December 2nd, 2009 | 477 Entries

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477 Entries for “troops”

  1. troops are people who are trained to fight in conflicts that happen all over the world they are known as fighting for their country . troops shoot gun sometimes at people.

    By Gavan C on 12.03.2009

  2. I’m not interested. I don’t care. I don’t want to know about them. I don’t want to hear about them in the news. I don’t want them dead. I don’t want them killing other people. I don’t want to support them. I don’t want to dis them. I don’t want them. I want there to be no troops nowhere.

    By N on 12.03.2009

  3. Isn’t a troop just one person? I never understood why they call them “troops” why don’t they call them soldiers? People? Men?

    By Anna Miller on 12.03.2009

  4. fighting, many of them, given over to a mindset of obligation and honor. fighting for nothing? fighting to uphold division, between nations, throughout the world. brainwashed to some fervent patriotism. doing unjust damage to each other, brothers of the same race. but separated, so powerfully, as troops of different places..

    By Am on 12.03.2009

  5. the troops are coming. the troops have went. when will they return. when will the war be ov3er. when will the troops get to eat and spend time with their family and everythinq be fine again.

    By Avery on 12.03.2009

  6. Okay so when I see troops I of course think of Iraq and Afghanistan and the fact that Obama pledged 30,000 more to help fight the war which I think is a good thing because they need help over there and I think that more troops will make it so that they will get home faster.

    By Koala on 12.03.2009

  7. our troops deserve more respect than they get. from veterans to the soldiers over seas today, they are heroes, but are not treated as such. I think this is awful. there should be more done to make them feel needed.

    By breanna on 12.03.2009

  8. Lee Smith. Iraq war. Robert E. Lee. The civil war…revolutionary war. fighting.

    By Anonymous on 12.03.2009

  9. So much controversy, should we send them? Should we support them? Should we even have them? They are like peices in a chess game, both domestically and internationally.

    By Anonymous on 12.03.2009

  10. busy bodies of men and women. Marching for a cause for the paychecks of other men and woman who really make the wars. Its sad to see so many young men and women give thier lives to a country that should care more about them, and care more about what it is they are fighting for. Pawns.

    By Anonymous on 12.03.2009

  11. Marching from battle, weary, worn to the bone. stopping by night to sleep, post sentries for guard. Creases and furrows in our brows, set for ages to come. What have we done? Oh the things we have done…

    By Tristin on 12.03.2009

  12. not enough people suport the troops. its one thing do disagee with why they’re fighting but as long as our family and friends are risking their lives they deserve our love and support.

    By ams on 12.03.2009

  13. There are a bunch in afghanistan. One of my favorite people is there fighting this war. He’s an amazing huma being. I have no idea what hes gone trhough and it kills me o know he might not live another dy. I just think the world of him and wish i got to know him better as a person. I think maybe our relationship couldve been better.

    By Julianne on 12.03.2009

  14. There was a quiet tension to the air, from the empty skies to the well-trod earth. The uniforms were in every imaginable color, oddly including the ones that didn’t make sense; there was a hum, among most of them, like an audible echo of the tension where different factions met.

    By Pax on 12.03.2009

  15. “Bring the troops home!” the protesters cried. “Bring the troops home!”

    By Anonymous on 12.03.2009

  16. our troops have been fighting too long and are dying needlessly. why we followed or even elected bush in the first place is beyond me. why is the point of sending our troops to some country that doesnt even want our help.

    By reya on 12.03.2009

  17. armies armies armies. armies of america armies of angels after all the shows after all the glow armies armies armies still grow. troops of doops angels angels armies.

    By Cameron Gorman on 12.03.2009

  18. He could hear the explosions, and that was all he knew. He didn’t know where the rest of his group was, he didn’t know what the hell he was supposed to be doing. All he knew was that something was exploding up there, and suddenly his world was being rocked, then became oddly, terrifyingly, silent before he went blind. All he could see was light, all he could hear was silence, and he had never been so terrified.

    By Tora on 12.03.2009

  19. just send them. you know its going to happen anyway. troops want to go to to battle anyway, if you don’t send them they whine and if you do they come back damaged. it’s a lose lose. and p.s. people being president doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want and sometimes you have to hear info that may change your mind. hrumph.

    By hopey on 12.03.2009

  20. I pray that they all come home to those bucolic surroundings that call upon them everyday while they’re away; the amber sheafs of wheat, the trimmed grasses filled in each and every back yard, their forty acres. . .nevermind.

    By Michael on 12.03.2009

  21. troops flow on sloops sloppily shooting birds for fun and hopping like over-excited nuns under the orange-red sun. undrcooked fish sticks to the gums of the warweary men.

    By Monkey on 12.03.2009

  22. I likes troops. I knows one of my friends who is in Afghanistan right now. he said it was cold last night in the desert. I want dessert. I want to go to India. I should be working on homework.

    By Faith on 12.03.2009

  23. “RUN RUN RUN!” i ran as fast as i could and dashed under a log. Where were the rest of the troops? it was only bobby and i. “Take cover!” bobby screamed. i could hear the gunshots coming from the west. yes, we were doomed.

    By flora adamian on 12.03.2009

  24. They are sending more troops to Afghanistan, apparently.

    By Lisa on 12.03.2009

  25. WOrld war i. trench warfare. A whole new way of waging war. Tremendous implications on the lives of the soldiers, and the world. Why the need for such brutality? Why am i here? What am I fighting for? What am I living for? …What am I dying for?

    By Ariel on 12.03.2009

  26. troop surge has got to be one of the most brutal descriptions of an offensive military movement that there is. I always picture thousands of men, climbing over each other, a bulbous mob bursting at the seam. I think it’s also inaccurate.

    By kevin on 12.03.2009

  27. the troops made there way through the streets, there backs heavily ladded with cargo. they did not look around. did not glace at the people around them. did not look at the houses. they did not need to see the faces to feel the hate and to know they would not go home

    By Anonymous on 12.03.2009

  28. Obama’s newest plan is to send 35,000 more troops to Afghanistan. This is really stupid. We should be pulling out of Afghanistan, not sending more soldiers in to be killed. Boo, Obama, boo. Poor planning. F for eFFort. I hope someone smacks you upside the back of the head and tells you what a dumb idea this is. I hope someone sends you a list of all the people you indavertantly kill.

    By Sara on 12.03.2009

  29. As in Boy Scouts? When I was a Boy Scout, I earned my wilderness survival merit badge. It was awesome because they just dragged us out into the middle of the woods and left us there with no shelter or anything. It rained that night, but me, my brother, and 3 friends built the most bitchin’ lean-to you’ve ever seen.

    By Ryan on 12.03.2009

  30. irag a place of despair yet quite inspirational to those that have been lost. you will never be forgotten god bless.

    By shane on 12.03.2009

  31. Troops.
    Giving up their lives.
    Supporting our cause.
    Spreading our rights.
    Killing for “justice.”
    Wishing for home.
    Mistreating their own.

    By Greg on 12.03.2009

  32. troops

    By troops on 12.03.2009

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    By loooooooooogan on 12.03.2009

  34. The troops over in Iraq…

    By Whah? on 12.03.2009

  35. make the troops leave the town, they

    By karla on 12.03.2009

  36. troops

    By kayla Wandsnider on 12.03.2009

  37. troops

    By kayla Wandsnider on 12.03.2009