August 11th, 2017 | 17 Entries

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17 Entries for “greenery”

  1. Greenery overflows when you enter a garden. It’s not just something you see, it’s something you smell. A wet, sticky, clingy smell, that soothes your nose but makes your eyes tickle. Greeneryis not really about the greenery itself; it’s about the contrast between it and what came before, it what lies against it. The bareness of winter that preceded the spring. The brightness of the flowers and insects it holds. Greenery is life. And it makes my hair look good.

    By katy richardson on 08.11.2017

  2. Greenery refers to all things floral, as opposed to faunal. Is that a word? Greenery is related to shrubbery and plant life, botany and trees. Greenery is good for us. It feeds the mind and soul. It’s healthy. It’s missing throughout much of this concrete slab on which I dwell. I will see it this weekend.

    By Laura on 08.11.2017

  3. I am absolutely tired of the endless fields of green. It reminds me of how big the world is and how much untouched land there is. The world is too big for me and I am afraid. I am not afraid of the large patches of land that never seem to end, I am afraid of not seeing it all in time.

    By autumn on 08.11.2017

  4. The scene outside my window was quite peaceful. I wished I could dump my soul there, bask in the innocent sun rays. It almost convinces me that the mess in my room and in my brain was all gone…

    By crys on 08.11.2017

  5. She is impressed by all the greenery, absorbed in all the scenery. Towers of trees instead of steel, far away from the machinery. She feels safe in all the flora, in the arms of Theodora, her sweet governess who, one day, will shine as bright as an aurora.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.11.2017

  6. I found myself walking along a stone path, the greenery was spectacular but the path itself was crumbling.

    By Ashley Marie Goddard on 08.11.2017

  7. Scenery is such a dreadfully bland subject. We get it, trees, flowers, sunsets, greenery, but it’s just pretty, and only pretty. There’s really no meaning to the coral and amber hues of the sun setting, of the swaying trees during an afternoon breeze. Sure, you can look inside the depths of yourself and say, “Hey, these flowers represent fragile beauty.” but you know they don’t.

    Nothing has meaning in this world, the only meaning that exists is one you contrived yourself.

    By Mayang on 08.11.2017

  8. The greenery in the forest is very closely packed together. It makes it difficult for any man, woman, or child, to navigate. However, this was the exact reason John liked to come here. He wouldn’t be bothered by anyone, and anyone who tried to come would make their presence known by crashing through the brush.

    By Haylee on 08.11.2017

  9. a greenery is what people see when they are driving by plant stores in their cars. quite simply put, a greenery is where plants are taken to be grown. in the greenery, plants get greener. this could be called greening, and the process of greening could be called greeenering. a kind of green engineering. another kind of greenery is the place holding many types of green. many types of green. not a place where greens go to get greener, but a place full of a variety of greens that make no distinction as to their stage of greening.

    By Davy URL on 08.12.2017

  10. The boy greenery to his mom for playing in the yard.

    By Jessie URL on 08.12.2017

  11. the funny deliberate fundamental changes in universal writing are as as natural as the aforementioned fields of of the exacting success of deleting the balance between the grading of rethinking terms and finite greenery.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.12.2017

  12. A leaf falls into a stream. Swirling in complex currents. Where will it come out? Can you point out the place?

    By and& on 08.12.2017

  13. I’d never seen such greenery before in my entire life. There was a soft mist that hung just above the ground, and the first light of the day peered through the leaves in the trees and bushes. A breeze swept timidly over the side of the hill, and I turned my face towards the dawn.

    By Sophia Emille URL on 08.12.2017

  14. Nature is the hardest thing for me to write about, but it is the first thing that I thought of once I saw the word greenery. Life, spirituality, nature. These are also things that I associate with greenery. I just finished rereading the Alchemist and I am still reeling from the sense of spirituality that I always feel upon finishing that text.

    By Connie on 08.12.2017

  15. holy moly, I got the word greenery. I am laying in bed, looking outside at the window and there is a whole bunch of greenery. The sun is shining bright and leaves are glimmering. Yet, there are other shades of green, darker and more subtle. These leaves are in the shade. I love the shade. It is as if you got for a run, then stop for a break and the shade revives you!

    By Adam Rukin on 08.12.2017

  16. She ran her hand over the hedges in front of the property. “I could probably get through…” she murmured.


    She looked up to see him looking stern.

    “I’m not going to, I just thought that it was possible that I COULD.”

    “Sherri, don’t.”

    By Bridget Grace on 08.12.2017

  17. The scenery of greenery is cheery. When the greenery is inhaled it makes me think of all the other beautiful greenery scenery-s all over the word. What’s yours?

    By victorygin on 08.12.2017