February 28th, 2010 | 302 Entries

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302 Entries for “idiot”

  1. Idiot. That’s what all those people who overstress themselves should be called. Affectionately, of course. And ironically, too, as they are obviously all incredibly intelligent. But they don’t sleep much. How idiotic, I think, not to sleep if capable.

    By Kara on 03.01.2010

  2. there seems to be an abundance of people like this in the world though, these people at times seem to be what is idolized so it makes me wonder is it better to be smart and insignificant or dumb and important

    By Jordan Larson on 03.01.2010

  3. someone who doesnt understand that being able to listen to other people is actually the key to intelligence.

    By esther on 03.01.2010

  4. The word “Idiot” appears at the top of my screen. I think that there isnt really any good reason for it to be there and no matter how interesting I try to be, the subject is very vague. Who is an idiot? Are you an idiot? Am I? Who is to say? Fuck your mouth. Run out of material. Wait shit out of time

    By erikgranger URL on 03.01.2010

  5. You’re a fucking idiot, she said to me. You’re never going to have a real life, real friends, real anything. She said that I was doomed, just as she was, to get caught up in the glamorous life of being high and barely living off of monthly checks. I was destined for failure because she was my mother, but I knew she was really talking about herself.

    By Kayla on 03.01.2010

  6. “idiot,” she whispers, and the word stings like venom. he winces, turns and begins the long walk away, knowing that it’s only a matter of steps before he’s retraced his steps and ends up at her side again.

    By reni on 03.01.2010

  7. I am a complete idiot! The other day as I was walking down the street I ran into an old lady and knocked her over. She is now in hospital and has a broken hip!

    By Anne Doak on 03.01.2010

  8. a perfect idiot for staying up so late. shall I be thus condemned, even if by staying up late I’m learning, I’m learning?

    often am I searching when I should be sleeping.

    By Charlotte Ravenswood on 03.01.2010

  9. That idiot. The clown in the back of the class, the asshole going 50 in the passing lane. The bitch that broke my heart.

    By David Logan on 03.01.2010

  10. I was watching that.
    Then you’re an idiot.
    But you are in that chair…

    By Blanche. on 03.01.2010

  11. people that don’t follow logic
    the favorite word of idiots
    lost it’s meaning
    what if everyone was one
    this is not as easy as you think
    maybe I am one

    By david r on 03.01.2010

  12. Why does this word exist. Why do meaningless, demeaning words litter the english language. With the eradication of words like this the world would be a better place. Lets not focus on treating people like “idiots” and start validating eachother.

    By Doug on 03.01.2010

  13. Idiot means “cannot speak” or without words. In Ireland it has been corrupted to “eejit.” it is quite a strong word that has lost it’s power due to common usage. I guess a baby would technically be an idiot.

    By A student on 03.01.2010

  14. the guy was a complete idiot. I couldnt believe he would just stand there while I was crying. He just stood there and let me cry. didnt have an expression on his face. didnt hold me to make me feel better. just stood there like an idiot. Im glad he is not in my life any more. glad to be rid of him. Paul, that idiot.

    By Lucy Roberts on 03.01.2010

  15. they are all idiots. the people who don’t help clean up the world. it takes almost no effort to help just a little bit but nobody wants to even do that. They leave their garbage every where. And waste electricity and over use plastic. How are your kinds going to live?

    By Alison on 03.01.2010

  16. my boyfriend is a complete idiot. he does without thinking. everytime we go out he embarasses me. my parents hate him. but why dont i leave?
    because i love him.

    By jessica on 03.01.2010

  17. I hate being considered an idiot. Sometimes, around Zach, I feel like one, if only for the fact that the dude is a fucking encyclopedia for no reason I can fathom.
    Where’d he get all the freaking info? I have an idea, now, but I feel like some special kind of dolt for not being able to retain what I keep in class. Got to work on that, if only to be able to hold my own whenever he feels all competitive and know-it-all-ish again.
    Jesus, this sounds childlike and bitter. Silly, silly.

    By Matt on 03.01.2010

  18. It has never crossed my mind that I could be an idiot at the most unbelievable event. I feel like ducking my head into the floor and …

    By Usula on 03.01.2010

  19. I remember once, I met a guy who just couldn’t shut up about anything. Ever. If he has something he thinks that something is funny, he MUST share it. I hate him for it. Because he is an annoying idiot.

    By noah on 03.01.2010

  20. You’re an idiot. It’s probably bad that the first thing I think of is an insult. Something psychological, I suppose–I have some innate misanthropy or something. I should work on that.

    By Leah on 03.01.2010

  21. I am an idiot!

    By Anne on 03.01.2010

  22. I am an idiot I have lots of things I need to be doing but cannot do because I keep stubling. A kid I know has tarrets. He stumbles when he talkes, but he is not an idiot. I am in idiot. The last surviving idiot. I am dead. Goodbye

    By Mary on 03.01.2010