January 2nd, 2017 | 123 Entries

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123 Entries for “tradition”

  1. Tradition is important, but people should also not get so attached to traditions that they don’t create new ones. Also, people should be willing to try new things and get out of their comfort zones once in awhile. There is something comforting about traditions though. It creates some stability and gives people an idea of what is going to happen.

    By Robin on 01.02.2017

  2. Tradition is something is passed down through generations to the next set of people in your family. Some people think that traditions can be weird but that is only because that person is an outsider who is looking in on something that could be hundreds of years old and they don’t know it. Most people have traditions, actually all people have traditions they just don’t know it.

    By Bridget on 01.02.2017

  3. A tradition is something you do yearly, monthly, daily, etc. Like my family tradition is going to my great uncle’s house for a bonfire after thanksgiving. :)

    By Madison on 01.02.2017

  4. Our family tradition was interrupted and will be forever more. Stanley died October 15th and that was the end of regular ritual – also the end of Stanley. My son. My oldest and most precious. the kindest. The bear hug giver.

    By Breezy on 01.02.2017

  5. It had always been done this way
    mother to daughter to daughter
    a lesson learned
    generation after generation

    here is what you need to know child

    They will always expect more of you

    By a-ramblinrose on 01.02.2017

  6. We were supposed to head to Smokey Village at sunset, and share a bottle of cinnamon cider to commemorate the new year; that was our tradition. But you had left me two nights ago, cold in my own bed, a small scribbled note placed on my nightstand informing me that you had gone off to busier streets and skyscrapers. I went to Smokey Village alone, with the sunset an angry orange in my face, the spice of the alcohol burning my tongue.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.02.2017

  7. traditions seem to be important and trivial, which is really not a surprise given my own bipartisan internal system of believes. not to say tradition is black or white, anyway! traditions bring the people within a culture together, yet the misunderstandings betwixt cultures can befuddle us in terms of relating with one another. traditions also are funny in that they are used by corporations and religious cults/organizations to brainwash the masses

    By J on 01.02.2017

  8. not many traditions anymore. used to have them as a texas family, but now not so much. I liked the ritual of them, but the word seems so different now. just different. bad and good are up to the person. tradition…hmm not so much

    By Cynthia Rabenstine on 01.02.2017

  9. it was a family tradition to have a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas, but this year, it did not happen…because mom was too tired

    By Diane on 01.02.2017

  10. Another word I think for slavery. To things you don’t want to do. People you don’t want to see. Words you don’t want to hear. Or look at it this way: Assurances that life will go on; that things we love will endure; that people we care about will remember us when they raise a glass to tradition wherever they are. Picture a room, full of friends and family. Reminiscing, talking, hugging, sharing memories. Picture them doing this just once a year. Dreading it at first on the long car ride to wherever these things are done. On the way, seeing the same signs and businesses, and some new ones. Seeing familiar places razed; new ones in their places. Commenting about it. “What happened to that place? God, it was there for years.” Never having gone in, but always comforted for some odd reason that it was still there. Something stirs, unsettles. It’s gone. But when you get to where you’re going, you’ll raise this subject as a small introduction to the festivities. And someone there will know all about what happened to the place and why. The story will be told as your tradition creates new stories and another memory becomes part of your life. Tradition. Blessed and beast.

    By ruby on 01.02.2017

  11. Tradition. Wenn jemand sagt “das ist Tradition”, dann klingt das immer so unbedingt, so unausweichlich, als könnte man da gar nichts dagegen sagen, überhaupt nichts, denn es gibt keine Angriffsfläche. Es war immer so, es wird immer so bleiben. Dabei lässt sich jede Tradition jederzeit ändern oder abschaffen.

    By Lisa URL on 01.02.2017

  12. continuing to do things year after year. Caring on family values, activities, ideas, food.

    By Wendy Weeks on 01.02.2017

  13. customs, family, annual, things that you do that have been done before, good times, happiness,familiar, heritage, comforting, sharing something with others that show a bit about who you are and what you are like.

    By Katherine on 01.02.2017

  14. It seems that the New Year’s tradition is to make some resolutions. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make it much simpler and therefore easier to use: focus on one word that will define your actions through the whole year.

    By Agata on 01.02.2017

  15. It’s always been a tradition to try harder than the last generation. A tradition to give more. A tradition to give back and be better, greater, stronger. But this was not something that interested Mary. She had forgotten tradition. Not so much forgotten as abandoned. It was not her tradition to carry forward. It was not one she wished to abide.

    By meg on 01.02.2017

  16. “But what about tradition?” Jamie asks, head turning back and forth between his father and the car window.
    His father scoffs. “Who needs it?”. It comes out so rough it feels like Jamie’s being dragged across gravel, bare.
    They’re past the graveyard now, and for the first time in the 7 years since Jamie’s mother died, they don’t stop on her birthday.
    Because his father claims you don’t need tradition.

    And yet he’s drunk everyday.

    By oceans on 01.02.2017

  17. Tradition. A suffocating barrier against expression, or a glimmering light in an abyss of dark uncertainty?

    By G Murphy on 01.02.2017

  18. Tradition is what defines family. It is what my heritage is, it can be old but can also be what I chose to make it and create within my own family. I can add to traditions or take away from traditions as needs come and go,

    By Sharon Crawford on 01.02.2017

  19. the world we live in today, especially for those in America, is one that is slowly losing its traditions. Culture is dying. Holding onto those bits of cultural identity are burning up in the melting pot to make room for memes and guns and television.

    By roydrowsy on 01.02.2017

  20. Can be wonderful and can be daunting. They are meant to celebrate the way we are and our forefathers have been. Many are quickly eroding, especially over the past 20 or so years. The boom of technology has sped everything up. Including the demise of tradition.

    By Ali on 01.02.2017

  21. traditions are the way the world caresses the old. it’s the way humans try to cherish the past and add purpose to the future. repetition. consistency. beauty in the way we used to do something. meaning in the words we recite.

    By Sonja URL on 01.02.2017

  22. Tradition is what I wish I had in my life right now. I miss my family and the traditions that we had. It sucks not having family I miss them. I wish I was in heaven with them at times.

    By Reyna on 01.02.2017

  23. She wasn’t supposed to question it, nor think about it. It was tradition after all–her ancestors, grandparents, even her own parents’ marriage was fixed. It’s also not as if she has someone else she loves. But to actually be in a loveless union, to mechanically go about family life, and for years on end, how can she possibly stomach the thought?

    By Zoe Jen on 01.02.2017

  24. Tradition. It was tradition, and yet he felt sick to his stomach at the thought of what would happen in the next hour.

    It wasn’t her fault. His bride was beautiful, and alluring, but he just didn’t love her. She was perfect, the perfect bride, and yet, he couldn’t muster up the same enthusiasm as his relatives felt.

    He let her lead him to the bed, let her kiss him as she slid her hands up his shirt, and he closed his eyes.

    By SentientExistence on 01.02.2017

  25. something nice to cover the top of the stairs and wrap around the lampshade and let different lights in through the windowsill

    different wallpapers and paints on the wall

    By Aviv Cohn on 01.02.2017

  26. Tradition is when one does what always has been done. Children follow the tradition of their culture. Why do I try to change it by bringing them a new “tradition”? My culture seems so different…

    By Denise on 01.02.2017

  27. Christmas used to be the best time of the year for our family. We’d always draw numbers and pick whatever gift matched that number. It was quite a fun tradition for us. However, over the years, things changed. People changed. Christmas became somewhat, boring.

    By Heather on 01.02.2017

  28. Tradition is something very important to me, but sometimes they need to be shaken up. I think routine is very important, but that is a little different than tradition. Traditions to keep us on track with where we’ve come from and who we want to be in the future.

    By Liz on 01.02.2017

  29. why do we do what we do
    do we give them any thought
    value their substance
    believe in them at all
    is there benefit to holding onto the past
    are there treasures hidden
    in the rubble of the routine
    is there harm in saying
    this is how we’ve always done it
    rituals for rituals sake
    or are there more to simple customs
    than meets the eye
    is anything really what is seems
    are we wise enough to plumb the depths

    By poetwarrior on 01.02.2017

  30. You can be smoking and writing at the same time, depending on your dedication to either craft. Right now the air feels cloudy and warm, with a dry taste of ash in my mouth as my fingers type. Upholding the tradition of literature, or something. I wonder if there’s any more champagne.

    By Amanda on 01.02.2017

  31. Traditions. The world is full of them. Every different culture– heck, every family has different traditions, ranging from Christmas celebrations to keeping a Memory Book.

    By Paola on 01.02.2017

  32. it is my tradition
    i will make it my children’s tradition
    to break tradition when they see fit
    for the only thing that is truly tradition
    is that the never ending progress of time
    does not allow for tradition

    By celeste URL on 01.03.2017

  33. Je déteste quand les gens décident d’opprimer un groupe en raison de la race ou la nationalité, traditionnellement pas opprimé, puis l’appeler «la tradition» comme une excuse pour s’opposer à des droits inhérents et continuer à abuser d’un groupe. Je déteste aussi quand les enfants ne se soucient pas d’où et de qui ils viennent et les traditions culturelles uniques et merveilleuses de leurs ancêtres sont rejetées pour le matérialisme et l’acceptation des masses. Si vous allez apprendre des traditions puis les transmettre honnêtement et ne pas changer les parties de celui-ci. Voilà comment les choses se perdent et la connexion au passé est usée. Si vous connaissez réellement les gens dont vous venez, vous avez de la chance. Ne soyez pas ingrat envers les ancêtres. Prenez ce qu’ils voulaient transmettre et le transmettre. Bien que vous pourriez être assez sot pour ne pas se soucier, vos enfants peuvent posséder ce désir fort malgré vous et vous serez ignorant et honteux. C’es

    By Jabriel S. on 01.03.2017

  34. Tradition is good if it is cultural ceremonies and teach you about the people that you came from but not if it’s being stupid and stubborn and oppresing. With the world being too globaly conected it more important now to know heritage and culture and not copy mainstream media life styles and only want to be doing new things. It will be boring if we lose our ties to our unique pasts and values from those before us or our grandparents. We owe the practice of traditions to those that got us to life here from long ago when life was hard and had no computers, eletric heaters and ovens and food coolers and movies and other good things. Too many people don’t care where they come from and complain about family and community customs while others would love to have it is true. Inshort if no one is hurting from it then traditions are good to keep having. They are the special conections with your people and contry

    By Gustov Borglund IV on 01.03.2017

  35. What is this web page for? A random word each day and people just write about it? My friends and I are taking turns to write. I am the best at English. This is an American site I am guessing. I read one paragraph in Deutsch. Good I will write in English too.
    Traditions are good have to show the most interesting parts of your homeland and people to the world. You pass on knowledge and fun with tradition. I like having special things that are my lands own and seeing the most special ones of other nations and peoples and the different journeys from the past to the present that people in different places took. I say do not lose traditions but add new pastimes and customs and creativities. Not cat videos on youtube. It’s way too much. You will all be crazy cat ladies when you are old, unless you die early. I hope not, unless you are bad people. Does the bell mean stop? I can still write, so there must be a word limit on this or it is set for some extra time to finish. Okay bye.

    Oh wait, Happy New Year 2017 everybody

    By Lucas on 01.03.2017

  36. it is traditional to say
    that its traditional
    that way
    we have to do things as I say
    you cannot get away
    because it’s traditional
    this is the only way
    my way
    or the highway

    By teedubz on 01.03.2017

  37. You can’t see
    Rock and roll is my tradition

    By Sameeka on 01.03.2017

  38. Amala agreed to go to the Buddhist ceremony with her mother, but the preparations were difficult for both of them. “Are you going like that?” Her mother’s first response was not good morning but this curt question.

    Amala smoothed down her jeans. “They’re clean.” Her mother wrinkled her nose.

    “Your not going with us until you change into a skirt.” Amala took a breath in protest but saw the expression on her brother’s face.

    “Can you help me? I’m not sure what to wear.” Her mother’s expression softened. “We don’t wear these traditional clothes in Canada.

    By chanpheng URL on 01.03.2017

  39. ok

    By Mehrshad on 01.03.2017

  40. It had been a tradition, between them, to share who they currently had feelings for. Yet this time when she had asked him, he had grown quiet and turned away.
    “So it’s serious then” She at last breathed quietly, breaking the silent that had unbearably built up between them.

    By Ken on 01.03.2017