June 30th, 2010 | 237 Entries

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237 Entries for “trend”

  1. In this city, one thing only is constant. Fashions come and go, each different and just as silly as the last, but no matter the covering: People are fat and getting fatter.

    By Pruxi URL on 07.01.2010

  2. a trend is like a pattern. there are many kinds of trends. fashion trends, economic trends, trends in voting patterns etc. these all involve patterns of behavior over time for a certain group of poeple. of course there’s also the meaning trendy, or a trend that people follow because they want to seem cool.

    By Eric Chen on 07.01.2010

  3. hipsters are trendy. they wear tight pants and ear stretchings to match their pink shirts and swoopy hair.

    By Jessica Rabbit on 07.01.2010

  4. trends are peculiar things. created by people of certain opinion to tell other people of certain and most likely, different opinion how to think, dress, act and talk. absurd.

    By naomi URL on 07.01.2010

  5. Is this the same thing as a fad? Do we get caught up in these? A fad seems to be a single thing…a trend is more of an ongoing phase.

    By sondra spinks on 07.01.2010

  6. The hottest trend, the newest shoes, the way you look to others is the most important thing in the world. It’s how the world sees you. It’s who you are to strangers. It’s all your life is. It’s GOD.

    By Emerald URL on 07.01.2010

  7. something people follow sometimes with out thinking about the consequence or how stupid the may seem to others or even themselves later on. trends are for sheep people with out there own sense of style or self .i it is easier to fit in rather that be a individual. so stand out in a crown is a scary thought to some, not the creative extroverted type to be the centre of attention by wearing interesting clothing rather that a trend is a scary thing for some, makes them nervous

    By Keyah Abbott on 07.01.2010

  8. Trend. Five letter word of worthless crap. Pick something you’ll always like. Pick something you can look at in five years and still be happy with it.

    By Bluelips on 07.01.2010

  9. I hate this stupid trend. I hate how everyone’s just latched on to like it’s the best thing in the world. When really, it’s not. It’s just a thing. It’s just like pants that are baggy but tight on the bottom, or shirts that are all different colors. They don’t last. Something new will come along, and when it does you’ll forget all about this right-now trend. You’ll wonder why you ever subscribed to this right-now trend.

    By Stef URL on 07.01.2010

  10. Its not just a trend when you can’t stand to see the same paisley pattern plastered upon some plastic girl with putrid purple makeup that is supposed to make her eyes pop but only makes her out to look more like a prostitute.

    By Kat URL on 07.01.2010

  11. I think trends are stupid. Because I don’t think anyone actually follows them. What they should do to decide trends is look at the majority and go with that. Not have some high-up person with their head in the clouds not grounded in reality make it up. That’s just stupid.

    By Stars on 07.01.2010

  12. Some people have a really hard time deciding whether or not they want to follow a trend. It can be hard. To you conform to what everyone likes or do you stay an individual? What if you really like it? And that’s what you have to do. Decide if YOU like it or not. Screw everyone else. It’s only trendy if you think so.

    By Carlie URL on 07.01.2010

  13. What is the point of fashion trends? You pay a ton of money for furry boots or cashmere coats, and then they’re as stylish as tie-dye in a month.

    By Caroline URL on 07.01.2010

  14. I love trends, I really do. But it’s more fun to do my own thing, y’know. Being original beats a trend any day.

    By Tess URL on 07.01.2010

  15. “I think this is a good idea,” he said, poking the shop window. A large glass jar with a spigot in the bottom reflected his face back at him. “They’re cool.”
    “It’s a new trend,” she said, not paying attention.

    By Dana W URL on 07.01.2010

  16. Up and down
    Up and down
    follow the trend
    past present
    predict the future

    By R. on 07.01.2010

  17. It only leads to a dead end when you join in on the newest trend. Don’t follow the bend, instead try and mend and defend like a guardian once said.

    By Justin B URL on 07.01.2010

  18. The sheep go on and on about their lives, completing charts and the like. Soon they will feel the truth tise in their organs like sunsets during the afternoon. It’s ok, though.

    By Ralgy Cepeda on 07.01.2010

  19. Trends are so irritating. I was looking back yesterday at what “used to be cool” and it’s something I wouldn’t for the world where today. Okay, so I’m a bit under their control myself. Like I said, irritating.

    By Janette on 07.01.2010

  20. It was a trend to be gay now a days. The trend, in my opinion, has gotten way out of hand; I’m actually gay and I can’t tell who is and who is just gay for attention. Stupid trends, awful things they are. If it were a trend to wear your socks on your hands, I bet you people would follow it. If it were a trend to kill squirrels and wear them as bags, people would wear them.

    By Liz on 07.01.2010

  21. I am not trying to follow the latest trend. I want to set the latest trend! You got that?

    By C. Preston on 07.01.2010

  22. Life is only a trend, dying is a fad. Finding your soul is what existence is all about.

    By Jackie URL on 07.01.2010

  23. I don’t care to hear about another new trend! We need to get back to the basics! What about good old fashion social behaviors and hard work?

    By C. Preston on 07.01.2010

  24. Fake.

    It’s the latest trend, and everyone seems to be in style.

    By sentinel's glory on 07.01.2010

  25. what the hell is this website? i can’t think I am at work. gotta roll those stogies. we only have 20 seconds. i don’t really have 30 seconds then do I, especcially if you let me contimue untill the period. hak

    By roy on 07.01.2010

  26. Trends are popular things.
    They make you or break you.
    It’s a median between many.
    A trend is in. A trend is a style.

    By catherine on 07.01.2010

  27. Following the trend isn’t always a bad thing, in my opinion. The iPhone, for example, is a trend that everyone should follow (not the iPhone 4).

    By john URL on 07.01.2010

  28. A trend is something everyone will take part in. Even something as simple as waking up at a certain time is a trend. Humans as a species invent new trends every year, every decade, and every millennium.

    By Chris Lee on 07.01.2010

  29. What makes a trend? Who starts it? When does a trend become a mainstream fashion or occurrence. Is there a timeline? I

    By Debra on 07.01.2010

  30. “Sure, it’s the latest trend, Marcia declared artfully arranging her suit as she sat back down at the long mahogany conference table. “But should we really all shave our heads just because Angelina did?” She shook her head and her long, auburn hair fell in a shimmering curtain. “Maybe I don’t want to be that fashionable after all.”

    By Izolda URL on 07.01.2010

  31. sometimes I like trends… my newest trend is to be me. and to wear comfortable what I feel like wearing without wondering what others think about it….sometimes really hard to do. challening but good.

    By tehese108 URL on 07.01.2010

  32. Trend of mowing grass every weekend is coming to a screetching halt. It’s passe anyway. Why not let the grass grow to its natural end? I think the trend is due to be over.

    By Todd URL on 07.01.2010

  33. i hate this. I don’t like it when people start it and i don’t like when people follow it. be yourself. no one needs to start a trend. they suck. this website might start to become trendy…hope that doesnt happen, cuz i like this website…i may keep it a secret…

    By Billy on 07.01.2010

  34. good. cool. perfect. but i dont care.
    it doesnt matter for me.
    i wear what i really want.
    it must be like that.
    i like it. this a good game. a game about writig something about a word. such a good idea.

    By gymn on 07.01.2010

  35. you don’t know who you are. you’re a part of the in-crowd, you lost yourself in the trends, and you don’t even know it.

    By kaitlyn URL on 07.01.2010

  36. i wrote about.
    who makes it? i dont know. nobody knows.

    By gymn URL on 07.01.2010

  37. The trend of the stock market is to go down, or hopefully up. The trend in fashion is to wear bold, bright colors and gladiator style heels. Through it all, I prefer to maintain a classic style and a steady pace.

    By Keartine URL on 07.01.2010