August 12th, 2017 | 54 Entries

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54 Entries for “traditional”

  1. something you do on occasions
    something you can do solo or with a group

    By morgan snipes on 08.14.2017

  2. it is like if your father did like basket making you would do it to or if your a girl you would do what your mother would do

    By rylanmcginnis on 08.14.2017

  3. some science methods are traditional and others are more advanced as scientist have updated it over time. while others were kept the same like certian expirement methods.

    By stella.w on 08.14.2017

  4. Normal
    The same
    Doesnt change
    stays each time

    By jennifer on 08.14.2017

  5. no methods
    scientific experimental ideas
    most things sound primitive
    old reliable sources and machines
    old fashion

    By jacien on 08.14.2017

  6. christmas is tradtional because we do it every year and we get presents. so a birthday is traditional bacause we do it every year for your special day

    By None of your business URL on 08.14.2017

  7. science

    By leah brunson URL on 08.14.2017

  8. I think that it means nothing has changed its like a daily thing for people and you have always done it and nothing will change.

    By mya URL on 08.14.2017

  9. your family
    your food
    your clothes
    your music

    By Justin URL on 08.14.2017

  10. Traditional is a word used to describe how do something naturally. An example is an atom model.

    By Dipo on 08.14.2017

  11. the same it has been for a while. the first way its been

    By Danna Ramos on 08.14.2017

  12. Normal
    stays the same
    has little changes
    every generation
    does not change much

    By jennifer URL on 08.14.2017

  13. There is stuff in science that people have learned over and over so it would be traditional

    By Liz on 08.14.2017

  14. Tradition has long been in our household. The house we live in. The dances we practice. The music we play. I’ve learned about ‘tradition’ all my life.

    Every day I wish I could break free from my tradition.

    Dad is a self-proclaimed purist. He enjoys the sacredness of tradition.

    By Haikal on 08.14.2017