September 11th, 2012 | 294 Entries

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294 Entries for “towers”

  1. They are really tall buildings. Birds soar around them and sometimes planes crash into them. If your at the top of one it is quite frightening to look down. Usually they have elevators.

    By Zakiya on 09.11.2012

  2. Two towers in the skyline adjacent to some clouds, touching the sky as I move past ever so quickly. It’s like New York before 2001 except these two towers are all there is to see in the sky. No other features line up the vast expanse of the heavens. As I move farther away from the behemoths, they seem to be looking back at me: bidding me good-bye. So I wave as well. Good-bye, towers. Good-bye, and God speed.

    By Justin on 09.11.2012

  3. Pillars of sand. Diminished by the wind and change. Stand. Stand against all the heavy forces, do not yield to tumultuous words. Struggle to remember. But the particles and the moments, driven away, lost. Hear ye, hear ye. The great and noble dead who rot dressed in dreams, the emperor’s new clothes.

    By Doug on 09.11.2012

  4. I think most of the world lives on different levels of towers, each one is further away from fire on the surface. The prestigious are obviously furthest up, and the meek remain at the lower towers, always sweating it out.

    By Casey the male on 09.11.2012

  5. The towers in my mind were on fire, and the flames left me feeling unsettled. The idea that once thrilled and excited me now left me feeling something that I never expected. As a ghost of a chance appears, I feel…scared. Scared to breathe, and I want to jump out of my skin. Sometimes, maybe it’s better to let go of the ghost.

    By agloe on 09.11.2012

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    By SATYANARAYANA KVK on 09.11.2012

  7. Große Türmen ragen aus dem Stadtbild, kein Fleckchen Grün ist mehr zu sehen, alles hektisch, strukturiert. Was ist aus den alten, schönen Fachwerkhäusern geworden?

    By beere on 09.11.2012

  8. I was in second grade when our world was forever changed. I came into the kitchen to see my mother, face ghastly white and mouth gaping open as she watched the Towers burn on the television. I didn’t understand what it meant, but I knew there was something very wrong. Even a child senses a disturbance in their sheltered haven.

    By Anne on 09.11.2012

  9. Forward men! We are taking this fortress! Galahad pressed on with a frightened adrenaline. He climbed up the siege tower. Well, it’s live or die now.

    By Kirk on 09.11.2012

  10. our bsnl towers spread across India.

    By SATYANARAYANA KVK on 09.11.2012

  11. The compact glint
    of a thousand lives
    decimated instantly
    in the blink of an eye

    What from these ashes
    can ever grow?
    Will hope spring from
    where sorrow sows?

    By SprawlingInk URL on 09.11.2012

  12. I am so small in his shadow…just a child and he towers over me. His voice booms. Every footfall is an earthquake in the house. The walls shudder. The air cracks when he claps his hands. I wait for his absence. Why did ma marry him?

    By Clarity URL on 09.11.2012

  13. the princess looked out over the two towers, sighing as she twirled her hair. She wanted nothing more than to be rescued, to be saved from the despair and loneliness she felt as she laid trapped. The windows provided her only look into the outside world…

    By Wendy on 09.11.2012

  14. the twin towers fell today on 9/11, eleven years ago. It was a sad and tragic day that our country will never forget. I was in 3rd grade when the towers were hit but I can still remember each and every moment of that day as if it were yesterday.

    By kristiahn alvarado on 09.11.2012

  15. The Two Towers is by far one of my favorite books ever. It’s amazing how much a movie, or a film, can effect a person, but few have as much as Lord of the Rings, and few LOTR films have as much the Two Towers. Who didn’t love the Battle of Helm’s Deep?

    By Aaron on 09.11.2012

  16. oh heez, towers, what a day for that word. i was in jazz band 11 years ago… didn’t even know what the towers were. mr a drew on the chalk board to give us an idea of what the buildings were like… that feels like forever ago. and now today, my moms birthday, 9/11 she has to fly to atlanta. i’ve never been nervous about her flying before, but for somereason when i talked to her this morning and it said the flight was on timje but they hadn’t started boarding yet i just got nervous about her flying. this feels like it’s been longer than 30 seconds… it has to be no i mean, 60 seconds, it said 60 econds right? oh man my spelling errors are really annoying me and with no cursor and a supposed time limit i can’t go back. damn, i’m not capitalizing either. Stupid Microsoft doing all the work for us has made us lazing typers…. do the math on that one, typing is already an easy alternative to writing things out by hand. ok, seriously? 1 minute my ass, this has been way longer. I know I was told to not think and just write, but it was with the expectation taht iI would be3 cut off at some point. oh come on now, now i cna’t see what I”m tyu typing,. oh, hang on. There we go, it let me scroll… heh, my bad. Oh man, look at that! so many errors. I always do that, with the quotation marks,the shift key was never my strongest point. But without the assistance ogf auto correction. Whoops, just read teh bottome, I’m done now.

    By sam on 09.11.2012

  17. The towers fell, along with the hopes of America. It’s amazing how one event can color a decade of war and greed. I long for the days of freedom.

    By Joel on 09.11.2012

  18. They stretched tall into the big, blue sky. They had many windows, all with views into the daily lives of ordinary office secretaries, bosses, and residents who had overdue rent. Everyday citizens living in the lengthy leviathans like plankton in the belly of a whale.

    By Adam G URL on 09.11.2012

  19. Eleven years ago today the twin towers went down. It is a day that will never be forgotten. My heart goes out to all of the lives we lost that day. Our world needs to change. But before that happens… WE must change. Every single person. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

    By Terah on 09.11.2012

  20. the twin towers. they fell. today but a few years back several actually no one was quiet today though no one said a word I didn’t even realize the anniversary of this tragedy until much later in the evening. i continued to jam out without a thought and i just read my awful magazine and jammed

    By Kaela Pardo on 09.11.2012

  21. Big and controlling can see everything like big brother, when they come crashing down hell breaks loose.

    By K.Conner on 09.11.2012

  22. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH oh 9/11, you silly bugger.

    By Sabrina on 09.11.2012

  23. the ones that fell on that glorious day. to ash they crumbled under years of business. explosions implanted by men in suits.

    By Cullen on 09.11.2012

  24. Jackhammer dust. Billowing up and over like the smoke of nuclear warfare, of atomic bombs. Hands twined together the world watched the bodies fall like a tissue on a breeze.

    By Ashlee URL on 09.11.2012

  25. They are big buildings. they tend to be taller than an average person. people often climb towers, yesterday we remember 9/11. it was a time in US history that will never be forgotten. the twin towers are gone

    By rai URL on 09.11.2012

  26. The towers crumbled into themselves, beneath their crippled foundations. The faster they fell, the more they bled dust into the air around them, blending into the tears of others as they watched the two towers crumble into dust.

    By Natalie on 09.11.2012

  27. The twin towers are gone, but not forgotten.

    By Dangerous Lee URL on 09.11.2012

  28. towers are tall and huge concrete buildings. one great example of towers is the WTC twin towers that were destoryed in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in the USA. Towers are multi- storey buildings that can contain a large number of human beings. Towers are used for various purposes such as offices, or simply to erect a monument.

    By alisha kanwar on 09.11.2012

  29. The towers were made to be a pair, identical in appearance and power. Instead, they were a study in contrasts. For one brother wizard loved all things green and let the ivy and honeysuckle and moss caress the stones of his tower, while the other brother loved only stone and scraped and spelled the greening away from his tower and his heart.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 09.11.2012

  30. Towers are very big and large and they surround the city, making the environment more urbanised if you like. They can seem very daunting and high from looking below and are usually associated with wealth, fame and fortune. ect.

    By Amelia on 09.12.2012


    By talisa on 09.12.2012

  32. towers are powerful symbolisms of what we want to achieve in life. in our own ways, we want to be scintillating towers, high up on the sky, a little step away from the heavens.

    By greengabberglob on 09.12.2012

  33. the tradecenters on september 11th 2000 were hit by 2 airplanes causing thousands to die. we remember those who died every year on september 11th and will for hundreds of years to come

    By Austin Buckley on 09.12.2012

  34. the rain came down rushing, drenching everything around it and making holes in the ground. Aliens rushed in, mowing down every human that came their way. But they couldn’t reach for the towers, cemented as they are

    By Heba on 09.12.2012

  35. They built them so high. Bricks and mortar stretching toward the heaven.
    But the sky rumbled. They came crashing down. The people scattered.

    By esky1118 on 09.12.2012

  36. The towers were beautiful, a hovering mass in the sky. No one suspected that there would soon be an explosion; a plane crashing violently into the Northern tower. The nation watched in terror, crying in grief. When the second plane crashed into the South tower, the whole world stood still. History was made; and nothing would ever be the same.

    By Maygan on 09.12.2012

  37. Don’t think I don’t know why you put this word here today.

    I actually didn’t want to think about that, anymore, and certainly not today.

    Not when I’ve got a funeral on my mind, starting tomorrow, for the next few days.

    And also mostly because I did a lot of reflecting and thinking about it last year, at the 10-year mark; not because I don’t care anymore.


    By globusgeckus on 09.12.2012

  38. Unbelievably high. Above me. Surrounding my chest that fills with water. Pushing against me.

    By milkie on 09.12.2012

  39. very high with lovely colors and a great view,i’d love to have dinner over there

    By Shorouk El Sherif on 09.12.2012

  40. “What?” said she.
    “You’re not listening,” said he.
    “Kindly tell me what you said,” begged she.
    “I said that we’re two different people each aspiring to our dreams,” told he.
    “Like towers,” told she.

    By Camille on 09.12.2012