September 11th, 2012 | 294 Entries

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294 Entries for “towers”

  1. Between the towers I saw a figure. He almost glowed with pride as he walked toward me. His arms were out to grasp me. I hugged him as he said, “It’s a boy.” I could practically hear the pride in his voice.

    By Amarie URL on 09.12.2012

  2. Towers seem like such magnificent creations. A successful achievement, great for economic growth and the development of cities. But what about the simple things that we fail to do? What about loving one another? What about loving the pure environment in all its beauty? Why do we need towers?

    By Katy Baker on 09.12.2012

  3. Tall twins destroyed in seconds. Leaning over the others who fall in their shadow. Office blocks with dangling window cleaners. New York, Osaka, Tokyo, Chicago. Downtown busy places. Elevators line the perimeter. Vertigo, slightly squeamish as we are hurled skyward.

    By Odette Chesterman on 09.12.2012

  4. towers
    they are used for buildings for construction
    without the construction of towers the building cannot be established

    By pavan URL on 09.12.2012

  5. I always wanted to visit the towers that is located in the parish of St Philips. There stand about two hundred feet in the air, and was build in the early 1920. I hope to visit them soon before there are torn down, because of the many cracks that have opened up all over them.

    By victor URL on 09.12.2012

  6. large towers are typically associated with castles or other large buildings. they normally would be of a round construction and can be aesthetically pleasing and actually balance out the whole structure of an architectural creation

    By john on 09.12.2012

  7. twin towers were destroyed by two hijacked airplanes on nine-eleven 2001. Government services blamed Osama bin Laden but the so called proof was never disclosed. so in fact nobody knows who dunnit.

    By jakke on 09.12.2012

  8. I’ve always preferred towering trees over stressful towers. At least the trees provide me shade.

    By Yein on 09.12.2012

  9. the tall building that govern the cities and control the sights when the humans look up from the streets. Dark and glassy they absorb the light and sounds and make the towns bright.

    By katie A on 09.12.2012

  10. The thing simply stands out, grabs your eyes and pulls your mind all in one direction. It muzzles you into silence as it towers there..

    By Jenni Ho Huan on 09.12.2012

  11. the ice kachang is this sweet, sticky, saved ice dessert. Tucked beneath the tower of shorn ice are bits of jelly, red beans and corn. It’s cold comfort on a hot day plus energy load-up!

    By Jenni Ho Huan on 09.12.2012

  12. towers are things that princesses always get stuck in. there’s also a green scaly dragon waiting for her to try and escape. unfortunately for the dragons, a knight always steals their meal. shouldn’t SPCA do something bout that?

    By Abi :D on 09.12.2012

  13. The towers fill the sky above the castle. Watching over the land, and protecting us from any unwanted visitors. Are they enough? Will we be safe with the turrets placed upon the towers? Only time will tell.

    By Tamlyn Tinker on 09.12.2012

  14. as i was saying, the SPCA should catch the knight so that-just for once-the dragon can get a hearty meal. i mean, don’t you feel for the poor thing? but then again, if i were the princess i wouldn’t jump to my death to feed a dragon!

    By Abi :D on 09.12.2012

  15. dragon’s opinion: i appreciate the good word put in for me, but i don’t even EAT princesses
    princess: u don’t?
    dragon: uh-huh….the golden hair and delicate clothes are too much
    princess: really?
    dragon: GULP!-you were an exception.

    By Abi :D on 09.12.2012

  16. over shadowing you like the sun. at the top is a beautiful view point of scenery. film base.

    By shell on 09.12.2012

  17. the towers leaned gently to the right if you stood on your head in the park as we did every afternoon. The bells would toll and it would be the fastest sprint home anyone had seen. The bell tolled on the 5th strike and mum would be angry.

    By Kerry on 09.12.2012

  18. get the fudge out of here!

    By smith on 09.12.2012

  19. It was my favorite place in the city. You could see half a galaxy away it seemed. So many great memories spent 50 meters up. It really was the best place to escape it all.

    By Ana Bargagli on 09.12.2012

  20. The bite. The pull. The knowing.

    My towers are falling. Order displaced, stability crumbles into dust. My palms are open wide, ready to hold onto anything close by, but the tiny rocks just slip through the holes, and I’m all alone, utterly undone.

    By genahtastic on 09.12.2012

  21. Two towers stood sentient high above the clouds, reflecting the evening sun from their resplendent spires. Somewhere a magician called out “Come down from there!” as he gazed out from his own fortress window, his long white hair gleaming and captured by the breeze.

    By Laura Riddle on 09.12.2012

  22. Ah, how a pro pos that this is the word today, when the towers fell not 24 hours ago, 11 years ago. Like the twin towers of Tolkien fame, the mighty testaments to capitalism and progress of western civilization came tumbling down in a matter of minutes. So fragile, the veneer of civility, of the human body; so strong, the fractured human spirit.

    By Ara on 09.12.2012

  23. I miss twin towers.

    By Minkoo Han on 09.12.2012

  24. Towers over everyone like Jack’s beastalk. Funny how he stands out like that inSpain, maybe i Germany it would be more common. Wonder if he has complexes. And also wonder if he has back problems. Usually if you’re that tall and you do alot of workout out you can look like a rugby player/football player. But he’s more of the skinny type, plus has glasses. Funny lol

    By Monica on 09.12.2012

  25. towers i see so many towers i feel like they are all crumbling down on me they are starting to break down just like i am there are to many floors to go up i cant make it i look at the tower and it stands so high then i look at myself in the mirror asking where is my pride i don’t know what to do so i look at the tower i go to the top and i just JUMP !

    By pashe' on 09.12.2012

  26. Towers are structures that have offices in them and people live in the towers. Towers also means that is a very strong building that is built downtown and can hold a lot of people in the tower.

    By paul URL on 09.12.2012

  27. I never saw a tower that big until that day. I could swear it touched the sky and it did, because when I looked up, I could see it’s top piercing through the clouds. I wonder why they didn’t bleed.

    By Sharon on 09.12.2012

  28. Towers are large buildings with a roof. there are may windos and it smels stinky. one day maybe i life in one of them. Once i visited a tower in london and there was the queen and holds up an apple, a littile apple without a shoe and socks.

    By Gerald on 09.12.2012

  29. I have a towers in my house in live not here but, i live at New York…

    By swaggywalker on 09.12.2012

  30. Towers. Towers. Towers over people. African child soldier with a million arms and a million faces, a hundred thousand feet tall, towering over people, innocent and indiscriminate god of destruction. I am become death, destroyer of worlds.

    By Zeffy Yeo on 09.12.2012

  31. there is a clock tower in UNNC, which is believed to be the sign of our campus.

    By Alfred Gu on 09.12.2012

  32. I have been to the Twin Towers when I was very small, so long ago that I could barely remember it. In fact, My parents have taken me to quite a few places when I was small, even when my mum is pregnant. So technically, I went to a lot of places, but well, all I could recall is the ones that I went after I am 9. Sadly, when I got to school, I got less time for travel, and my father got busier in his job and we seldom got the chance to travel together again.
    Luckily, we took photos back then, and its so pleasant to look at those photos now. Me and my dad, wearing T-shirt with same design on it, and on my head hang a coat, and I was holding his hand, jogging happily… Oh god, I just wish I knew how to conserve my memory back then.

    By ifyouknowwhatimean on 09.12.2012

  33. Lord of the rings : the two towers.
    Buildings that tower over cities and cover landscapes.
    Beer tower.
    Tower? or tow-er?
    I got towed once. We were drunk on the airport highway. My friend’s car had stopped. But this isn’t related to towers.

    By Nausheyn on 09.12.2012

  34. I think that it is a teensy eensy bit ironic that this is the day after nine eleven. A bit insensitive too. I was only in kindergarten when this happened. Two days before my birthday. It changed my life forever, but I don’t remember how. I don’t remember my childhood. I wish that I did.

    By Amara on 09.12.2012

  35. tall, short, thick, thin. Hmm, the tower of london comes to mind wish i was there now. something of permanence there. history in the flesh.

    By nancy URL on 09.12.2012

  36. Tall, stone towers rising into the clouds, green vines twisting around them. There is no door to enter, just stone against blue sky.

    By Casey on 09.12.2012

  37. The towers stood elegantly against the soft blue skyline. We hadn’t been there since the accident and I didn’t know how I would react.

    By james tolbert on 09.12.2012

  38. About 11years ago, the twin towers fell. Four planes were taken over by terrorists and two were flown into the towers, effectively knocking them down. One was flown into the pentagon, the other was downed in a field. We remember the people who died on this tragic day with memorial services.

    By Brianna on 09.12.2012

  39. ytoday has pass 11 years from the 11 s the day the twin towers in ny broke. but it is sad and i dont like sadness so i preffer other tower like the eiffel tower because you can take fun pictures

    By hiyou on 09.12.2012

  40. towers. reminds me of yesterday. 9/11. the twin towers. it makes me sad, depressed to think of all those who lost their lives. it’s terrible to think that just 11 years ago yesterday, all those people were lost. i pray for those families.

    By Carrielyn34 on 09.12.2012