrots because its fun but also because all the time is little and computer for forgotten about the loss. My name is timbo thompson

    By Peter on 10.15.2009

  18. i like to trot

    By Anonymous on 10.15.2009

  19. it wasn’t always like this
    it used to be part of everything
    and it didn’t used to hurt
    it was everywhere
    it was everything
    it was me

    I haven’t been in that way for quite some time
    and it doesn’t always
    quite make sense
    when I try to understand
    when things
    so strange

    By Gold Milan on 10.15.2009

  20. moving quickly through the snow, the quarterhourse picked up speed, trotting toward home. it had been a long day on the trail and he was ready to be brushed and relinquised of his saddle duties.

    By Anonymous on 10.15.2009

  21. walk run horsing around, trot a lot. want to trot. or plot. robot. machine. buttons. waling all over. stomp. trot cop. move. around. all over. GALLOP! trot

    By kait on 10.15.2009

  22. shit
    the trots
    i know
    mhm okay

    By Anonymous on 10.15.2009

  23. Horses trot around fences. But they also gallop. There’s a free spirit about watching a horse run freely, without saddle or rider. Their mane and tail flowing freely behind them. There’s something so simple about it all.

    By Wes on 10.15.2009

  24. walking pretty is a hard thing to do. luckily most horses know how to do this. i suppose a dog could do it as well… maybe thats something else. either way, i walk pretty all the time. not really, but i try. ya know, to attract the ladies.

    By RM2 on 10.15.2009

  25. the horse trots through the forest. an apache waits in the bushes, hatchet in hand. with a sickening sound the bearded white man falls from the saddle to the forest floor. the hatchet is buried in his skull. the horse is alarmed.

    By mark on 10.15.2009

  26. Trot trot goes the horse,
    Where will I go today?
    Trot trot goes the horse,
    What will I eat today?
    This is the life of the horse.

    By Sagela on 10.15.2009