August 14th, 2017 | 52 Entries

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52 Entries for “coated”

  1. I have many things coated. Many many things. I don’t think I could name them all, even if you asked me to. THere are too many things coated. ABsolutly.

    By Sasha on 08.16.2017

  2. All the sugar-coated lies have coated me with layers of crisp caramel which I now find difficult to break.

    By Poonam on 08.16.2017

  3. dont let the outer surface of your skin
    control what air is sent within
    because love is kin
    money can sin
    and time flies, like no other,
    a discombulated irregular irrationality,
    my home is family,
    my home stadium dome where my ambition resides with treachourous eagerness
    is right here,
    in the Longest Beach of them all
    on the Pacifc Coast High way!

    By Milad URL on 08.16.2017

  4. A hulló hópelyhek lassan borították be a kipusztult tájat, a fekete völgyben pedig életre kelt a kontrasztból előlépő viszály, ahogy a farkasok vonyítva menekültek keresztül, mielőtt még elkapják őket a szörnyek.

    By MeronCD on 08.16.2017

  5. My face is coaded in skull, I guess that is spelled code
    to be coated and clothed, and warm not weary
    to be bundled and safe, how blessed not dreary
    fearing neither wind nor rain
    nor slow and sleet
    how wonderful it must be to be coated

    By Julia on 08.16.2017

  6. ex: second coat of pants like second pair of pants
    2 socks = 4 socks = coated.

    By Magnus Stensland on 08.16.2017

  7. This is the same word as yesterday. Okay. I want to coat my project with love. As we paint the walls and the buildings, as we coat with paint, our goals will only be achieved if we coat with love.

    By nicalady on 08.16.2017

  8. i am always coated with something all the time like a shirt or pants i just wish i could go around undercoated some times.

    By steve on 08.16.2017

  9. I love candy coated anything. It is delicious. I also love candy coated kisses you know when you partner has ebnn eating something sweet and then give you kisses. they are so sweet and make them that much better. candy coated kisses; everyone should have some.

    By UR5FTBEAUTY on 08.16.2017

  10. I was coated in sweat, the ride had been a tough one. I was wondering if this was inspiration sweat or I’ll never do this again sweat. I was coated from head to toe. Yuck!

    By Dalila Petrich on 08.16.2017

  11. the doughnut that my father bought was coated with sweet glaze.

    By michael hobbs URL on 08.16.2017

  12. Red, Sugar-Coated Boston Baked Beans, Twenty-Five Cents a box.

    By linisechapman on 08.16.2017