December 23rd, 2009 | 890 Entries

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890 Entries for “mist”

  1. mist in my eyes, as I watch you fade away, in the same way as the waves turned back that day. I see your face blurring now. I know the time has come… mist is all I see now. I’ll miss you…

    By Anonymous on 09.30.2009

  2. mist is one of the whitest things in the world. it-s so beutiful i csn only think of nothing more fluffy than mist. I ewant to have mist for breakfast. there was an awesome videogame called myst like mist. i want to live in a cloud it-s so much fun to write about mist.

    By Daniel Mastretta on 09.30.2009

  3. morning
    waking up

    By seasondays on 09.30.2009

  4. twilight

    By birdy on 09.30.2009

  5. is something that sometimes comes across in videogames right?

    By rpg on 09.30.2009

  6. a light rain falling from the sky to cover the earth and bring things to a new green life. the mist comes every morning and dries with the sun. Also coming, it never lets us down.

    By Anonymous on 09.30.2009

  7. its just a mist. bliss is a mist. you never can see through it you just step in it. For anyone can percieve a mist but only one person really understands it. Mist is the only place i can call home. I miss the mist. I want the mist. I am the mist. Be the mist

    By Ally on 09.30.2009

  8. fuck gorillas. why do most horror movies nowadays play so terribly on cliche concepts? this is a stupid word. my mother would laugh at my thoughts if she could relate to them. my father’s a drunk. I’ve made a silly writing exercise an avenue of autobiography, how vain.

    By MCF on 09.30.2009

  9. The midst rose up from the damp rich earth of the forest; a creature moved. A stirring in the dark was the only indication of life. It was cold and black, but something was out there. But what?

    By Sam on 09.30.2009

  10. it is a misty morning . ” Terrible ! There is so much mist ” i said. ” Now how am i suppose to study ?”

    By c on 09.30.2009