January 4th, 2017 | 71 Entries

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71 Entries for “hydration”

  1. I began to sprint. I could see the finish line in the distance. ‘This was it’ I thought. My legs ached and I felt dehydrated and worthless. I willed my legs to carry me faster. I was coming second, and I could come first. If only I could move my legs FASTER.

    By Writer1 on 01.05.2017

  2. Thirst

    It ran the risk over overflowing any moment
    Yet the sensation of its smoothness
    Fit in my hand just perfectly
    And emptying it in my mouth was nothing
    Short of a motor reflex
    As I quenched the needs of my body and soul
    A cold sensation ran down my chest
    Licking my lips gently
    I let out of a sigh of relief
    Nothing quite like a glass of water, right?

    By Minxy on 01.05.2017

  3. Hmmmmm… Drink plenty of water.

    By Chronically Bored on 01.05.2017

  4. water. the origin of life. but also what provides the essential calm of spirit. it can be hydration of the spirit, not only of the body.

    By agnese on 01.05.2017

  5. i can think only of the tears i’ve shed like rain when it comes so hard you drench in one second. hydration can’t be bought.

    By Breezy on 01.05.2017

  6. filling up my cup
    it is cylindrical
    a warm brown
    dented in spots
    but trying to fill itself up

    with water, with wine, with questions
    filling up my cup
    i do the work
    one sip at a time

    By Dawn on 01.05.2017

  7. soaking… being full instead of thirsty… essential to life and health…Jesus provides living water so that I will never thirst again… able to bring coolness in times of heat

    By Susan on 01.05.2017

  8. hydration is important for the human body, to hydrate everyday is good for your overall health and physique It is recommended

    By Hafsa on 01.05.2017

  9. “Why is it so hot out?”
    “Because we’re in the desert, you dumbass.”
    “Don’t ask me, you’re the one who dragged me into this.”
    “I’m so thirsty. I need water.”
    “So do I, but you don’t hear me complaining about it!”

    By Brooke URL on 01.05.2017

  10. Water.
    It’s all around me. It’s coming down in buckets. It’s up to my waist.
    “Help!” I yell.

    By Brooke on 01.05.2017

  11. I never feel like I’ve drank enough water in a day, no matter how much I drink. I wonder how other people feel as we all constantly see commercials telling us that once we’re thirsty it’s already too late. Guess I’m afraid of dying of negligence, that would be idiotic.

    By Dijana on 01.05.2017

  12. Hydration is the process whereby water is added to something. Vegetables that have been dehydrated can be hydrated again. If you exercise and sweat a lot, you need to hydrate.

    By Bonnie Martinez on 01.05.2017

  13. Drinking water is super important. I’ve had a hard time with that recently because water makes me sick. I’m looking forward to my second trimester where I hope this will not be the case! Otherwise, drinking OJ is the way I’ve been able to stay hydrated. Not the healthiest- so much sugar!- but a decent solution when staying hydrated is more important than ever.

    By Jen on 01.05.2017

  14. water, its a topic that never dries up. Water, water, everywhere? but why do so few have clean water to drink? when will we stop using too much water for things that aren’t entirely necessary to survival?
    Water is survival. we are water.

    By Cindy Welsh on 01.05.2017

  15. Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.

    drink your water folks.

    By roydrowsy on 01.05.2017

  16. This personalized hydration system is all you need to survive the new world. Make sure you get yours today before the appoccypous comes.

    By Trista URL on 01.05.2017

  17. All of us need hydration. It is crucial to our bodies because if not it causes us to weaken. And then we must see doctors for our health.

    By jaylen on 01.05.2017

  18. Water is an important key to hydration, milk is too. But today this person decided their own blood would work, cutting and lapping at their wrists.

    By Patrick on 01.05.2017

  19. Sally had to keep hydrated day drinking water every day and keep her water bottle full.

    By jaycee on 01.05.2017

  20. water
    I don’t like it when I feel dehydrated I really want to drink a lot of water and every drop of water sounds delicious
    water glass

    By m on 01.05.2017

  21. Moisture something for your body, something for your skin, something to use for advertising products. Hydration is essential to life, but also to cosmetic marketing. It’s little thing that some clever marketing person blew out of all proportion, and we continue to buy it …

    By Alia on 01.05.2017

  22. I will drink 4 glasses of water a day.

    By James E Washington on 01.05.2017

  23. We need it to live. We need to stay hydrated. So what would happen if i were to tell you that the major water company were not selling bottled water. The long list of chemicals are a detraction to what is really being put in the water, would you want to know?

    By Dylan Barber on 01.05.2017

  24. She checked it again. This was it. The pump was stuck. She tried to rationalize. She would be fine. There were probably some other hikers around here who had a pump that worked.
    She fought the urge to kick the filter, but she still maintained hope that it would work. She pulled it out of the nasty pond. It was clogged with algae.

    By Beth A on 01.05.2017

  25. like a flower that can be purple or blue depending on what is in the soil, hydration allows us to fill ourselves with different things – energy, nutrients, happiness, peace, relief

    By kiwibearess on 01.05.2017

  26. Drops of water ebbed over her smooth pale skin. The flow of the creek under the canopy of tree was a cool, constant melody. It was a lullaby, a comforting presence, a silent friend.

    By Sophie on 01.05.2017

  27. Drenched to my soul.
    You pour your words over me like sweet honey.
    Your hands trace rivulets down my thighs.
    Never before have I felt so refreshed.
    Every time I see you I blossom.
    From dying desert flower to dancing dandelion
    Making wishes in the wind.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 01.05.2017

  28. the need for water. the need for truth. that which is us by majority. necessity. the cost of it is rising. the substitutes are few. what’s supplied isn’t worth it.

    By Kudarie Somaru URL on 01.05.2017

  29. Hydration means to be filled with what you need to move along during the day. Stay away from dehydrating factors that will suck out energy!!!!!

    By Reyna on 01.05.2017

  30. drink plenty of water, because if you don’t you will die.
    if you don’t you can also have poor skin conditions that require you to drink plenty of water
    blah blah blah this is horrible i will do better next time.

    By starlight4594 on 01.05.2017

  31. The water dripped down my neck as I poured it from the bottle all into my mouth and on my skin. In the moment that cooling sensation was the best thing I had ever felt. For that hot thirst to be quenched… nothing could ever beat that satisfaction.

    By QueenLauren on 01.05.2017