December 3rd, 2009 | 216 Entries

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216 Entries for “crane”

  1. a squeletton with an empty head and a sword and too many people fighting and aladdin is winning the angelina came and destroyed everybody but then a doctor came and asked for the xray

    By zahi on 12.04.2009

  2. crane in french means the cranium which is my obsession in life because i want to become a neurosurgeon.but i have no clue what it could mean in english.but i think it’s some metal tool or maybe not

    By sam on 12.04.2009

  3. Cranes are used for construction. At Gabby’s in Nashville, TN there a construction company working on the street near the restaurant. It’s reeeaaall loud.

    By MyKohl on 12.04.2009

  4. The only cranes i know of are paper ones. Little asian people make them sometimes out of construction paper. No hate at all. I am amazed at how crafty they can make these little objects out of paper. It must be the small, delicate fingers that allow this to happen.

    By Will on 12.04.2009

  5. cranes fly above the marsh. their wings move silently over the water and create only a ripple. it is midnight. they were once happier in the water, but they, too, felt the urge to move.

    By sunny on 12.04.2009

  6. paper cranes, I used to fold them. My favorite part, was when you pulled the wings out, and the bird finally had it’s wings outstretched. I crane my neck to see you; you’re so far away. Don’t fly away, I won’t have a crane that can reach high enough to get you back.

    By S. Smile on 12.04.2009

  7. Uncle Tommy brought the boom of the crane up. It hit the power lines overhead. Too bad he was also submerged partially in the river. It fried him like bacon and dad had to watch. He couldn’t help his brother.

    By pk on 12.04.2009

  8. swing wide your crane and run me through

    By clt on 12.04.2009

  9. as i started towards the crane, a high screetch came from behind me. i swnung around, only to be face to face with a giant turtle.

    By Anonymous on 12.04.2009

  10. The graceful crane dipped its majestic beak into the cool water. the fish saw around the foreign object, inquiring about its nature.

    By Paisley on 12.04.2009

  11. “Did you see the bird in the sky?”
    “There!” She pointed, her arm blocking most of his vision but he didn’t mind. At that moment, what was important to him was the sweet smell of her body wash, not the long-legged bird floating lazily above the trees.
    “Yeah, I see it.”

    By SamR on 12.04.2009

  12. crane crane crane crane crane crane crane crane crane

    By Anonymous on 12.04.2009

  13. I read that one book about Sadoku and the thousand paper cranes
    and I used to think I could do that too.. so I started making a lot of cranes
    But it never really worked
    Because I only got up to like 20 maybe

    By Chelly on 12.04.2009

  14. i crane my neck to see something, a bird, well i really don’t know. cranes are beautiful birds, however, and they are fun to draw. maybe one day i will paint one. people with long necks remind me of cranes.

    By Daniella on 12.04.2009

  15. the big yellow cranes are scary.
    I wonder what it is like driving one.
    I’d wanna drvie one or move it whatever.
    They look excititing.
    Something one msut do before turning 18 maybe.
    Not likely.

    By Lo on 12.04.2009

  16. He craned his head over the top of the windowsill to see what all the big people were staring at. Jeffrey saw the small family, a man

    By Dannah on 12.04.2009