June 29th, 2010 | 313 Entries

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313 Entries for “carve”

  1. He tried his hardest to carve their initials into the tree, it always looked so easy in the films, but the blade of his cheap penknife was working against him, mocking him

    By polgara URL on 06.30.2010

  2. it never changes. every day the same. you sit down, she hands you a piece of soft wet clay and you carve. you let out all your frustration with those old rusty tools and you shape the clay with the control you don’t have in your real life.

    By HelenR on 06.30.2010

  3. He carved out time to spend with her. She was so beautiful, so fragile. He did nothing without her face in the forefront of his mind. The room was ready, the bed, the best he could afford, plush carpeting and a gas fireplace in the corner. He even put opaque, impenetrable glass on the windows so they could not be broken, either from the outside or in.

    By Kelley URL on 06.30.2010

  4. Today I thought I wanted to carve away at my past. Just sort of take out the parts that I’m tired of looking at. That are holding me back. But it won’t happen, because things just don’t work that way.

    By Leora on 06.30.2010

  5. his carving knife was missing. the whole family was rejoined for Thanksgiving, and all they had to carve the turkey was a chainsaw and some matchsticks.

    By Ionut Trif on 06.30.2010

  6. Juicy, mouthwatering and irresistable…she carves the turkey as the family gathers round. Thanksgiving…rich with memories, reminder of sorrows…empty chairs now filled with a new spouse or baby. As she carves the turkey I am reminded of the ever-flowing elements that make life vibrant.

    By Liz on 06.30.2010

  7. I think last october on that one birthday party i went to. It was for a friend that i don’t really talk to that much. We carved pumpkins

    By Jason on 06.30.2010

  8. carving into me
    like a knife
    that’s killing me

    i can’t run
    i can’t hide
    i don’t want to let anyone help
    no one can see
    even if they wanted to
    i don’t think

    By NP Rikan URL on 06.30.2010

  9. carve them out ALL of them, children, and don’t even skip one. bad boy, James. that one is wrong.come to the back room, kid.

    By ofiniso URL on 06.30.2010

  10. He was a master.

    Hailey watched in awe as the craftsman carved the small figurine with deft, precise strokes. He was better then any she had ever seen. For one short moment she felt a rush of thankfulness to her father for signing her up for this. Sure, he was simply trying to get her out of his house and sight for the summer, but if she was indeed going to learn the art of sculpture from this man, she was indebted.

    Not that she intended or enjoyed owing her father something.

    “Your turn.”

    Hailey looked up in shock as the man handed her his carving tools and a block of what looked like marble, but might’ve been limestone.


    By flamingparadise URL on 06.30.2010

  11. Carve a little space for you – one that only you can access. That space is yours to do, think, and say anything.

    By john URL on 06.30.2010

  12. The knife slid through the easy flesh of the pumpkin as i began to carve a smile onto its face. The carving part was slightly easy, but not by much, it was right up there with removing its innards.

    By Meg URL on 06.30.2010

  13. Carve is a word associated with thanksgiving, most notably the carving of the turkey. To carve the turkey is an honor held most high. You have reached male adulthood if you are asked to ca

    By tbruner on 06.30.2010

  14. carving is something you do to leave a message. into a wall, into a schoolgirl/boy desk during a lecture, into a candle… they can all express a lot of things. i’m watching a movie called ‘hot chick’. there is no carving going on in there, that’s fo’ sho’. xD

    By velveeta styrene URL on 06.30.2010

  15. I chip away at the bark of the tree, carving out the tiny letters at the base of the trunk. Tiny woodchips are scattered around my feet. I turn away when i’m done and look back at the miniscule words… ‘i want to die’.

    By sinead on 06.30.2010

  16. scratching
    digging your nails
    my skin to reach
    my veins to reach
    my heart

    By Melanie Duncan URL on 06.30.2010

  17. I was always intrigued by my father’s electric carving knife. It made this whirring sound when he plugged it in. He seemed to have so much authority while he was carving the

    By Maggie on 06.30.2010

  18. She was carving a heart in the wood.

    ‘Who’s that for?’

    ‘No one. It’s just a doodle.’


    ‘Utterly,’ she smiled.

    By Raiya Moon URL on 06.30.2010

  19. lolwtf was ist das it’s in english i cant read dis

    ololol wtf z0mfg r0xx0rz boxx0rz äh ja ööööh hmpf lame guck nicht das ist blöddd =(

    By Pattn on 06.30.2010

  20. i used to carve things in my skin when i was young, reminders that will stay with me forever.
    lovers have carved themselves into my heart, now they’re with me forever.
    memories hurt a lot more then any scar ever has
    i wish i could get rid of the pain.

    By Delilah URL on 06.30.2010

  21. Carve out that smile in your delicious face. Carve out the lies I’ve told you. Carve it into the most ugly jack-o-lantern ever created, because it’s all you’ve got.

    By Hannah URL on 06.30.2010

  22. The chef slowly moved the sharp blade through the piece of succulent beef. The aroma of BBQ meat filled the room. The smell was intoxicating.

    By Mr_Lister URL on 06.30.2010

  23. You practically carved your initials into my skin. I am yours always. But when you left you used the same knife to gut my heart and leave it empty.

    By Zara on 06.30.2010

  24. i once carved my name into a pole on my way to Roanoke. it said Tiffany was here, im finally going to get noticed

    By tiffany URL on 06.30.2010

  25. carve this heart to a shape more unassuming. Make it like the cartoonists envisioned. Happy. Whole.

    By Kevin on 06.30.2010

  26. Every Halloween we carve pumpkins into grotesque and gruesome faces. We do this to appease children, mostly through the appeasement of adults. We then dress up in costumes, from the cute to the slutty, and insist on door-to-door begging for candy. I love Halloween. The next step in this holiday endeavor is Thanksgiving, when the process starts again with the carving of turkey.

    By Laura Ponath on 06.30.2010

  27. an ink carving is being put on my skin. the pain is superficial. it’s almost what keeps me coming back every time. the needle bites in quick and sharp making… art. making me what i want to be and what i want others to see. it’s not just a carving

    By Selena URL on 06.30.2010

  28. a pumpkin lays on the ground with a face made of angst, the knife used to create such an art was bloody days later was it magic or horror that hurt so many? No will ever know but none the less she is gone.

    By Holly on 06.30.2010

  29. Daddy always carved the turkey for Thanksgiving. It was strange to see a new man in his place. But after Daddy died, Mom said she needed someone to replace him. This man will never take the place of Daddy.

    By Rebecca URL on 06.30.2010

  30. I watch away and you carve
    your name into my wrist
    just to make sure i never forget
    who truly meant
    anything to me.

    By Toray on 06.30.2010

  31. he took me to our usual meeting place, where he led my fingers to carve our names on the wet cement, so we would always be in this place, together.

    By vidia on 06.30.2010

  32. Turkey. Only once a year. Unless you eat lunch meat. But that turkey is of a different standard. Thanksgiving turkey is the kind you only wish to eat once a year. But really- its all about the stuffing. And the mashed potatoes- but the stuffing. yumm.

    By Ghia URL on 06.30.2010

  33. To carve is to remove something. One most likely thinks of carving a pumpkin or maybe father carving the turkey at thanksgiving. Maybe even a snowboarder carving up some snow.

    By Miguel on 06.30.2010