June 5th, 2012 | 300 Entries

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300 Entries for “treaty”

  1. Making things work? Compromising? He hated the idea. These people were bad news, so why try to reason with them? You can’t reason with crazy. There was no way he would sign it. In his head he started to plan a way to take each and every one of them out before they had time to recover.

    By Elise URL on 06.06.2012

  2. Siblings. It happens every time–Mom walks out the door and pandemonium breaks out. You fight each other like feral animals, only to eventually make a treaty just as Mom pulls up the drive at the end of the afternoon.

    By Ave on 06.06.2012

  3. When a peace treaty is signed between husband and wife, who keeps the document? For some of us, it’s the God of our relationship who holds us accountable.

    By Cynthia Ruchti URL on 06.06.2012

  4. I suppose you could say we agreed on a treaty. Except he had no idea what the treaty was, of course. I was holding the pen, a proverbial sword above his soft proverbial neck. I could make all the demands I wanted. And he got nothing in return. It felt good.

    By KellyH. on 06.06.2012

  5. There was a boy called josh. he went down to the shops, past the school, onto the courtyard and to the canteen where he purchase a small bag, o so small, but o so good full of snakes and shiz. not his favourite but still a treateeeey.

    By Ashley Kent on 06.06.2012

  6. Listening to the radio, the announcer talks about a treaty with Israel. I don’t know anything about Israel’s treaty. I exist in my own little world. Filled with news about animals, animal advocacy and my own critters.

    By michelle on 06.06.2012

  7. walking a mile in someone’s shoes
    let us write a treaty
    peace vs. peace
    and a few other words
    maybe we’ll see
    the better side
    of the looking glass

    By simhaétoile on 06.06.2012

  8. Well, I had a LOT of treats today. Cupcakes, burnt cupcakes, icing, cookies, chocolate, ritz crackers. So much stuff! I know a treaty is not about TREATS, but I just decided to write about that because yeah. I feel fat and I need to stop eating all of this crap. The cupcakes weren’t even burnt but me and my friend kind of screwed them up. So ummm yeah I’m done now.

    By Caroline on 06.06.2012

  9. Treaty is but a word for a draw between two people who are afraid of one another. At treaty is a false security. There always comes a way when one or the other breaks it for a better chance.

    By Sharon on 06.06.2012

  10. There was a treaty now set between the two groups. Mounted on their horses they all made their way back to their home town fully armored and without any bloodshed,

    By Famk on 06.06.2012

  11. I just wanted to be with him forever. But our war was intense and we lost ourselves. And no matter how hard we tried our love could not find a treaty.

    By Shay on 06.06.2012

  12. Treaty, that’s all it would take. A treaty to end all of our suffering and all of our doubt. Our leaders would have our utmost love and devotion but they could not find a way to come into agreement. But that’s how it always is.

    By Shay on 06.06.2012

  13. A pact between to countries, or people. A treaty helps to make peace. Treaties are something you learn about in government class.

    By Sarah on 06.06.2012

  14. In the highest tree of the forest, the squirrels and woodpeckers had a meeting. An agreement was being made to limit each group’s foraging to different times of the day. However, squirrels and woodpeckers have never gotten along, so, they argued about every term of the agreement, even it’s title.

    “It’s a pact!” Shouted the Squirrels.
    “No, it’s a Treaty!” Retorted the Woodpeckers.

    Until finally they all agreed. It was a packed tree.

    By Land of Dave URL on 06.06.2012

  15. It sure is a treat to find someone willing to extend a treaty to you.
    They may be apprehensive at first, but once you discuss how much of a treat a treaty is, they will succumb to your smile.
    Ain’t that a treaty

    By arturo rodriguez on 06.06.2012

  16. Let’s make peace, you and I
    Let’s end the world, you and I
    when we work, hand in hand
    we are unstoppable
    so for you, here is my peace maker
    my treaty
    to declare the following:
    I will try my damnedest
    to make your…our dreams come true
    I am your partner
    You are the captain, I am your first mate
    I can be the whole crew
    I will take you somewhere new
    I will be the one whose there to run to
    I will not leave your side
    I will fight
    I will die
    I will be your strength
    I will take away the pain
    I will pick you up when you fall
    I will listen
    I will care for you
    death before dishonor, my dear
    and all I ask for in return-
    unconditional love.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 06.06.2012

  17. What is a treaty really? A way for people to make sure who their friends actually are in this twisted world. If only people could keep their word and live in peace not out of greed, then we would not need such a concept.

    By B on 06.06.2012

  18. We’ve managed to agree on a treaty of some sort. I’ll try to forget. You’ll try to remember. It won’t happen again. Our détente is tentative at the moment.

    By Andie on 06.06.2012

  19. Treaty makes me think of two things – Tits (titties, sounds the same, I’m a guy, what can I do) and peace treaties. I live in Israel so we have quite a lot of these. None of them are true. The arabs hate us, we hate them. I don’t think it’s ever going to change. it’s sad, but true. That’s life in the middle east for ya. sorry to disappoint.

    By Udi URL on 06.06.2012

  20. A document that binds lands and unions. Catherine the Great used treaties to hold Poland in place and align herself with the Prussian empire. Treaties have been used since some still in place; others brocken because of greed, ego and agricultural expansion. Hilter famously reniged on multipule treaties especally the German-Russian one alligning these two countries in 1939.

    By Anne on 06.06.2012

  21. this makes me think of my AP hist snd gov classes in highschool, and how i had to remember what treaty was for what and having to include them in essays an now i just remembered the ap hist test and how afterwards i realized i used the wrong treaty

    By Neemo on 06.06.2012

  22. I met up with them and we proceeded to assemble in the Great Hall. Today was the day. It was actually happen. Would they hear our argument? Did we have a chance of winning them over? All these thoughts raced through my panicked mind.

    By Anjali on 06.06.2012

  23. If the dire consequences are feared to happen by the continuation of a conflict. A treaty is drawn up to insure the survival of two or more sides. Now that being the official answer lets examine the true answer. The truth is that both sides are either losing public support for the war, so they wait till hatred and ignorance begin to boil up again and then use that excuse break the treaty again. Ain’t it wonderful.

    By River Ranter URL on 06.06.2012

  24. the treaty of versailles was signed at the end of WW2 by germany, who had no say in what was in the treaty. Woodrow wilson suggested fourteen points for the treaty to be based on. france and britain also had a say in the treaty. france wanted to be harsh on germany and make them pay. USA wanted to be leniant and help them recover fast. Britain said they wanted to be harsh but wanted them to recover fast so the could begin trading with germany again.

    By laura taylor on 06.06.2012

  25. The other day my Civics teacher told me what it means. I suppose I’ll never really understand it. But I think most treaties are full of lies. The foundations are lies. But then again, a lot of things in this world are built based on lies.

    By Christie URL on 06.06.2012

  26. A treaty is a political pact that attempts to force each signee to observe strict rules relatiing to the subject of the pact. The pact can be security, trade, social, and almost any other disputed or needed protections from one nation dominating or being subjected to domination by othere.

    By Tom Damron on 06.06.2012

  27. union ship,being united and working together with one another. Having an agreement with a group of people.

    By linda on 06.06.2012

  28. The french and indian war ended in a treaty i forget the name of it. but i had learned about this in history class. I really didn’t care much to learn about it. But i guess i should’ve listened to it. Mabey if i did i would’ve done better on my final.

    By Tamara on 06.06.2012

  29. Treaty. reminds me of treats. Which reminds me of DQ’s Heath bar blizzard. Perfect for hot summer days like today. Nothing can go wrong when you have ice cream with chocolate candy in it.

    By abbey on 06.06.2012

  30. The other day my Civics teacher told me what it means. I suppose I’ll never really understand it. Most treaties are full of lies. The foundations are lies. But then again, a lot of things in this world are built based on lies.

    By ChristieLovestoWrite URL on 06.06.2012

  31. I’m unsure if I’d like to concur.

    By Dinah B =] on 06.06.2012

  32. A treaty. A pact. An agreement. A formal document between two or more states in reference to peace. Sometimes I wonder if treaties actually do make peace between people. If a simple piece of paper can make peace, why can’t we make peace just by talking?

    By Damaris on 06.06.2012

  33. Bob slid th e treaty across the table. His nemisis, Evil Joe O’Reily was the head of the corporation that wanted to take his land. He thought that if he came to bargain with him, then maybe, just maybe… he could save his land.

    Joe O’Reily laughed as he scanned the document. “This is what you want to save your farm with?”

    By Lauren on 06.06.2012

  34. An agreement between two sides or another. Often a sign of an alliance or an improvement in relationship.

    By Angela on 06.06.2012

  35. Dark Days + Treaty of Treason = The Hunger Games
    Katniss + Treaty of Treason = Mockingjay

    By Billy on 06.06.2012

  36. A treaty is an agreement between two ore more parties that were formerly in disagreement, usually somewhat violent. Opposite sides of a battle, war, or other argument form a treaty to give clear definititions of the compromises being made to end the disagreement.

    By Norah on 06.06.2012

  37. They couldn’t seem to agree on much, and it took many days to agree on just a few things. Finally, the treaty they worked out wasn’t totally acceptable to either side, but at least the dogs would get walked every day.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 06.06.2012

  38. ” I will never sign the treaty!” said the captain in a fury. He was unable to admit defeat to anyone, but especially to his own brother.

    By Jordan on 06.06.2012

  39. They had been at war for ages. Generations had grown and died without knowing anything different. Nobody knew how to fix it. They needed a treaty, but they couldn’t agree on anything.

    By Kathryn on 06.06.2012

  40. PEace treaty? Didn’t know we were at war… AT war? For what.. What is the reason. WHen all of the weary worlds troubles cannot be solved w/ war. Why not expend that energy for solutions and the treaty will no longer be needed.

    By Leelee on 06.06.2012