July 1st, 2010 | 207 Entries

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207 Entries for “salute”

  1. Back straight
    Head high
    Eyes forward
    Hand stiff at the brow
    Starched green fabric ironed to the crease

    By bree URL on 07.02.2010

  2. Every day on my ride to work, I give the ole’ one finger salute to the drivers in front of me. It never fails; every day there is someone who doesn’t understand what a speed limit is, doesn’t understand that the passing lane is for passing only, and doesn’t understand that turn signals aren’t optional.

    By LManns URL on 07.02.2010

  3. Salute the flag. Just do it. Don’t ask any question, especially not “why?”.

    By Sakiko URL on 07.02.2010

  4. Salute the flag. Just do it. Don’t ask any questions, especially not “why?”.

    By Sakiko URL on 07.02.2010

  5. savior: same story every night
    a bird cries outside my window.
    lose my footing as i climb to reach it
    unsteadily i fall
    trying to save it from its pain
    everyone suffers untouchably.

    By meg URL on 07.02.2010

  6. The young soldier saw his superior enter the room. His body went rigid and his arm came up so he could salute, just like his dad had taught him. The older commander offered a weak smile, “Son, you aren’t going to be nearly as happy to see me in a few moments.” The soldier was confused, and his arm very slowly dropped back to his side. “You’re being sent home. Your parents interrupted a robbery and… they were killed…” He finished, and the soldiers entire world came crashing around him.

    By CeraLyn URL on 07.02.2010

  7. salute to your dearest nature. my sweet presence u envollope me kindly. swiftly. and gracefully.. welcome the new day and join hands

    By ashley on 07.02.2010