March 1st, 2010 | 336 Entries

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336 Entries for “triangle”

  1. triangle is a shape. it has 3 sides. a ship sail is triangular. i don’t really know what else to write about triangles.

    By mary grace on 03.02.2010

  2. There once was a very angular, three-sided son of bitch named Chester. And Chester, my friends, was a triangle of the worst sorts. He had a lady for every corner and a man for every side. When Chester walked the streets, all around would say, “That man may be a triangle, but he’s more man than even the mightiest hexagon.”

    By Cassie on 03.02.2010

  3. three sides, holistic, geometry, big, small, makes kite shapes when you put two together.

    By sb on 03.02.2010

  4. MY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! Oh wow. I haven’t thought of that place in such a long time. Triangle Elementary. Ah, the memories. Miss Ray, Miss Blendinger (turned Mrs. Fitzgerald shortly after), Miss Meyers, Mrs. Grimaldi… Damn. I think I liked the teachers better than kids my age. Definitely liked them better.

    By Rich on 03.02.2010

  5. soh cah toa…. enough said

    By gg on 03.02.2010

  6. Triangles make me think of math, and I quit math in high school. At the time it made sense – I was good at math, but I pretty much hated it. It doesn’t make much sense now. I’m in a major that I’m pretty much terrible at, and a minor that I am even more useless in.

    All along I could have just been good at math.

    Fucking math.

    By chelsey on 03.02.2010

  7. Triangles. Something you should avoid if you are 3D modelling. Two of them make a quadrilateral. Something love tends to come in. Something in Bermuda. Something that makes a sound.

    By Kyrul on 03.02.2010

  8. “The formula of finding an area of a triangle is … 1/2 times base times height . ” our mathematics teacher , Ms Lu said .

    By caris on 03.02.2010

  9. That instrument they always seemed to give the most incompetent child in school to play during music class. “Here Kelly, you can play the tri-an-gle! Just ting…ting on every 4th beat, can you do that? Faaanntastic.”

    By Vanessa URL on 03.02.2010

  10. a2+b2=c2
    math. I hate math Im not gooda t math at all and it sucks! it also makes me thing of a three some and love triangles…ummm……..other shapes…squares circles rhomous..oo sonny with a chance…monkey monkey underpants

    By aubrey on 03.02.2010

  11. We sat in a triangle. The three of us hand in hand as we promised to keep our friendship forever.

    I haven’t talked to you in 3 years.

    By Jill on 03.02.2010

  12. Reminiscent of the pyramid, associated with power. equal on all side, has a high point.

    By Colleen on 03.02.2010

  13. Triangles are three-sided polygons whose angular sum is 180 degrees. They are also the strongest architectural shape.

    By J.J. Kondrich URL on 03.02.2010

  14. i hate triangles, and geometry all the angles, and the headaches… i much prefer the square, and the simple formula that comes with…
    i HATE love triangles…

    and the headache that comes with THAT.

    By kAMANI Henderson on 03.02.2010

  15. connection of 3

    By issang on 03.02.2010

  16. There are lovers triangles, the Bermuda triangle. A triangle has 3 angles & 3 sides that are not always equal, but always there. A triangle can represent closure or the lack thereof, a constant cycle.

    By Katherine URL on 03.02.2010